Friday, May 07, 2010

Artistic Interpretation

I was recently asked by Erin Prais-Hintz if I might want to take part in a special collaborative project with her. I won't ruin the surprise and spoil her plans before she has gotten to share the details with you. I can tell you this, for my part, she asked me if I would make her set of beads inspired by the painting on the left. The piece is called "Loose Goose" by artist Brenda Wenberg. (Sorry, no link available, Erin tells me Brenda isn't online.)

If I am being completely honest with you, I must tell you, this was the project last week causing "Creative Constipation". Of course, the minute I saw the pieces I was to interpret, my mind thought of a million things. Then I had to wait and wait and wait though mass kit production, and Bead Fest, and Spring break, before I finally had the opportunity to get into the studio and play around with ideas. Once finally able to play, I had no idea what I wanted to make anymore!! Should I do discs, should I do rounds, should I do hollows, what colors should I focus on, what shapes come at me the most? After 2 1/2 hours, I literally had all of four beads in the kiln, 2 of which were simple solid color spacer discs. Yeah, the ideas were stuck in my head and none wanted to come out.

So, I sent Erin an email requesting some more boundaries. This is where I separate "art" and "design". For me, an artist can look a blank slate and know just what they want to bring to the canvas. They are frustrated by boundaries and wants and needs of the people who will view their work. To me, designers have the opposite problem, give them a blank slate and they don't know what to do with it. BUT, give them some want (make it red!) or needs (for a bedroom) and watch out! Those designers can go nuts with ideas. When being asked to visual interpret another artist's work, I am acting as a designer, not an artist (even thought the end result is a work of art). That is just how my mind works. Once I had a few more "client guidelines", lol, OH OH OH was I excited about what ended up coming from the flame of my torch.

Check them out:
loose goose 3
loose goose 1
loose goose 2

Not to toot toot my own horn, but aren't these FREAKIN' STINKIN' AMAZING?!?! Oh my stars, I am thrilled with them. I didn't want to put them in the mail and send them away I was so in love. Okay, here is what I thought... I noticed in Brenda's work, no inch of canvas is left on colored. There is something happening on every inch of the piece. There as just so many layers. So, I started to think about my classic "Mod Dot" style beads. What if, I filled all the empty space between the initial layer of dots? Then.. instead of dot on top of dots, let's go with them askew, and ivory. I wondered how I would add more interest and texture like the inspiration has. I decided to make plunged dots in the ivory. Then, I made it all pop with the coral dots that are sprinkled every where. To get an size canvas I needed to make these, I went with a large hollow bead as my base. Any lampworker will tell ya, making a plunged dot on a hollow bead is no easy task. You risk completely collapsing the hollow when you poke in the spot where you will trap the little bubble. I held my breath through so many moments of these beads! And each one took 30-45 mins to make.

It will be fun to see what comes of these beads in Erin's special project.


Jen Judd said...

Yes, they're freakin''re a nut! I can't wait to see what Erin has in store!

I love the artist vs. designer descriptions...guidelines aren't evil afterall. haaaaaaaa

Have a great Friday!

Christine said...

Oh hot DAMN! I loves me some dot beads, and those....THOSE are INCREDIBLE! Toot your own horn all you want, that is some seriously fantastic work!


Barbara Lewis said...

These are amazing! Don't you love it when others do your design work for you! These are over-the-top gorgeous!

Anne Ricketts said...

Those are perfect!!!! You should be tooting your own horn on these!!! Just wonderful!

Unknown said...

Hi Kerry! They are really very beautiful beds youve made to match!
Yes they are stinkin amazing lol...ox

Unknown said...

They're just great! I think they would also be great for this month ABS challenge!

Take care and have a wonderful week-end,


Susan Marling said...

Those are spectacular!!! Thanks for sharing some of the details on how they were done - very complex. Can't wait to see what Erin does.

Kerry said...

Thanks for all the bead love ladies!

Alice said...

Oh yes, they're amazing and spot on--pardon the pun!!!!!!!!

I never thought about the difference between an artist and a designer until this post.....interesting. I've always thought of myself as an artist, but may be closer to a designer.

Kerry said...

Alice, maybe we can coin a new title... "Artistic Designer".

TesoriTrovati said...

Imagine my surprise this week...getting a little white box of love from Kerry. I could tell that I was the cause of her 'constipation' and it was killing me! I wanted this to be a fun challenge for my artisan bead friends, not something that would make them regret the collaboration. I am so glad that you pushed through, Kerry!

I was trembling when I opened the box. I just sat there with my jaw on the floor trying not to drool on these beads. (I swear I wanted to lick them they are so luscious!) Kerry, you outdid yourself, and tooting is not only acceptable it is required!!!

My gallery exhibit this summer is going to be AMAZING...because the artists that I am working with are the most incredibly talented people. This is only one of 12 pieces of art that I am inspired to interpret into jewelry. I think the best part is working with talented artists like Kerry who can rise to the challenge. I am honored to be working with your art and facilitating the inspiration. And I think you need to make more of these. It sounds like you have admirers!

Enjoy the day!

Shannon Chomanczuk said...

Those are stinkin' amazing. I cannot believe the work that goes into 1 bead!
I love how you described artist vs designer. I believe you are right on the money.
I was reading your blog the other day (love the video with Lorelei) and I want to know how you have time for everything?! Do you ever sleep? lol
I won, (woo hoo!) your book at craftypod and I must say I love, love, love it. I already tried making some clasps. Not too bad (not as good as yours) and I know with practice they will get better.
Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge!


Eileen said...

simply BEAUTIFUL...can't wait to see...

elisabeth said...

R4eally great post - gives me lots to think about - and amazing beads. What incredible talent you have!

sandi m said...

These are are simply awesome!! And it will be interesting to see Erin's design.

Yes do them again - they would be luscious with some red dots - hint, hint...

Feel better now?!!

RockerJewlz said...

Hubba hubba these are fantabulous!!!

And I TOTally get how you differentiated the artist from the designer's way of thinking...I am definitely a designer and need those boundaries or maybe pathways is a better term for me but had never heard it put into words...and I like it!

Kell said...

I'm totally in love with them too! I've never seen anything like them. If I were you, I don't know that I would have been able to put them in the mail ;)


Kell said...

I am totally in love with these beads. They are gorgeous. If I were you, I don't know if I would have been able to send them to anyone;)

Thanks for sharing!

Cindy said...

I love love love how you interpret things, those beads are spot on.

Stories They Tell said...

Wow, Kerry! These are fabulous! I'm doing some for Erin too and I hear you about the brain constipation-- also too many ideas. I hope I can do as well at my task as you did with yours! Congrats!

Rebecca said...

Whoa. These are absolutely amazing!!! I am not surprised you are so chuffed with them!!

Jannie Funster said...

Hi! I popped on over from Erin Prais-Hintz'. She is definitely onto something gorgeous in your colors and bead work.