Sunday, February 04, 2007

Breeze Tutorial

Attention class... your wire lesson is about to begin. Please gather your supplies and put your eyes on me. Today we will be covering how to make my "Breeze" wire link without using a "Fiskars Right Angle Mandrel".

Make sure you have:
5" piece of 16g dead soft sterling silver wire
3" piece of 18g half round sterling silver wire
Round Nose Pliers
Chain Nose Pliers
Wire Cutters & Files

*Special note: to make my necklace seen in BeadStyle Magazine, you need to create seven of these links. I do not suggest working off a coil of 16g wire. I do recommend that you cut 7 pieces of wire at 5 inches and repeat the steps shown here on each piece as you go along.

To begin, take your five inch piece of wire and file the ends smooth. Make a mark on one side an inch from the end.

Use the widest part of your round nose pliers to start a coil on the end of wire not marked.

Your link should now look like this.

Continue using your round nose pliers to create a large loose coil in the wire.

Your smaller coil should stop near the 1 inch mark on the opposite end of your wire.

Using a 3 inch length of 18g half round wire, wrap the area of the link where the small loop and wire marking meet. You should have enough to wrap the area three times. Make sure both ends of the half round wire are on the same side of your link. Use your wire cutters to trim the ends and file if sharp.

You can you chain nose pliers to gently pinch the area wrapped. This will make sure your ends are tight to the link.

Your link should now look like this.

Again, using the base of your round nose pliers, create a second loop with the 1 inch length of wire on the end of your link.

This is your finished link.

Your finished links should be tumbled in a rotary tumbler to work harden and polish them. Approx 30 mins with water, stainless steel shot and dish soap should work them well.

Any questions?


Chrissie said...

Awesome Kerry! Thanks for the tutorial! I just picked up the magazine this weekend while we were in NJ. The article looked really're totally famous now! Oh and the new beads are just amazing! I love the silver/ivory encased.

TJ said...

Thanks so much, Kerry. Oh, by the way, just LOVE those Irony beads!

I appreciate your taking time to put this info on your blog.


blest said...

That's funny. I was reading the magazine yesterday, saw the necklace and was all "Ooh! I like that! I could do that!...HEY! That's that blogger!!!" ;-)

Love the new beads. I showed my mom the mumps one and she wanted to know what she had to buy me to get me started making my own. I then reminded her it required open flame and that was the end of that idea. (I have four small very busy boys who know how to pick locks. And I'm pretty accident prone, myself)

Kerry said...

Thanks so much everyone! I am glad you like the tutorial and hopefully it is a lot easier this way. See, I told ya'll you don't need special tool!!

Chrissie... I don't think I am famous, but it is cool to see that Fiskars is sold ot of right angle mandrels... maybe some of those people will come to my site and discover my beads :)

Terry... Thanks for the compliments on the Irony beads! I really like 'em too. These are definately ones that you have to see in person... they are really cool!

Blest... my heavens, 4 boys! I thought I had it rough with my two boys and my little girl. I couldn't have 4 boys, I would be bald from pulling my hair out. Send me pics if you try the tutorial!

blest said...

Will do with the pics. I'm planning to use copper wire and some lovely coffee swirled lentil beads...

Oh - and just think - we're homeschoolers! Four boys under nine, two with mild autism, ALWAYS home! No wonder I bead!!!

And did I mention that they play the drums? Whoa.

blest said...

Oh hey. I do have a question. As a fairly neophyte wire-worker, I do not yet have a tumbler. How's about I use my chasing hammer to flatten some parts of the curve instead?

Kerry said...

Yeah, you could hammer it. I would use a nylon mallet instead of a chasing hammer to have it hold it's shape. Another alternative is to put all the finished links in a cloth pouch and toss it in the washing machine with a load of laundry. It has the same effect!

Janet said...

Hi coming over from Cindys Blog! Very beautiful peice! Thank you Ill have to start comin over here lots more! ox

Dionne said...

thanks very much for a very nice tutorial. I will feature this on our blog too.