Monday, May 14, 2012

Unobligated Random Bits

Inviting studio view
All wrapped up!

:: it would seem I've been readily adopting the Blogging Without Obligations mentality the past couple of weeks... and I'm okay with that
:: Ron and I had a lovely anniversary last week, even if the pink champagne we bought was overly sticky sweet
:: filled with relief that Andrew's IEP review for the 2012-2013 school year went off with out a hitch, though we are still struggling finding the right meds for him
:: Jacob scored a goal in a lacrosse game last week... it's a rare thing for a defensive player... he is playing long pole middie these days
:: played in the studio with a wrapped bracelet design... I really kinda like it... still in the experimental stages though
:: I wonder if I will ever be able to find the drive/determination/motivation that had me running regularly last summer again for this summer... I really think I need it
:: an hour and a half long yoga class on Friday morning with my friend Lindsey led to a constant reminder of my out of shape state via my smarting muscles all weekend
:: the new Step By Step Wire magazine is out with my latest Color Canvas piece... I'm looking forward to sharing that with you soon
:: it took nearly 20mins to comb Lauren's wet hair before school this morning... I think it might be time she had a hair cut

Lunch time

:: Saturday Lauren, my sister, my Mom and I ventured down to the Finger Lakes to visit the antiques barn we found last summer while visiting Keuka Lake
:: I picked up a beautiful hand sewn quilt facing made of lovely vintage fabrics... it needs a backing but I'm nervous about sewing it by hand myself... I'm more of a machine quilter but can't help but feel a machine would ruin the quilt's beauty
:: I'm pretty sure my Mom nearly peed her pants laughing too hard, more than once, while out and about on our adventure
:: speaking of Mother's... I hope all the wonderful women in my life had a splendid Mother's Day... I did
:: super sad that the first season of Once Upon A Time came to an end last night... Lauren and I have absolutely loved watching every episode together... what will we watch this summer
:: irked that I woke up to a sink full of our dinner dishes from last night and two loads of laundry in the living room for me to fold this morning... can't Mother's Day be longer than 24 hours
:: I've gotten some really lovely emails recently that I have been lax in replying to... I'm thinking about them though, and the people that sent them...
:: wondering when my desire to pick up my "real" camera (instead of my iPhone) will return
:: oh goodness... we are taking part in the street wide garage sale this coming weekend... I hope we survive

Wild goose chase antiques
Mothers Day


mairedodd said...

oh, i love when they are in elementary school and make those precious cards!
sounds like you had a good time -
i made dinner last night and cleaned up - grrr... :0)
the bracelet design is super - i really love your take on it... i made 2 with beads for my dad's cousins (he is travelling to norway today to meet them) - triple wraps, 24 inches = 3 hours each for me... i can see why they charge so much for them...
your studio looks awesome! so glad the iep went well - mine is tomorrow morning...

kathleen van buskirk said...

how sweet is that!