Friday, September 30, 2011

Couple of Things

First, THANK YOU for such a fantastic response to the release of Snaptatic: Clicking Your Way To Beautiful Jewelry Photos. I am gitty everytime I see a new student registration or eBook download. I couldn't be more excited about the adventure we are going to have!! If you haven't signed up, you should.

Second, I have ANOTHER surprise for you! My box of ArtBliss supplies arrived and I have just a few kits left from the retreat. If you hop on over to Kits & Supplies, Oh MY! you'll see three new kit offerings. I have a couple of those coveted ArtBliss Bang Gal sets, some new Split Personalities in BRIGHTS (one of which I made in the studio today and I love it), and lastly there is the Flying Trapeze pendant too. With all that I have on my plate over the next several week, these will be the last new things (kits/beads/jewelry) that will be posted on my website until Decemeber.

studio glow

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Snaptastic eCourse & eBook

Oh my stars... I am full of that nervous energy and butterflies that come with an exciting announcement and putting yourself out there in a vulnerable way. This is my 1500 post on this blog and I can't think of a better way to celebrate that than with something I am incredibly thrilled to share with you. Deep breath... strong heart... let's do this!

snaptastic cover

In this fast paced digital age and highly competitive market, beautiful photos are a must if you are looking to sell your jewelry. If you have been struggling with your digital camera, and just can't seem to achieve the images you are hoping for, then this is the class for you. I am thrilled to offer my first eCourse and eBook in the form of Snaptastic: Clicking Your Way To Beautiful Jewelry Photos, a beginner's guide to setting up, styling, and editing jewelry pictures. I'll be sharing my knowledge of jewelry photography in a way that is fun and informative. We'll cover everything from how to set up an inexpensive photo booth in your home studio, to tips and tricks on taking unique shots that grab attention, to talk about props and product styling, and I'll walk you through the various settings on your camera for getting the types of images you are looking for. Plus the class will cover instruction on photo editing in both free and professional grade programs. It is time to stop taking photos on your kitchen counter! This is truly a must-take class for jewelers looking to take their digital presence to the next level.

This class is designed for BEGINNER to ADVANCED BEGINNER students!

I am offering Snaptastic 3 ways.

Option 1 - The eCourse! - $75

The Snaptastic eCourse is run over a 5 week time frame. Once registered, you will receive an email before the start of class inviting you to log into the private blog where class will be hosted. If you do not have one already, you will need to register for a free Google password to log in. (Please email if you need information on how to do this.) Posts will appear daily on the blog, Monday - Saturday. Your access to this private classroom will never be closed, so you can work through the content at my pace or your own. You will also receive an invitation to share photos on a private Flickr group created just for Snaptastic students.

After my recent live version of this class, I am now expanding some of the content and going even deeper into what students really want to know!! There will be more on shooting in Manual Mode, a glossary of photography terms, additional comparison photos, and so much more.

Class will begin October 17th 2011 and run through November 20th 2011. Once class ends, you will still have access to the private classroom! So keep coming back to read the posts, classmate comments, and visit the class Flickr group.

*Special Note* - I will close the eCourse comments on December 10th. Any questions that come up after that time can be sent directly to me. Remember, you will still be able to read all the comments and responses which will be loaded with information.

Option 2 - The eBook! - $25

The Snaptastic eBook is a 100 page PDF version of the content that will be shared in class. With more than 140 photos, this comprehensive guide to digital jewelry photography and photo editing is a must have for those that want to take beautiful photos of their designs.

Option 3 - The Combo Pack! - $90

Sign up for both the eCourse and eBook and save! You will have the same unlimited access to the private blog and Flickr group while also having the content PDF to use as a reference guide.

Some FAQ's -

How do you register? Visit the Snaptastic page on my website. Check out as you would in any other online shop. You will receive an order confirmation and before class begins, I will send all your class log in information. If adding the eBook to your order, you will automatically be redirected to a download page where you can save the book to your computer.

What are the benefits to choosing the eCourse instead of just the eBook? Within the daily eCourse posts you will have the opportunity to comment and ask questions. I will be replying to your comments and also creating comprehensive Q&A posts. Although I will be available to answer questions that may come up via email, these Q&A posts will not be available in the eBook. In class, we'll be digging a little deeper and expanding on some of the topics and having discussion on thing not covered in the eBook as well.

Can you still register for class even though the first 5 weeks have passed? YES! The way that this course is set up, you can join at any time. Comments may be closed, but I will always be available via email to answer your questions and you will have unlimited access to the site so you can work at your own pace.

Is this a MAC friendly eCourse? YES! I have viewed the two editing programs I use in the eCourse and eBook on a MAC and they work the same. Sweet!

I truly could not be more excited about this new offering! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send me a message at kerry(at)kabsconcepts(dot)com. It is going to be a Snaptastic few weeks, my friends. I hope you'll join me!

PS... Help me spread the word about Snaptastic with a badge for your blog! Simply highlight the text in the box below and paste it into an HTML gadget on your blog!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Glimpse At Bliss

artbliss 1

As promised, today I'm sharing a little glimpse into my short time at ArtBliss this past weekend. Cindy and Jeanette really put on a wonderful event. The instructors are fantastic, the atmosphere lively, and the inspiration is endless. I think everyone there have already marked their calendars for next year.I know I have!

The thing about being caught up in a wonderful experience though... you are so in the moment that you often forget to take pictures!! (This from the teacher of the photography class, oops.)  I took my camera out just a couple of times for blog shots. During my Snaptastic class I took over 100 photos, but that is different. So you'll just have to make do with these few and read the recap words to relive the experience instead.

My plane left a little after 10am on Friday and after an hour that just flew right by (pun intended), I found myself in the Dullas airport grabbing the shuttle to the event hotel. I couldn't wait to see venue I had heard so much about in phone calls with Cindy through out the year. Lots of hugs were exchanged as well as little gifts, then we were all swept up in the hussle and bussle of the retreat. There was happy hour drinks, setting up for the Meet & Greet, introductions to new-to-me instructors and quick catch-ups with those from last year.

A few of my favorite Friday moments...

:: meeting Diane Cook in person and getting the inevitible comment about my height! (Cindy made the same comment the first time we met too. I'm not that tall, people.) Diane is an absolute sweetheart. I just love her!!
:: meeting Robert Dancik and having him tell me several times that melting glass is the sexiest medium. Oh yes, glass is sexy. He also gifted me a couple of tools to test out which will come in very handy for my OOAK Show prep.
:: meeting Richard Salley and talking all things books. He is one cool, laid back, dude. Richard's wife was teaching at the retreat as well, but unfortunately she was across the room and I didn't get a chance to chat with her.
:: finally getting to meet Christine Damm in person!! She is such a memorable character and so great to talk to. She is feisty and fun, and oh my stars, seeing her work in person... it is incredibly amazing.
:: seeing Deryn Mentock again and getting to hear an intriguing bit about toilet paper being a mezmorizing tool in her class earlier that day.

class 4

Yikes... so many memories are flooding back from the weekend that I fear this post is going to turn into a novel! Oh well, feel free to click away if you need to. Otherwise, it is time to tell you about Saturday!

If you asked Ron about the ride to the airport on Friday, he would tell you I was a nervous wreck. And not about flying, that doesn't bother me. It was all about Saturday. I love to teach, but, this time was different. I was debuting a class I had never taught before and the jitters about presenting that newness had the butterflies fluttering like crazy in my stomach. Friday night's fun was a great distraction from those jitters and Saturday morning, I threw on my new Fuzzy Ink Picturesque t-shirt and set out to set up the classroom. (Yes, I bought a t-shirt that had a camera on it for my class... wouldn't you?)

Once things got rolling, class really went by in a flash. I think deciding to make this a full day instead of a short 3 hours was the right move. And my Saturday night DeFindings class was just the right length too. Ya gotta love it when you follow your gut and it works out. So, some interesting things from Snaptastic...

:: every student was shooting with a Canon DSLR! I shoot with a Nikon, and both are great cameras. The great thing is that they were all digital slrs and that students were eager to shoot in manual mode.
:: although it is wonderful to shoot right along with students to show them exactly how I would take a photo, I really think this is going to translate wonderfully to the eCourse. (more info on that coming very very soon)
:: I'm thankful to have worked with real life students and hear their questions and feedback. It is going to make the online version of the class that much better.

There was a short break between Snaptastic and DeFindings where a few of us made a quick run to Wegmans. Living in the Rochester area, the hometown of the founder of Wegmans, I find it hilarious what a novelty our grocery store is down south of here. I have about 20 Wegmans stores with in 20 minutes of me, with the closest being less than a mile from my house. I go anytime. In the south though, shoppers will drive hours just to go to Wegmans! Wild.

But, I digress.

DeFindings was a slightly larger class with 9 students. I think it went really well. The three hour time frame was perfect. I was able to spend an hour on each of the three findings I wanted to cover: clasps, earwires, and extras. I was so bummed at the end of class when I realized I didn't take any photos. I would have loved to snap a group shot! Sorry gang! Y'all gotta come back next year so I can take it then.

class 1
class 2

Saturday really was a long long day. I was in my classroom from 8am until 10pm. I really loved it though and would have happily done it again on Sunday! Alas, it was time to go home. Before I left, I shapped those few Instagrams pics I shared yesterday. Then, it was time to grab the shuttle back to the airport and head back to my family. You see what I mean about it being a whirlwind of a trip?

I have some good news for you! Remember the kits I was showing you last week? The ones you were emailing me about? Well, I have a few left!! As soon as my supplies arrive back here, I'll post the goodies on my website. I have a couple of the Limited Edition ArtBliss kits, as well as the new Split Personality kits and Flying Trapeze pendants. These will be the last new items posted until after the big show in Decemeber. Until the box arrives, I'll be heading to the studio to start prepping for my next adventure coming up in October. I'm heading to NYC to shoot the process shots for Rustic Wrappings. Won't that be fun?!?

class 3

Monday, September 26, 2011


Instagraming with Friends

:: I have lots to tell you about my adventures at ArtBliss, but I am still too sleepy.
:: It was over in an instant, so I'm sharing a few Instagrams!
:: FYI: Instagrams are fun Iphone/Ipod images that you can tweet or facebook like little instant messages, except they are photos. Its an app, check it out.
:: Clockwise from the top... with Lori Anderson (of course I tinted it pink to match her hair!), with Christine Damm (such a feisty lady, I love her!), with Diane Cook (I kept giving her hugs, she is so awesome!), and with Lori and Cindy Wimmer (wish these pals lived closer so I could have play dates with them more often!)
:: Oh how I love staying up in a hotel room whispering over pie until well after 1am.
:: Staying up past 1am, sleeping restlessly, then rising & shining by 6am can't be sustained for more than a few days though... no matter how much pie you eat.
:: Wishing I had stayed to take a class on Sunday, but happy to hold hands with my hubby as he gave me a tour of the gardening he did while I was gone.
:: It would seem that in the instant that ArtBliss happened, Fall happened here. Photo evidence below.
:: Despite the orange and yellow trees, it is going up and over 80 today. Indian summer on the 4th day of Fall?
:: More tomorrow on ArtBliss... then, time to switch to the next big event.
:: Time sure flies during my favorite time of year.


Sunday, September 25, 2011


Snaptastic at ArtBliss

Just a quick pic to say... HEY! We're having a wonderful time!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What's to come...

I really couldn't be more excited to be previewing this project with you!! This right here, these few pictures, are a sneak peek at what Brandi Hussey and I have been working on for the past month. Back in August, after I a rather frustrating few days at the computer, I tweeted a cry for help in the design department and oh boy how she came to the rescue! Thank you, Brandi, for helping make my vision come to life. You ROCK my friend. Truly peps, if you need graphic design work done, she is your gal!

snaptastic cover
preview 1
preview 2 copy
preview 3

As you might have guessed (since I have mentioned it so often recently), this preview goes along with my new class, Snaptastic, that I'll be debuting at ArtBliss this weekend. There are still spaces open in class if you would like to join us. Today is the last day of online registration and after that, you can register at the door. I am about to tell you about my future plans for this class, but I want to stress, nothing is ever as good as being there, in person, learning hands on, asking questions, and bonding with other students. So, get there if you can!!

Now, back to these pages... they are from the eBook written to coincide with my new class. What I first thought would be simple slide show presentation splash pages evolved into a full blown eBook. I figured if I was prepping the content anyway, why not really bring it all together? I have had several emails and a few comments here on the blog too asking for this to be released in another form other than a retreat class.

I am thrilled to tell you that is going to happen... in two ways.

There are still a few details to work out, but the first of the two ways this will be release is as an eCourse. I am a bit of an eCourse junky. I have lost track of how many I have actually taken. And the good thing about that is that I have been exposed to many different styles of eCourse. I know what I like, and I know what I don't like about them. So, in building mine, I have been able to take all my favorite elements and build the best eClassroom I can.

It will be hosted on a private blog over a 5 week timeline. Once registration opens and when class begins, you will be sent an invitation to the virtual classroom. Each day through out the week, new content will be posted. You'll be able to ask questions in the comment area and on Saturday I'll post a summary of the most frequently asked questions from the week. We'll also have a private Flickr group where we can share photos and have encouraging critiques. When I return from Washington DC, I will narrow down the dates for the class, and set up a registration page.

Along with the interactive eCourse, I will release the eBook. For those that don't have time to commit to checking into a blog daily, you will have the eBook as a comprehensive reference guide for taking great jewelry photos. The eBook is 99 pages, with more than 140 photos, and it details exactly how I approach my jewelry photography. I share with you step by step everything from how to create a stage to take your photos to how to edit them after they come off the camera.

Now, why take the eCourse instead of just getting the eBook? It will be that fantastic Q&A component and having my undivided attention. The eBook will be the exact same content as the eCourse, minus the question and answer piece. And yes, you'll be able to send me a question if something comes up, but I will be hosting an eCourse and it may take time to get to it.

After the first 5 week run, I won't be taking down the eCourse site. It will remain available indefinitely so that you can come back at any time and follow the content at your own pace. Life gets crazy, I for one know that! And I want you to know you won't miss out. I will close comments after the eCourse ends but you will still be able to read them and have access to the Q&As. It also means that people will be able to join Snaptastic at anytime. If eCourse students would like the eBook to have for quick reference, that will be an option too.

This is a thrilling new adventure for me and I can't wait for you to join me on it. If you are ready to stop taking blurry photos with your flash washing out and over exposing them while having a piece of jewelry your proud of sitting on a kitchen counter... well then, you won't want to miss this!! I truly believe anyone can take great photos and you don't have to spend a fortune to do it. Now, who's with me?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Beads and other things...

If you are looking for my Bead Soup Blog Party post, click this link to see what I made with Diane Cook's ingredients. A huge thank you to everyone taking the time to comment. Y'all are lovely.

kits waiting 1

:: I am sipping coffee on the kind of morning that makes it very hard to come out from under the five heavy blankets on my bed.
:: I really busted butt last week to be ready for ArtBliss, and all my stuff is in a box on its way to Washington DC as we speak.
:: Along with the new kits I'll be releasing, I ran-sacked the studio and made over 40 beady grab bags!! Fun... and thanks for that idea, Cindy.
:: Went out antiquing with my Mom and Sister this weekend and it was a total bust. I'm so bummed.
:: I was gonna get my hair trimmed and do something fun with the color on Wednesday, but I think I might cancel that appointment.
:: I wonder if I will ever have time to knit again.
:: Maybe I can cast on for a hat or something else quick n' easy.

split personality 1
split personality 2
bead love 1
flying trapeze 1
flying trapeze 2

:: OH OH, my Snaptastic ebook is nearly finished!! I can't wait to share it with students this weekend.
:: 99 pages, people. Ninety-nine.
:: Been working on it with Brandi over at Can't rave about her enough!!
:: I was thinking recently that I should brainstorm doing a 2012 calendar of my work. Anyone interested?
:: Just looked out the window and the sun is shining so brightly on a patch of leave turning a beautiful shade of red.
:: I <3 Fall.
:: I think I'll take my run outside this morning.

kits waiting 2

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Welcome Soup Lovers!

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog on your way around the international Bead Soup Blog Party! I had the extreme honor of working with soup ingredients sent to me by vintage inspired guru, Diane Cook. Please be sure to hop hop hop on over to her blog and see what goodies she has dished out.

If you have a moment, I have a treat for you!! I made a VLOG about the necklace I created with a stunning chandelier pendant, sari silk ribbon, garnets, and wire. For those of you short on time, scroll down for images of my project.


I was actually able to make 3 projects and have enough leftovers for a few more treats too. Diane was so generous! I am going to stash these yummy things away for a rainy day. Oh how I love vintage shiny things.

Per the blog hop rules, I used both my focal and my clasp! Just not in the same piece. The focal takes center stage in the necklace seen in the video and shown below. As for the clasp, it is in the peachy bracelet accented by fresh water pearls, seed beads, and more sari silk. You might remember my Soup Arrival video, yes? I told you I would save the ribbon that I untied from the boxes!! One piece is part of the bracelet.

My third piece is a simply sweet pair of earrings. Sometimes sweet and simple is just the right touch.

bsbp 1
bsbp 2
bsbp clasp
bsbp 3

I knew from the beginning that I would combine the burgundy silk with the focal. The braid idea wove itself into my head and I just couldn't get it out. I did a practice braid with the silk last week and when I sat down to finally make it... all the design work was done in my head so bringing it to life left so smooth and natural. I am in love.
I hope you have had a good time here in Kitchen Kerry! Happy BSBP Hopping!! You can find the master list of participate blogs at Lori Anderson's official Bead Soup Blog Party post. Thank you fearless leader!! YOU ROCK!

Friday, September 16, 2011

My Freshman

football bogey1

He so rarely lets me take his photo anymore. Oh how he can fill me with pride and worry all at the same time.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bliss Kits Preview

bliss beads 5
bliss beads 3
bliss beads 2
bliss beads 4
bliss beads 1
bliss beads 6

Okay, so I was right the first time... the Bead Soup Blog Party isn't until this Saturday. I couldn't leave you hanging though!! So here is a peek at the finished sets of Bang Gal kit beads. This color combo has been created exclusively for ArtBliss visitors!! (If by chance there are sets still available after the show, they will be available on my website.) You can see in the final photo the sample bracelet. I decided to pair these with brass wire. I love the look, and I love that I don't have to charge an arm and a leg to cover the cost of sterling silver. Something really special about these? I made each set truly unique with a new Peacock feather design I have been working on. I started making these feathers several months ago for a super secret behind the scenes project. I hope you like them! I love making them.

I have been torching like a mad woman! I will also be releasing the Split Personality kits and Flying Trapeze as well. If you are wondering which projects those are, grab your copy of Totally Twisted to check them out!! I am also hoping to make loads of head pins today to make the I <3 Wire necklace seen in Easy Wire 2011 available too. Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Exciting News!

To see more information about the show, check out The One Of A Kind Show Chicago website. I really couldn't be more excited about this, but, alas, I am under a deadline and have too much to do!! I'll tell you more about some of the feelings behind this soon.

And, something to think about, if you can get to Chicago in December, I NEED AN ASSISTANT FOR THE SHOW!! My sister will not be able to work this event with me. So I will need some support. If you are available, send me an email.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Nothing Normal About It

new bed frame 3
new bed frame 2

:: gotta love random mondays where i hit you with all the goings on in our house in just a few words
:: my visit with kelley was wonderful, and too short
:: i was able to finish the aging on our new bed frame and we installed it this weekend... it is absolutely wonderful!
:: we were inspired to make this project by this post on deep thoughts by cynthia, and we used this tutorial, though we had to modify it to make it king size
:: i slept like a baby the first night in our new bed
:: this was our old bed, and yes, i rearranged the room... this is our "fall" layout
:: next period of free time i have will be spent making pretty throw pillows, our linens and pillows are rather lacking
:: we also decided to tackle another home improvement project... a leaky bathroom
:: we found the source of that pool of water collecting on the basement floor by my treadmill
:: leaks don't always come from pipes, old tile walls with crumbling grout will leak too
:: by this time tomorrow, the kids should be able to use their shower again
:: speaking of tackling... jacob had his first football game last thursday... he is an animal this season
:: oh how i love to watch my boy do what he loves
:: and oh how i miss doing what i love!
:: so so so excited to get to the studio today and work
:: work work work!!
:: the bead soup blog party is fast approaching, artbliss goodies need making, i'm finishing up my snaptastic ebook for students, and then some
:: i was so looking forward to things getting "back to normal" when school started back up... it has been anything but normal

new tub surround 1

Friday, September 09, 2011

My New Studio Companion

my new friend

She still needs a name, but more about this antique mall find will be shared soon!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Stash Bash!

It is time for me to put my author hat on, just for a moment. My publisher, Interweave, has a fun new promotion going on that I am taking part in. All are welcome to participate, so come join the party!! You could even win prizes!! This party is a Stash Bash and it is running in conjunction with their new Post-Labor Day Stash Buster Sale!! (Yeah, they are letting you raid their stash of books so you can bust your stash of supplies, ha!)

stash 1
stash 3

"What is a Stash Bash?", you ask. Well, it isn't like the Mustashio Bashio that my sister went to with out me a few years ago. That was the party where everyone shows up with a fake mustash. No, this part is all about sharing photos of your stashes at home. (or in my case, at my studio) Your stash is your stuff! Whether it is your 80 rolls of colored wire, or 1 billion strands of beads, or miles of yarn waiting to be knit. Really, it is anything you love to collect for your crafting and arting. Plus, this party is about sharing the creative ways to store your stash as well. Interweave has created a Flickr Group:: Stash Bash as a forum to share those stash photos.

I still feel like my studio space is in its fledgling stages. I feel like I tweak it things a bit every time I am there, but I have lots of things stashed there. I love my small collection of old books collected from local estate sales. The cover designs really speak to me and at 50 cents to a dollar each, I can't resist them. Their pages are perfect for resin projects too. And hey, I'll let you in on a tiny secret... there is a resin project in my new book Rustic Wrappings!!

I showed you this past Spring the beautiful cabinet Ron found for me with the dozens of sorting drawers. Slowly but surely I have been filling up those drawers with some of my beading goodies. There is the drawer for my Sari Silk, the one with my brass spacers, the one with my paper scraps... there are 54 drawers, I could go on. The cabinet itself it kind of a stash item. I love collecting antique cabinets and cases for organizing.

stash 4
stash 2
stash 5

Other bits from my studio stash is my collection of colored wire from Parawire in every color I can get my hands on, I'm still collecting vintage enamel pins (and earrings too), and oh my glass!! Oh how I love glass and finding new colors to add to my stash!! *sigh* All this talk about all my favorite things has me wishing I could be in my studio right this minute!! (but, alas I am in the throws of a wonderful visit with my bestie, so studio time will have to wait until Monday.)

Okay, so there is a little peek into my stash. Time to share your stashes!! Load your photos to your flickr streams, join the Stash Bash flickr group, and start sharing. Interweave will be selecting winners at random to receive complimentary copies of a few of the different books set to release this Fall!!

While you are waiting to see if you win, head on over to Interweave's Stash Buster Sale and add a few new goodies to your book stash. You can even find my book Totally Twisted in the sale (at an awesome price!). If you can't wait for the book to ship, you can now get the ebook version as an instant download.

stash 6

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

and then, time ran away with me...

homemade bed frame
high school starts

I had an inkling this would happen. I knew once September hit time would wrap into hyperdrive. And it did. How in the heck did it get to be the 6th already? The eve of school starting again!! The Christmas Eve of Small Biz Stay At Home Moms. (Not that I speak for everyone mind you, I am sure there are plenty of you dreading the start of school.) I have very little reason to believe time will slow before late October. This week my best friend Kelley will be here! Next week I prep for ArtBliss!! The following week IS ArtBliss!!! (it sucks only having one week of prep time, ugh) Then, when I get back, I prep for the Rustic Wrappings photoshoot!!!! Then, the following week IS the Rustic Wrappings photoshoot!!!!! Holy crow, I get tired just thinking about it.

I hope you'll join me for the whirlwind of a ride. It should be an interesting one.

PS... I decided on Sunday that Ron and I should build ourselves a new bed frame on top of everything else. Cuz, that's how I roll.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Finding Corbitt's Glen

It seems like ages ago that I shared our before-summer-ends list, but really it was less than two week ago. We have been doing lots in these past days. Working away at the list, fighting the bordem, and making just a few more memories.

Here is where the list currently stands:
  • The Strong National Museum of Play (video game exhibit) check
  • Swim at Ontario Beach Park check
  • Play Frisbee Golf at Ellison Park and Picnic check
  • Bowling
  • Take a trip to a BIG zoo... The Buffalo Zoo
  • Go camping, or to Aunt Mary's cottage check
  • Cornmaze or Wickham Farms
  • Planetarium or Science Center
  • Check out the new Abraham Lincoln Park check
  • Mini golf check
  • Find Corbitt's Glen check
  • Corning Museum of Glass
  • Meet new school teachers check
  • Stoneybrook Park
  • Cupcakes @ Dollop check

Checking off "Find Corbitt's Glen" is what we did on Wednesday afternoon and we were joined by good friends. It was a little buggy, but incredibly beautiful! I can't wait to go back, with bug spray, and waterproof shoes. These falls look impressive, but the are really shallow and easily played in.

corbitts 3
corbitts 4
corbitts 6
corbitts 7
corbitts 10
corbitts 12
corbitts 14
corbitts 16

Today we'll be going mini golfing and to the beach. It is gearing up to be a hot one and a couple hours by the water will be welcome. Just a holiday weekend left to go and we'll be back to school! Can't freaking wait.