Monday, March 31, 2008

The First Step


AAAAHHHHH!!! After much talking, Ron and I decided to counter offer the seller's offer from last week. And they accepted our offer!!! I am bouncing off the walls. And I am now totally stressed out... our house will now be put on the market... tomorrow.

Thankfully, I have been doing a lot of the prep work to the house already... but there is still so much to do. If I am a little scare this week, I hope you'll understand. I also realized that I have been a little lax in preparing a few articles. I have 5 projects coming out in various publications and the deadlines are all around April 15th. So the next few weeks are going to be nutty!

I do know this, we only have until April 25th to sell our house. So whatever craziness is to come, it shouldn't last too long.

Now that we know our offer has been accepted, I can share a link to the house. Check it out! It is so much bigger then it looks. EEEEKKK!! And there are two full basements (where my new studio will be). Big bedrooms... big kitchen... 2 baths... what more could we ask for?


Just a quickie post to let you know... I posted the ACEOs from last week!!
They are on my website now!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

She is 5

I am pretty sure every family has a measuring wall somewhere in their house. Lots of important occassions are marked on there. Holidays, visits from friends... and most importantly... birthdays! My little girl is FIVE today!!


Friday, March 28, 2008

Beading Daily

Are you guys Beading Daily? I don't mean literally, I am internetly, lol. Beading Daily is a bead blog and daily newsletter put out by Interweave Press. The Beading Daily website also has a Project Store where you can download .pdf files of all kinds of projects. Ten new bracelet projects were added yesterday and I think you'll recognize THIS ONE! Yep, it is my Sandy Lantern's Project. Cool, huh? I can't wait to see what other tutorials they add to the mix next.

The view in my backyard this morning took my breath away. There was a wonderful quiet stillness, not a drop of wind and the trees were the same color as the sky. The feelings I had while wondering around the yard this morning taking pictures is one of the reasons I love winter so much. I know I am crazy, lol.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


I thought y'all might like an update on the house situation. And since I still can't breath out of half of my face, and I haven't made/created anything in the past week... it'll fill some empty blogging space.

Get yourself a cup of coffee or tea or soda... whatever... you'll need it... this is a long one!

I mentioned that on Saturday we made an offer on a house. On Monday we received the counter offer. Ron and I talked for a while and we decided to counter again. Then, in the middle of the night, Ron woke up to tell me it just didn't feel right to him and he wanted to stay firm on our initial offer. Being sick as a dog and over emotional... I was heart broken. But I tried really hard to be pissy with the people not excepting our offer instead of my hubby.

Tuesday went by and the plan stayed the same. On Wednesday, Ron woke up and decided that this new house would only actually cost $35,000 more then what we would sell our house for. And it is twice the house with nearly twice the yard in a great neighborhood!! But to feel right about giving the counter offer, he wanted to know exactly what the house would cost us to live in. I think it is the engineer in him... he needed numbers.

With a wad of tissues in hand, I spent most of yesterday on the phone. I called the gas/electric company... I called the home owners insurance people... I talked to the bank and got us pre-approved for the mortage. I know nearly to the penny how much a month we would be looking at to live in the new house! It's good information to have and was actually less then I was estimating in my head.

I have to interupt this tale with a bit of a flash back... in 1999 when we were house hunting the first time around. We applied and were given a grant. It was the Sheen Housing Grant and was $25,000 towards new home construction. For years, we have been under the impression that our grant has a 10yr clause to it. Meaning, we would have to stay in our home until June 28th 2010 to recieve the full $25,000. BUT, as long as we stay at least 5 years, then we could get half and for every year after the first 5, we would get to keep another 10%. We were under the assumption that since we have been in the house nearly 8 years that we would be forfeiting 20% of the grant, or $5,000. It is a sacrifice we are willing to make to get our family where we want to be.

Ron wanted me to find out what would happen since we have actaully been here 7 years 9 months and not the full 8 years. Good question. Is the year broken down into segments? Or do we get to round up? I could find that out. I started by pulling out all the paperwork from our mortage. The grant is a long and very legally worded 9 page document that has me pulling my hair out!! On page 8, there is a "rider" that determines the "Recapture Obligation" (aka how much we have to give back).

The part 1 of the rider, it says:

The amount to be recaptured under this Note and Mortage will be the amount of the Recapture Obligation except that following the fifth anniversary of the date which appears at the top of the forst page (June 28, 2000), such amount will be reduced by 10% per year for every 6 months that the Obligor has occupied the Property as the Obligor's prinicpal place of residence in excess of 5 full years. For the purposes of this Rider, occupancy for any part or fraction of a year will be treated as follows:

(i) over 4 months but less than 6 months, as 1/2 year of residence and, will, if the Obligor is entitles to reductions under this Rider, entitle the Obligor to an additonal deduction of 10% of the Recapture Obligation.

(ii) over 6 months, as 1 full year of residence will, if the Obligor is entitles to reductions under this Rider, entitle the Obligor to an additonal deduction of 20% of the Recapture Obligation.

Okay, that sounds really confusing right? Just wait, it gets worse...

Part 2 says this:

The period of occupancy and the amount to be recaptured under this Note and Mortage is demonstrated by the following table:

Period of Occupancy of at least.... but less then.... % of Recapture Obligation to be repaid
1day 64months 100%
64months 66months 90%
66months 76months 80%
76months 78months 70%
78months 88months 60%
88months 90months 50%
90months 100months 40%
100months 102months 30%
102months 112months 20%
112months 114months 10%
114months ---------- 0%

It all makes me wish I went to law school and understood this gargen. If you look at the table, we have been here for 93 months... that means we owe 40% and that is $10,000!! But then look close at the table, and it doesn't follow 6 month incraments like part 1 says. I thought I figured out part one. I broke it down to... after our 5th anniversary, the amount that the table says we owe would be reduced by 20% for every full year of residence... okay that would be 3 years beyond the first 5 years... so that is 60% off of the $10,000 we owe... so hey, we only owe $4,000. WOW COOL! I figured it out... NOT!!

Today was the day I spent on the phone for the grant. I spoke to a representative at the Sheen Housing Foundation. They told me to call NYS Affordable Housing. I spoke to an underwriter at our mortage company who is taking the table at face value and although she can't explain why the table isn't broken down by 6months, she says we owe $10,000. Neither Ron nor I liked that answer. Ron is convinced (and I agree) that part 1 is a mathematical equation... and these people aren't reading it right. It took a few tries, but I was eventually able to get through to NYS AH.

What a conversation that was! The person I spoke to said, everyone had it wrong and we were right with our first train of thought. We owed $5000 or 20%... 10% for each year early. I think I actually YOO HOOOed in the lady's ear!! LOL!! I said what a huge relief that was and how these other people said 40%. That made her say "well, let me double check for sure". Doesn't she say that oops, she's sorry, she was wrong and we would owe 40%. UGH, again.

Since all this grant stuff goes completely against what we were told when we signed that paperwork 8 years ago... we gave the document to a lawyer to read over. And that is where we are at now. To sum things up... we put in an offer, it was counter offered... we thought we would counter offer but changed our minds... then we reconsidered counter offering but haven't actually countered yet because we are waiting to see just how much grant we would lose.

Make sense? Sniff sniff, sneeze. (and yeah, I still have a nasty cold.) I'll let y'all know as soon as I know anything. And hey, if I have a lawyer blog reader out there that just happens to love my beads and want to give us info on what to do... there would be free beads in it!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Calling In

I am calling in sick today. I woke up with a massive head cold. So just enjoy some pics of a few more new "Snagged" bracelets.

They are posted on my website in the BRIGHTS bracelet section! Go get one :)

Monday, March 24, 2008


Lookie, lookie... something new! Check out "Snagged", a prototype of a new design I doodled. The colors aren't quite there yet, but I will work that out. You'll need to scroll down to check out the shot of me wearing this... it looks so much better on then in the product photos.

Can you believe, for all the wiring I do, this is the first time I have made a "toggle" clasp? Really! It is a great way to use a Big Hole Bead, don't ya think? I am trying to make an effort to balance my use of wire and beads to keep prices down without sacrificing style. I am sure all you jewelry makers have seen the insane rates for sterling silver. I had to place a sterling wire order recently and it was over $600!! I needed 16,18,20, & 22 gauge. Man do I know how to go through wire.

I have been thinking I should turn in my "scraps". You can send your wire scraps to Rio Grande (and other suppliers), they melt it down or something like that, let you know how many ounces your turned in and give you a credit. Last year I had over 15 ounces of scraps!! And I received about $150 credit with Rio Grande. I haven't turned in scraps recently because I use them in bottle caps now. It is a catch 22... I could turn them in and get money back, but not have scraps for caps... or I could keep the scraps for caps and be paying out the nose for wire. Ugh... the dilemma of it all.

In other news (or lack of news) we are still waiting to hear about the house. Our realtor is giving a formal presentation of our offer later today. We aren't expecting anything to come of it, since it wasn't good news with the verbal offer. But who knows what might happen. May be they will have a reasonable counter offer. Keep your fingers crossed for us... I really love that house.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Shhh, everyone is sleeping...

It has been a while since I have done a late evening weekend blog post. It has taken until now for things to slow down enough for me to catch you up on the latest goings on. Don't get too excited... things are hectic and crazy, but nothing to get overly excited about. Well, I am trying not to get overly excited about it anyway.

Have I built it up enough, are you chomping at the bit? Do you wanna know?

For several weeks now, we have been house hunting. And today, we put an offer in on something special. We went to see it Thursday, then again Friday... and the offer was placed today. I am not getting overly excited because our offer is about $15,000 under the asking price and I am very sure if won't be accepted. But its an exciting thing to be thinking about all the things that come with a new adventure that is a house. It is such an emotional rollercoaster.

Not sleeping because I am planning what colors to paint each room... wondering where I will put my studio... imaging the flowers that will come up in the flower beds... it gets the juices flowing doesn't it?!?

I'll tell you a tiny bit about it... it is a 2300+square foot Cape Cod style home on an acre in Webster, NY. It's the town I grew up in and it's about 20mins from where we are now, just about 2 miles from my parents home. It has 4 bedrooms, a beautiful great room and a kitchen in need of some TLC. If, by some twist of fate, our offer is accepted, I will share a link to the online listing for it. For now, I'll keep it to myself.

But there you have it... our big news... we are going to move. It may not be this house, but we are definitely hunting for one and hope to be in it before the end of summer. It'll be a wild ride, that's for sure!! Can you imagine the fun Carrie is goin to have packing, lol?!?! And like I said, picking paint colors, planning a new studio... I will be sure to share the whole journey here.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Gone Nuts

It is super crazy nutty day. Loads of stuff is in the works... hopefully tomorrow will be slower and I can share the latest. For now, check out the newest ACEOs.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Random Life Moments

Jacob: "Hey Andrew, I wanna show you a magic trick..."
Andrew: "I'm busy..."
Jacob: "No watch, just look.... (picture Jacob sticking a piece of paper on the tv while Andrew is playing a video game) .... see it sticks. Because paper is made of wood it sticks to the fuzzy part."
Andrew: "huh?"
Jacob: "It's too complicated to explain. You'll understand when you are older."

Playing Cards

For as obsessive I can be about cleaning... dang if I can make a really proper mess. Look at my desk!! It is a disaster!

I spent the entire afternoon working on ACEOs. Basically, an ACEO or ATC is a miniature work of art. They are always the same size, 2.5in x 3.5in, and they are made with the idea that since they are small, they are more affordable and easy to collect/exchange.

For mine, I podged together 4 playing cards as my base. That took time. Layer by layer... building up the bases... making sure the edges were lined up and no air bubbles inside. I have about a dozen bases ready to go nuts with.

The only sign (ha ha, pun intended with this photo) that these were once playing cards is the soft pattern that has been sanded away on the back. Each one gets signed and dated, of course.

See... playing cards before and after.

I am very tempted to fill the hole in the bead with resin. Yeah, resin and some wire scraps... that would be cool, huh? We'll see. Maybe the next one.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

That was FUN!

Okay, the frenzy is over... the front page group changed. LOL... pretty wild isn't it!?! Over 1200 looks in just a few hours. WOW!!

I am (was) on the Etsy front page!!


I have new, experimental pendants to share... "Prickly" pendants, lol!! These are what I was hinting at yesterday. I have really been having some fun with these!! I find myself in that ever familiar place of having pictures that just don't do the items any justice, though. Hopefully, I can play around some more after my camera batteries recharge and get some better shots... until then, these will have to do.

Remember a few weeks ago when I made the "Pretending" necklace? I made lots of very baulbous dots on those beads. (Don't ask me why, I can't remember.) I like making baulbous dots and I really like the word baulbous. I like watching the glass while it is soupy and molten, flowing into a large bubble. I like flipping and spinning the hot bead with it's super molten dot getting it to cool into just the right spot with just the right shape.

After the "Pretending" necklace, when I thought I had pinned down what Bead Box Beads I was working on, I made a set of all big bubble baulbous dot beads. They turned out fine, but I hated the colors. Anyway... I let it settle in my head for a while... the big baulbous dots were stewing and mixing around in there... I wondered "would nuggets look good with big huge bubbles?"... "nah, they would be awkward".... "hmmm... I could always stick with rounds covered in big bubbley dots".... "nah, too many people already make those".... "Oh, how about a hollow covered in huge dots?"... "not likely, that is a lot of glass to keep hot."

While in the letting loose, experimental torch time this past weekend, I just kinda played with these. I made the purple one first... just a loose freeform shaped base, lots of big baublous dots, and then lots of little dots on the baulbous dots. When it came out of the kiln... all I could think about was the song "Bare Necessities" from Disney's The Jungle Book... and the verse below in particular....

Now, when you pick a pawpaw or a prickly pear,
And you prick a raw paw, next time beware,
Don't pick a prickly pear by the paw,
When you pick a pear try to use the claw...

Look, I found it on You Tube... "Bare Necessities" video. LOL!!

You'll have to give me some feedback on these. Let me know what you think. They are larger then they look in the phots. Sterling loop to the glassy bottom they are a over 2in. I'll try to get a 'being worn' shot later today.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Cleansing Breath

*sigh*... can you hear and feel the effects of that big cleansing breath I just took? Yeah, I think I have done that more then a few times this weekend. Stop... take a deep breath... let it out... and *sigh*

I decided not to post on Friday. I think I was still in a nasty mood and I was sick of sharing my misery. You don't come here to listen to me b----- and moan about nonsense. I ended up spending most of Friday with my Mom and even she could see the absolute drainage of my spirit. She could see I needed more then just a break from my usual "work". She and my Dad took the kids off Ron and my's hands for the weekend. WHAT A BRILLIANT IDEA!! The kids got to get away from the grumpy Mom and spend the weekend scootering in the basement, making toasted marshmallow in the fireplace and otherwise relaxing. It gave me a chance to hang out with my hubby (renting movies and getting dollar store boxes of movie style candy), and I didn't have any of the added stresses that come with 3 active kids. It was such a much needed reprieve... THANKS MOM!!

In my free time, I let loose at the torch too. I did a lot of experimenting this weekend and I wasted A LOT of glass, lol. You should see the pile of beads that were made and didn't get put in the kiln. And I am telling you this with gitty excitement! I think I am on to some cool new things!! Above is a photo of one of the new experiments. These are some tapestry style beads inspired by a fantastic fabric find from last week. I just finished up a post for Watch Me Create about these and their process. I am not sure when it'll be posted, but keep an eye out for it. They proved to be harder then I thought.

You'll have to come back to tomorrow to see what else I worked on...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Just like I told Jacob...

I had a talk with Jacob the other day about how talking about things makes them better. And see... Mom is always right... cause I vented/talked yesterday about my bead issues and look what came of it.. Retro Hollows!

These are big chunky hollows just begging to be wired into a cool necklace. I need to make a few more to have enough for what I have in mind. I'll let you know when it's ready!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Things that make me go hmmmm.....

Hmmmm.... I am sitting here at my kitchen table on a freaking freezing morning. The snow is falling (add another 3 inches to the pile already out there), the kids are out the door on the bus to school, Lauren is vegging out on morning cartoons and feel like I am juggling too many thoughts at once. For this blog, I want to try to focus on just one part of the thoughts... beads.

Hmmmm.... my beads lately.... do you know, I can't remember the last time I wish I knew how to do a back flip because I was so excited about things coming out of the kiln. I know I have had that feeling before. The first time I did beads like "Picasso's Plantation" and "The Retro Dozen", I had that feeling. I knew I had created something totally wickedly cool. And I was so eager to come here, share them with you, then get back to my torch and see what new thing I could come up with next.

Hmmmm.... I wonder if it is because I have gotten to the point where I don't surprise myself. And maybe that is the cornerstone of this latest funk. (I feel like I need to dissect the funk to prevent future funks, although, as we all know, they tend to be totally unavoidable. Bare with me here.) I can still surprise myself with what I do jewelry wise. There are things I make that cause me think... "I didn't know I could do that!" But when it comes to beads, I think I have gotten to a place that I can pretty much sit down and create any design in my head. Unfortunately, new designs just don't seem to be flowing... so I am not excited... so I don't feel that surprise and excitement. I love surprise and excitement... who doesn't?

Take this little trio of beads... I was sitting at the torch on Sunday, making something or other, when the idea POPPED into my head that silvered ivory with turquoise plaids would be really cool. I made a few, just to see how they would turn out. When I got them out of the kiln on Monday, I thought "eh", (insert shoulder shrug here). I think they are nice beads... I think they are a good design... but I have done plaids before. I am over plaids. I want to know what comes next in my beady evolution!

Hmmmm.... I am suddenly reminded of something my friend said yesterday. We talked a little about living a more "mindful" life. Being in a moment, rather then letting thoughts wonder to what we are anticipating to come next. If you aren't mindful of the moment, then when that next thing comes, you won't enjoy that either... you'll have trained your mind to be away from enjoying/appreciating/understanding what it is right in front of you.

Is that what I am doing? Am I being a brat? Am I forgetting to enjoy this amazing thing I get to do everyday? Am I just being too hard on myself? Do I need to pop this virtual bubble I am in and get some more adult contact, lol?

Hmmmm.... My guess is it is some of all of those things.

I thought I would get to some point by the end of all this babbling. But interuptions, like sisterly phone calls and childrenly wants, have broken my train of thought in the past 15mins more times then I can count. LOL. Oh well, if you can make sense of my babble and form a good conclusion for me... please share. Heck... if you think I am off my rocker... please share. You all know how much I love comments!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday Tidings

I am sooooo relishing this week of nothingness. Really, it is just what I have been needing. Here it is, only the second day of it and I am already feeling so refreshed! Today was great. My girlfriend Lindsey and her little one came to spend the day. We intended on having a sewing/crafting day and ended up chatting most of it away. Though some sewing was done over some extremely melty grill cheesey sandwiches.

To the left here is the shirt I got done. Check out Lindsey's BLOG if you want to see what she worked on. Lauren is lovin' her new shirt and has fabric picked out for 3 more, LOL. Yeah, I don't think I have that much time on my hands. Goodness... but maybe I'll get to one more before the end of the week.

Below here is how I spent my yesterday afternoon. Growing Glass N04! It is my favorite so far... I love these colors!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Thrown for a LOOP

My STARS... that whole clock change thing has my internal clock totally off. No wait... my internal clock is just fine. It's the clock on the stove, microwave, dvd player, computer desktop and cell phone that are totally off. LOL. I still woke up at the same time I always do, the clocks just didn't reflect that.

My week of "defunkifying" is off to a fantabulous start! There was another big storm here this weekend and it was the perfect opportunity to hunker down in the studio experimenting while the kids and Ron vegged out watching movies. I got to make beads (thankfully the kiln shut down before our power went out)... then prepped this canvas board for the beads that were soaking in the kiln. It is one of two pieces I completed over the weekend.

The piece above, "Growing Glass No3", took about 7 hours from start to finish to make. I kept leaving it and coming back to it. Adding new touches here and there. Like all things I make, there are parts about it that I just love, and parts that make my wanna scrap it. I took this photo early this morning as the sun was coming up... the piece looks so alive! So radiant and glowing. It is that radiant glow that saved it from being scrapped. LOL.

I will post it in the "Beyond Jewelry" section of my website later today, with more photos... watch for it.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Milestone Block

In my crabbiness yesterday, I totally forgot to tell you about our ice event! Wednesday morning we woke up to cancelled school and a 1/2in layer of ice, then 3in of snow. Today's bright sun has all that ice completely taken care of. But I was able to get a few shots before it was all gone. I wish you could hear what was happening in this photo. All the melting ice sounded like rain... too cool. No clouds and a down pouring at the same time.

Acknowledging, out loud, that I need a mental health break all ready has my mood improving. I am excited to spend a whole week on another kind of art! And I have gotten a few email asking if I will be selling the work. Hard to say before it is even made, but probably... if I deem it worthy of sharing. LOL. However, before I can wrap myself up in 'me time', I have a few other responsibilities to take care of. First was getting this new display set up at The Milestone Block in Fairport. It is right on Main Street just north of the Canal Bridge... POP IN AND CHECK IT OUT!! Now, I just need to get threw some doctor's appointments... and family engagements over the weekend and it'll be time to relax!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Beads, Booties & Blahs

Okay okay okay... fine... I admit... I have the blahs! I am in a funk! I am super cranky! I have been trying to hide it, but I am failing miserably at it, lol. I have even tried pretending it wasn't there and denying it completely but unfortunately that isn't working either.

Dang it... I was having such a good run! What happened? Ah, maybe that is it... I have been productive to the point of boredom. Hmmm... interesting theory and certainly possible. Oh, it's the weather you say? You'll never get me to admit that! You know I love cold miserable days that let me hibernate in peace. But, granted, maybe my body could use some sun and vitamin D. Look at the cute new packaging for my earrings. Even grommets aren't bringing me joy... who doesn't love a grommet! I don't know... I haven't ruled out plain old girl hormones either.

Whatever it is... I need to fight it. Take it down. Bash it to smithereens. Because, people, seriously, it just isn't good to not be excited about things. Look at these cool new earrings... and the awesome bubble bead necklace... I didn't even crack a smile when I made them! I always smile when I make new things!!

Maybe it is because they took away my Mint Chocolate Truffle coffee creamer at the grocery store until next October.

Alright, I have formulated a plan. I know I promised y'all some beads, but I am not going to force. I think I need to have a week of letting go and just having fun. I am thinking a whole week of altered art fun maybe. That could be cool couldn't it? I haven't had a chance to work on any mixed media since Growing Glass No1. You guys loved it... and I am dying to make more of them... so, yeah... good plan.

Okay, I admit, these did make me grin. Aren't baby booties too cute? Fabric scraps from Anna Maria Horner. Pattern from Stardust Shoes. Perfect size for a 6 month old little one. Which is about the size my cousin Audrey's baby will be come Fall 2008. I hope she likes the shoes, her shower is Saturday.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Mom & Pop Shop

Do you like vintage finds, estate sale goodies, and handmade thingies? Then you have to check out the Etsy Shop my MOM opened last week!! She is still learning the Etsy ropes, but she is getting there. Be a bunch of dears and go heart her shop :)

I am in a bubble working on new things for a new shop that'll be carring my jewelry. I'll let you know when I got something worth sharing.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Western Baubles

Here is the freshest goodies from my studio... "Western Baubles"!

This is a collection of 10 really cool hollows wrapped this way and that with TONS of sterling wire. All oxidized to a really fabulous blacked finish.

I have been working this out logistically in my head for weeks! It is inspired by the felted works of THIS ARTIST on Etsy. Cool designs, huh?

I am not feeling all that talkative today. So I'll just leave it at that. But I will say, I think I'm gonna change my Bead Box Bead plans and work with these colors more!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Like when we were kids...

We just got in a from a couple hours sledding at Webster Park. Look close and you'll see Lake Ontario gloomy in the background. We used to go here all the time when my sister and I were little. Here... the 2nd hole at a local golf course... a big hill on a random road... we loved to sled! This is the first time we've taken the kids to a place outside our backyard. I think the backyard officially stinks now as a sledding hill when compared to the park! Oh, and yes... it is always this gray around here this time of year. All the pictures really are in color!!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.


I bet you thought I forgot!! Nope, I was just letting a few last minute guesses come in yesterday.

Drum roll please.....

There are 39 beads in the Pretending necklace!! There were three people that guessed it right. Ron, being the man of honor this week, picked the winning name.

The winner is Crafted Gems!! YOO HOOO!! Pop over to my website, use the "Contact Us" button and let me know your name/address to get your new bottle cap pendant.

Thanks for playing everyone! This was FUN!