Friday, September 28, 2007

Random Facts

The oh-so-very-amazing Sarah has tagged me. Grrr... evil girl. So now I need to give you eight random facts about myself. Since I still feel very crappy, and my brain is fuzzy, I think it is a perfect time for a fluffy blog post. So, here goes....

1 ~ I am currently munching on dry Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. It was Lauren's, she doesn't eat cereal with milk, only ever dry. She decided it was too crunchy.

2 ~ I am wearing my husband's slippers. Nice and warm! They are too big, but who doesn't love shuffling their feet when they feel yucky?

3 ~ I switch the N & G in "ING" words all the time. It's a subconscious thing, but I think it is because I write the word desiGN all the time.

4 ~ We don't' have cable at our house. So, the TV is always on PBS around here.

5 ~ My studio is completely upside down at the moment and I am totally avoiding cleaning it.

6 ~ I sewed a skirt for Lauren yesterday, even though I felt yucky. She loves it and is shaking her fanny in it right now!!

7 ~ I am my best friend's personal therapist. And I don't mind one bit. (LOVE YA!) Oh and she is talking to me on the phone right now while I typed this.

8 ~ Now, my Mom just called me, for my aunt, and I just ordered two 3 wick candles for $10 each from Partylite. I got Icy Snowberry and Strawberry Rhubarb. Maybe by the time they get here my sense of smell will have returned.

As for who I will tag back... It is ironic that Sarah was the one who tagged me, because I am now going to invoke her "Hermit Blogger Award". As a member of the Hermit Blogger Society, I promised never to send any unsolicited e-mails, and I can't ask anyone to forward anything to anyone. Sorry people, my hands are tied. Sarah said so. LOL! Plus my head is too fuzzy to try to remember 8 whole people who blog, who I want to know random interesting facts about, where there blogs are located, and try to remember if they have already been tagged or not. It is just too much effort my this lazy lady.

See ya MONDAY!

OH, I forgot! Cindy at Sweet Bead Studio just posted this fabulous bracelet made with my beads. I have seen this bracelet in person and it is just gorgeous!! And I think it is a steal of a price. Someone should go snatch it up!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Don't mind me... I am just being grumpy. I woke up this morning with a doozie of a cold. My head is congested, my teeth have a constant film of phlegm, and my throat hurts from trying to cough out all this nastiness. I have say, I have been lucky! I have had a pretty long run of great health. Hopefully this will clear itself up in a few days.

Even feeling lousy, I preserver though. While my girlfriend Kelley recounted her night at work to me via phone this morning, I listened and wired at the same time. The result was this fantastic piece! I made these beads over the weekend. I was kept awake one night last week with the sudden revelation that I had never mixed raku and plaids. I made a few and was only so so about the beads. But that was until now. Actually seeing them in a finished piece has sparked my interest in the raku color reactions I got. You can't really see it in the "pretty shot" up top, but below, you can see I got a lot of warm browns and deep purples.

The wire work is my "Hip To Be Square" design that will be coming out in the Dec 2007 issue of Bead&Button magazine. I took a few extra minutes to oxidize this one and I think it really makes the finished piece. I love the depth that oxidizing gives some pieces. It makes them so earthy too.

It is funny... this is only the second "Hip To Be Square" link bracelet I have ever made. I designed the first one specifically for publication, made the bracelet for the tutorial, then haven't come back to it since. I am not sure why I did that... it is a cool link and it is easy to make. It makes me wonder what other links I have done that with. Hmmm... I better go check on that!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Here it is... the new necklace I have been hinting at for the past few weeks! As I was finishing it up this morning, the name just hit me... it going to be called "Pretending".

The colors are so wild and playful, I wanted to name it something that had to do with play. I realized as I made it that I was making it up as I went along, with no rhyme or reason. And isn't that just what pretending is?

This necklace is LONG... about 30ins. So it is a "no clasp", pop-it-over-your-head-and-go style necklace. There are 37 beads in it, which means it has some weight to it. You definitely know you are wearing it. I am pretty sure this piece will be heading off to the Gallery in October as part of the collection that will be available there. Please, feel free to leave your feedback!! I would love to hear your thoughts on it!!

I never did make it to the torch yesterday like I thought I would. We had a record high 92degree day here. The heat by 1pm was just unbearable. So I laid low and piddled around the house doing housely things. And I finished reading up the book for Book Club too.

Speaking of which, book club was a BLAST as usual!! And the new book is The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. Feel free to read along... half of book club has already read it but still voted for it because it (they say) was a fascinating book and they really want to talk about it.

So, today, I really am going to get to the torch this afternoon. I am waiting on a wire order and should get myself beads ready in the meantime. The heat from yesterday broke with incredible wake-you-in-the-night thunderstorms and it is starting to feel just a little like Fall, finally!! My absolute favorite season. My favorite season go Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer... yes, in that order. Being that my favorite season is all around me, I really hope that it makes me extra productive and I can get loads done. I would say that 2 new necklaces and a huge jewelry update in 3 days is a pretty good start!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Get Shopping!

You asked for it and you got it! I just spent 2 and a half hours (much to Lauren's cartoon watching chagrin) posting LOADS of new jewelry!!

The cuffs are up, 3 in the BRIGHTS area and 2 in the EARTHY. There are 4 new Playgrounds, too. There is this cool colors toned "Cluster" style necklace HERE. My last remaining "Flying Trapeze", these went like crazy at my recent art show. There is a pair of new BIG DISCS. "Autumn Reeling" is now listed. Along with "Fizzy Pop" too. Have fun browsing!! I still need to edit the photos for the 3 remaining beaded pens and a couple of lariats too. But that will have to wait, Lauren really needs some attention.

I wanted to let you know... "Icy Spins", yesterday's necklace, has been nabbed by JOOLZ. If you loved it and can't live without, send Francie an email!! I am sure she can send it your way. I also have some cool news to share about an event coming up at JOOLZ, there will be a newsletter about it soon. So if you haven't already, get over to the JOOLZ website and get on the newsletter mailing list. Cause I won't be revealing the news until Francie does first!! But it'll be FUN, that is all I am saying!!

Tammy left an interesting comment in yesterday's post that I wanted to touch on too. If you ever see Bead Box Beads that you LOVE, but don't make jewelry... I would be happy to create a finished piece of jewelry for you. There will be an added charge that we will discuss at the time but just email me when you see beads you want me to use. I won't do it like a custom, to the tee, order... but you can say "I'd love to have a necklace made with these" and I'll say "let me see what I can come up with".

Lauren and I are going to paint a giant letter "L" for the wall in her room before school today. Then while she is at school, I'll be working on beads. After that it is homework with the boys, and football practice for Jacob. Ron will be at school, but the minute he pulls in the driveway I am escaping to book club!! I am so close to finishing the book!! I hope to get a bit of reading in this afternoon too. My Stars... what a busy afternoon!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Use 'em or lose 'em

If I have said it once, I have said it a hundred times... beads that don't get bought up are gonna get used up!! There is no "waiting and seeing"... you got to get the beads when you can. What am I talking about? Bead Box Beads, silly. If sets don't sell right off the bat, then the sit in my brain and stir... ideas for what to make with them start to swirl around... and sooner or later, I am going to mark them "sold out" so I can make something with them.

Recognize these beads? They were in last weeks update... now they are in a new necklace!! I haven't thought of a good name for it yet. Though, I had one this morning. The fact that I can't remember it a few hours later tells me it isn't a good name. I am also debating if I should oxidize (antique) the wire too. Hmmm... for now I am leaving it. I like how it sparkles the way it is.

In other news, I have made an executive decision... I will hence forth (unless something awesome happens) be taking the weekends "off" from blogging. I don't know why, but for some reason I have been struggling with things to write about. The ideas just aren't there (or maybe they have been and today I just feel like they aren't). I think giving my brain some down time a few days away will be good for it. Don't worry, I won't be writing less, I promise. When I made this decision, I also decided that I will put in a better effort M-F to make sure I have things to show you everyday. We'll see how it goes. And besides... you should be sitting in the house on the computer reading my blog on the weekends... you should be spending time with your families. Leave the blog surfing for when you are bored at work :D LOL... I bet your boss' will love that.

I have been plugging away all weekend at building up a collection of beads for a very cool, very new wire necklace design. I have been building on it here and there for a week or so now... and I think it is going to take a few weeks more. But hopefully, by the time my new wire order arrives, I will be ready to finish it up.

Alrighty... that's all I got for today... any comments on the new necklace anyone?

Friday, September 21, 2007

Internal Debates

The other day my friend Lindsey blogged about guilt and bliss. Or rather letting go of guilt and following your bliss. It has stuck with me the past few days and for lack of anything else to write about, I figured I would take up the blogging torch she lit and continue the discussion here.

So... I won't ask if you carry on internal dialog... I think everyone does. I even go so far as to have full internal conversations with people before I actually see them. LOL! It is very much along the lines of conversation "prep". You think of what you think someone will say and you think what you think you will respond with and then you think what you think they will say back to that. Sometimes it makes conversations sound a little rehearsed when you actually get to have them with the person... but most of the time things never go how they do in my head.

Sometimes I think it comes from having too much time on my hands, but then again, I don't have much time on my hands. But maybe it is the lack of a lot of social interactions. I have friends, I get to see them from time to time, but for the most part I bum around my house with my kids, creating things to my hearts content, while washing dishes (yeah, the stupid dishwasher isn't fixed yet, ggrrrrr) folding laundry and that sort of thing.

Along with these internal dialogs, I have lots of internal debates. Weighing options, arguing points.... I often even go so far as to change the subject on myself when I can't think of what else to tell myself, lol. Kind of like when you are in an awkward situation and you don't want to get involved with whatever is going on so you just change the subject.

For me, I think all the talking to myself that is going on in my head helps keep me sane. Although I know how very insane it sounds. Today, I went back and forth all day about what I should do for my free time while Lauren is at school. It went a little something like this...

Me: Hmmm... resining paper... resin it to canvas... oh then pen and ink drawing... swirling scrolls... layers of colors... pinks and reds... (I wish I could explore more sides my artistic mind)

Other Me: I need to fill this order and that order... make beads in this color... and don't forget to order that color glass... what am I going to blog about, I wonder if anyone left comments yesterday, I better check... so... I need to drop off Lauren, ramp the kiln, dip mandrels, make beads...

Me: OR... I could run to Michael's, get some canvas and have them here to play around next week...

Other Me: but those people are waiting for their orders....

Another Me: why are you even considering getting new stuff... you just bought a ton of fabric to make clothes for Lauren for Fall... maybe I should cut some patterns out...

Other Me: I really need to get a jump on those orders and nail down exactly what I want to make for the Gallery...

Me, again: Oh... and that book I got the other day on felting... I need to draw out those new ideas for mixed media brooches... what colors for those... Gang if they turn out half as nice as what I see in my head they are going to be gorgeous!

Most of this was going on around noon, when I was loading Lauren in the car and heading to the post office before preschool. I eventually convinced myself that I shouldn't buy canvases (at least not today) and literally forced myself to drive back home from preschool and not head over to the plaza with the Target, JoAnns and Old Navy is, lol. Then the internal debate started again as I sat in front of the torch... lol. I couldn't decide what I wanted to work on... the special orders I took (even though I told myself I wasn't going to make custom things anymore)... new necklace design... experiment with hollows (I made my first one the other day I am so psyched!)... oh.. maybe BANG Gal beads.

Eventually, laying on the couch and reading for an hour won out. I don't know where I am going with this... like internal dialog, this whole post is very much a 'train of though' posting. I am just going with it, alright. Why fight the dialog? If I escape for a little while... let my subconscious work on things for a while... maybe I will figure out what the hell I wanna do and the lights will go on and I'll slide right into my creative groove and have debates about other things like... hmmm... cake or ice cream for dessert tonight...

Please feel free to comment and share your internal debates... I would love to hear about it!!

Oh, and today's image... some of my "old school" art... not figurative "old school", literally "old school". It is a pen and ink drawing I did in 11th grade. It is small, only about 4x6. I have kept it all these years (about 12yrs since I was in 11th gr). It is one of my favorites. I thought the figure in the lower left corner fit the post for today.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

To the Gallery I go!

I received a wonderful email last week from the purchaser at The Gallery Store at the Memorial Art Gallery. The same gallery that held The Clothesline Arts Festival a few weekends ago. I had left one of my cards at the shop there, in the hopes that they might be interested in carrying my work. AND THEY ARE!

I had a meeting at the gallery today. We narrowed down which pieces they want to have in the store. I am going to work the next couple weeks on created some custom pieces to go with the ones they will have. Then, they are going to "launch" my work to coincide with a new exhibit that will be at the museum in a few weeks. I can't wait to get started on the new pieces!! One is already in the works.

So it was a very busy and excited day around here!! Be sure to keep popping in to the blog here to see the designs that I make just for the museum store!!

OH, and don't forget... "Breaking The Ice" is ending on eBay in just a few hours. GO BID!! I have to say, eBay really has me discouraged... maybe it is just the time of year... I certainly hope it isn't the beads, because these are really awesome beads!!... but I just don't seem to be getting the kind of action I hoped for. :( So go bid!! Make me proud!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

There is cake on your ear...

Today is my Mom's birthday! The kids and I are here at her house now eating ice cream and cake. My sister just told Jacob he has cake on his ear!

I forgot my camera but grabbed my Mom's to snap these couple of shots. The top one is of my grandparents (Dorothy & Richard)... the ones that made my Mom, lol. And below is one of the flowers in her birthday bouquet.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Icy Update!

There is a fresh batch of Bead Box Beads posted!! Go check them out HERE!!

There is something about icy colors that makes me think of space, lol. Don't ask my why... maybe it is because space is sooo cold. So I used the word "cosmic" a lot in the names of these sets. I love these colors!! But really, can you ever go wrong with blue?

There are loads of new styles and designs on these beads. I threw diagonals into my plaids... surface decor on my discs... and a very bubbley focal too.

I hope you like them!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Head Bands Baby!

I took a few minutes before running out the door this morning to Jacob's first away football game to sew myself a headband. I got the pattern from Bend The Rules Sewing. I love that book! I can't wait to make another one. Hmmm... I wonder if I could add glass beads to one of these?

Jacob's team kicked the other teams behinds today!! Final score was 19-14. It was an awesome game!!

Be sure to go bid on "Breaking The Ice"

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Breaking The Ice

I have a new set of beads for ya, peeps! Head over to eBay at 9:00pm EST to check out "Breaking The Ice". These beads are soooo cool. And for more then just the obvious reason, the color. Yes, the color rocks!! It is icy transparent light blue with three different shades of turquoisey blues. I also used some dark transparent blue too for a subtle background color sift. But I really love 'em (I almost always love my beads, don't I?) because of the retro fabric inspired design. These are just like "The Retro Dozen", but this time I think I nailed the colors that I was hoping for when I first saw in the bag by BlackBags on Etsy that inspired those. These beads really have everything... they have my plaid design, my cubes, and some of my mod dots too.

You know when I blogged the other day about my "Creative Constipation", lol, I didn't even realize that these were in my head too!! Oh, and I wanted to mention... I did a second blog about that day on Watch me Create... so head on over there if you wanna read more about that.

I know what you are thinking... you are saying "Kerry, those beads are gorgeous... but you promised up Bead Box Beads... wtf?" Take it easy... I got you covered... These are just a fraction of the beads I have made in the past two days. I have 4 BB sets ready to go too... though I am going to hold off just a few more days until I can make you some more. And all the BB sets will be in these colors. I just can't get enough of them... we are going to have a very icy week!! All are different, none as special as these... but really cool new designs, along with some old favorites too. Stay tuned!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Rut-Roh Ranting

Grrrr.... I knew this was going to happen. I hoped that it wouldn't, but I had a feeling it was lurking there, waiting to surface. You have no idea what I am talking about do you? It is that terrible thing that seems to plague me from time to time.... I have too many ideas in my head at once. With some much going on at the same time, all the ideas bang into each other, get all jumbled up and can't get out of my head!!

Here is what is trapped in my noggin' at the moment...

1) A new link design - I actually took the time this morning to start sketching it. I am thinking something LONG (like 54inches) that doesn't need a clasp and you double it up around your neck.

2) Bead Box Beads - I know I need to make beads and I know what colors I want to use too.

3) My Studio - It is a disaster of a mess. There is wire, beads, jewelry and tools everywhere. It all needs to get put away or posted on my website.

4) The Kids & Ron - (I know they should be higher on the list, and they are, but for now they are here) Andrew & Jacob are back to school, and so is Ron. Lauren is in preschool everyday too.

Okay now... this is why each one is causing me not to be productive...

1) I can't stop thinking about that dang necklace link and can't decide which colors I want to do it in. Part of my thinks go wild and do it in brights... then I think, no something more subtle for winter/fall. Then I still further think... hmmm... maybe I shouldn't do either of those, maybe I should do it monochromatic... how about all icy blues.

2) The colors I want to use I saw on a '56 Chevy Belair driving down the road. It was gray and lime green. Cool colors huh? But yeah, I just spent an hour on the torch trying to make some beads and the colors just aren't working!! So I say, scrap it. Then pull out a whole bunch of new rods telling myself I will go back to the gray/green combo another time. I have a hoard of new Lauscha colors... so I pull dark denim blue, ice water transparent aqua and light sky blue. I love them together... try to make beads and my encasing isn't going well... the denim is going transparent in spots and I am wondering if I use these colors for the necklace in #1.

LOL Bump... bump... bang... clank... can you hear the ideas getting stuck?

3) Having had company for most of the week I have been cleaning my brains out. So I am being a spoiled brat, stomping my feet whining "I don't wanna, I don't wanna!" But at the same time, I can't stop thinking about what I need to be doing in there. And I know that if I ever get around to narrowing down #1 or #2 (see above) then I will need to work in there. And unless I wanna work on top of a big pile of stuff... I have to clean it sooner or later.

4) Yes school has started... and that is all well and good. I was so excited for it, but the reality is really setting in. Jacob is doing great in school... but with Ron in school again too, I am the soul football parent now. Practices happen to be the same days that Ron is in school. So I have to try and figure out what to make for dinner while remembering who needs to be run where. It is nerve racking. Andrew is not off to a good start. He is struggling which has me worried. He has been getting about an hour of homework a night. And Ron and I are basically spoon feeding him the answers because he is down and doesn't think he can do it. We think his teacher really did him a dis-service last year. She was too good a teacher. No other teachers put the time and effort into their classes that she did. So basically Andrew has gone from education heaven to the lion's den of learning. He is miserable. Lauren is loving school , though, and that is one relief. However... I have 2 and a half hours that she is gone everyday and I am wasting that time with my head all jumbled up with too much junk.

My my... what a rant I went on. I would love to hear some thoughts on my rantings... do tell! If you were me, which situation would you tackle first? You don't need to comment on #4 - that will work itself out, it is just motherly worries... but #1-3 really do need tending to. So let me have it... are you thinking...

"Duh, Kerry, look, you just made yourself a list follow it... "

or do you say...
"Kerry, come on now, this is a little ridiculous... life is good... quit your complaining and go do some work... "

or are you more sympathetic?
"I know what you are going through... here is what you should do... "

oh wait... I know... maybe you are thinking "whatever you do, it had better involve Bead Box Beads cause we are desperate to have new ones!!"

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Preview Art

Oh how cool is this?!? My friend Cindy mentioned in an email that she saw my "Hip To Be Square" bracelet previewed in the October 2007 issue. If you have the Oct issue, go to to way back before the listing of all the shops, you'll find a long skinny column that looks like this ad. I checked out the B&B Website and sure enough... there is was!! I am so excited!! You can read more about the December issue HERE. I am not sure, but I think the issue comes out in November. Watch for it!!

Just another quick note before I need to dash and visit more with my friends... I took some time yesterday and posted a boat load of new Playground bracelets!! Check out the BRIGHTS and the EARTHYS. I still have more to photograph and list... I hope to get to it tomorrow, and I hope to get to my torch too.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Not Time To Rest

This beauty is the reason behind the trivia question yesterday. It is my latest "ART" purchase, my second Mark Groaning window painting. And yep, it was one of his windows that I called "my first" purchase last year. This piece is called "Tiny White Roses". And I just love it. It was just like last year. I stopped by Mark's booth on Saturday spotted the piece I knew was just for me then Sunday afternoon there it still was calling my name.

The photo above is of my special purchase all wrapped up waiting in my booth to be safely packed in the truck and taken home. Aren't those yellows and purples just gorgeous!?! I think it is pretty obvious why this one called my name. It is very similar in theme to my "Leaning Bouquet". Once I had this in my booth and really dissected it, I realized something.... this sash is the top sash to my bottom sash. They are from the same frame!! At least I am pretty sure they are. They are almost the same size length wise, and exactly the same width wise. My first also has the catch for the hook that is on my new one and those window lock catch and hook line up perfectly!! So... in my not so professional opinion, they go together, and that makes me extra happy.

I don't think there is a studio around with a better view!

Okay... on to beady related things... I know you all have to be wondering if I am ever going to get around to offering Bead Box Beads again... it has been way too long, I know. Well, yes, I am getting to it. I have lots of notes of new color combos I want to experiment with and I cool designs dancing in my head. I am dieing to get back on the torch and start bringing these visions to life.

Alas... it is going to have to wait... I get no time to rest or recoup... we have friends coming into town tomorrow from England. Back in 1994, I was an exchange student in England and I stayed for 3 weeks with the Watkins family. Their daughter, Lucy, and I are just a year apart in age and it was a teacher exchange thing. Lucy had stayed with our family in 1993 for a month too. Lucy and I have stayed in touch through the years, she was even in my wedding!! And in 2001, I went over seas for her wedding. Lucy's parents are here in the States on holiday (look at me and my British slang, lol) and are passing through Rochester just to see me!! So the next few days will be spent with them. Then it will be beads beads beads... I promise!!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Escape Plan Delta... Execute

What a wild wool wet day it was!! My Stars!!

I was well warned that today was going to be a complete and totally wash out. And it pretty much was. There was a steady "stream" (yes pun intended, water was streaming every where) of people through out the day, which made the time pass quickly. But talking about the day is making me get a head of myself. We need to start with this morning, and better explain this post title!

When Bonnie and arrived at the booth bright and early this morning, I unzipped the tent and was so relieved that it hadn't leaked. Everything was nice and dry. We took off the front wall that closes things up and set to work resetting up all the jewelry. With in, literally, minutes, the entire front table was completely soaked through. Just dripping wet. Normally, you would say... just pull the table in away from the front edge of the booth. Ah, but we had about a 6 inch drop off in the back of the booth so moving would make all the tables unstable and wobbly.

So... quick thinking... escape plan delta... execute...

We quickly stripped the table clothes, pulled out the awning that we have never used before and rearranged all the tables. Above is the photo of the redesigned layout and it is hard to see but the awning is hanging in there as well. Oh my goodness... that awning... what a pain in the butt. It sags, bad. So we took a really long umbrella and with the help of the guy in the booth next to us, we used clamps to add a make-sift 3rd arm to lift the sag. This layout really limits the table area for bust displays but it is a good back up plan for bad weather days.

Today was so much more relaxed and a lot of the vendors had time to wonder and check things out. I was so honored to have other jewelry artists that were showing this weekend coming to my booth to buy things. I think it says a lot to have other jewelry makers wanting your stuff. I was also shocked to stop by the booth of Julia Skop at Antinomy Designs. She is a fellow glass artist and when I came by, she stopped me to tell me she had seen my work and just loved it. She said so many people try to "do" glass and just end up looking like everyone else, she said mine was really different and stood out. I loved hearing that!

I am absolutely beat!! I think a hot bath and a bowl of ice cream is order. Due to the nasty rain... I still have a bunch of items that need to be posted on the website this week. And several of those items are the new Playground bracelets!! Sorry, I sold outta earrings though (for those of you waiting for Fall ones). Watch for those updates this week!!

Oh... and did anyone else noticed that this is my 500th blog post!! DANG!! I think we should celebrate that!! I think it is time for a freebie give-a-way... first person to email me the name of the artist I bought a painting from at last year's Clothesline Arts Festival is going to get one of my lariats. Now quick... go hunt in my blog archives from last September and tell who it is!!

WE HAVE A WINNER!! Kim W was the 1st to find that it was a Mark Groaning painting that I bought!! And what until tomorrow when you see what I got from him today...

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Well Wishes... Updated!

YEE HAW!! It didn't rain today!! Thanks for crossing all your cyber fingers for me everyone!!

The morning started with a drizzle and a great deal of humidity. But by noon it was full sun and the breeze kicked it. The crowds this year, are a lot smaller then last year. From what I hear, there was a great deal of rearranging going on at the grounds so traffic if flowing differently. Not too bad though. I really can't complain.

Things sold like hot cakes today, especially earrings, lariats, and bottle caps (I may actually sell out of earrings, completely). Last year, I couldn't keep pieces on the busts, they sold as soon as I put them out. But this year, not as much. It is okay by me though. I get to keep my favorite beauties a little longer!! Everyone has been fascinated with the felted cuffs, but since it was so warm, wool wasn't too high on any one's "to buy" lists.

I have a few pics, but alas, my camera is out in the car and my feet need soaking. So it'll have to wait.

Tomorrow's forecast is 80% chance of showers, with 1-2inches of rain expected (more in some spots). Maybe if we all stand on our head while crossing our fingers and toes... maybe it won't rain.... But then hey, if it does... it's all the more goodies I will have to upload to my website for you all to fight over!! Don't forget, those holidays are coming soon.

I am up and at 'em bright and early this morning for the Clothesline Arts Festival. Just wish the weather was brighter!! The weatherman is throwing around phrases like "serious soaking rain", "Tropical Rain Watch", and "potentially sever thundershowers".

I have my fingers crossed in hopes it skirts south or something... do you have your fingers crossed?

I'll be back with pics and details later!! Or maybe I'll see you at the show!!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Crouching Toad, Hidden Frog

There is something in my house. I don't know if it is a frog or a toad, cause honestly, I can't tell the difference. All I know is it is in here, it is hiding in a pile of shoes, it leaped into said pile of shoes, and I can't wait for the boys to get home to get it the heck out. Here is how it got in...

Several days ago, I came up stairs from my studio to find my kitchen floor covered in water. I discovered that the dishwasher was pouring out that water. I turned it off, cleaned the water up, put the dishes away and made a mental note to let Ron know he had some fixin' to do. He said I probably over loaded the thing and to try running it on a lower setting. He is right, I have a tendency to stuff the washer as full as it will go. So I figured a test run would suffice. I ran an empty dishwasher on "light" to see what would happen.

Thankfully, there was no new pool of water on the kitchen floor! But inside the dishwasher, it hadn't drained. The tub had about 2 inches of water in it. Ron said "leave it and see if it drains". Three days later, it still hadn't drained and sick of washing dishes, and knowing that my husband is too busy to fix it, and because I have an "I can do anything he can do cause I am just as smart attitude"... I decided to fix the dishwasher myself, today.

First thing I had to do was get the inches of water out of the washer. So I went out to the garage, grabbed the shop vac and started to haul it up the stairs. I stopped at the front door... dropped the heavy shop vac and screamed.... enter: the toad/frog that hopped into the shoe pile by the front door.

All my troubleshooting with the dishwasher only tells me that, the power works, it isn't blocked up with gunk, no hoses are off (cause I unscrewed it from the cabinet and pulled it out!) and it still won't drain. So not only do I have a broken dishwasher... I have a creature by the front door too. I know what you are thinking... you are saying "Kerry, come on, you can attempt to fix a dishwasher but you can't get a toad/frog out of a pile of shoes?" To you I say "people... they don't call it irrational fear for nothing." I know it doesn't make sense... but really, because I am deeming it irrational, it doesn't have to.

And feet... because SouleMama says it's Feet Week. I love her blog.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Wiggle It!

I had time to sneak in one more necklace!! For some reason when I was editing this photo the song that goes "lemme see you wiggle it... just a little bit..." started repeating itself over and over in my head, LOL! It has to be because of the wiggly discs. I know you have seen a bunch of variations on this style necklace from me already, but I still just can't get enough of it. I love the design so much!! I am so glad I thought of this link, lol.

If you click on the pic and look at the BIGGER picture, you will see that the sterling wire work is a bit weathered. I did that on purpose. I pre-oxidized half the wire I needed to make the necklace. Then I alternated oxidized and shiny wire all the way around. But I sort of half polished the pre-oxidized stuff before I worked with it. So... it has a shiny weathered look... just what I was going for.

Aren't these colors the best!?! Classic Fall colors, don't ya think? Denim blues and browns... you just can't go wrong. I was thinking these would make a really great color combo for an eBay set, but (insert eye roll her) I am told that sales are notoriously BAD on eBay in September. So I think I'll make Bead Box Beads with these colors next week. I am looking forward to it actually. I like just letting loose and making beads that aren't for a preconceived jewelry design. I tend to be a bit free-er with the designs.

I am relishing my first day of peace and quiet. Below you'll find the kids "back to school" picture. (Heaven forbid, everyone look in the same direction at the same time.) In my 2 and a half hours of silence, I was able to get all my pricing done for the show this weekend. Tomorrow, I'll be doing lots of other last minute things... packing up my totes of stuff... cleaning the tables... running to the bank... all that good stuff.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

How About Some More CoLoRs!

Alrighty, you other Moms... how many of you are counting the hours till the bus comes?!? Okay, so maybe your kids started school a week or two ago. Mine don't start until tomorrow. And it is just about 14 hours until their little butts will getting back on the bus. I can't sugar coat it... I am so happy they are going back. Don't get me wrong, I love me kids to death, but I can only take so much of the "I'm bored... ", "...there is nothing to do", "...he hit me...", "is it time to eat...", "who's turn is it on the playstation..." , "...he hit me..." comments for hours on end! I learned a long time ago that I love my kids more when they aren't under my feet. So school can't come soon enough!! LOL!!

I told you I was beading up a storm this weekend, even amidst all the events we had going on. Above are 6 new beaded pens... I freaking love these pens. If there are any left after the show this weekend, I'll get them posted on my site. I really think these would make sensational Christmas gifts, don't you? Perfect for that person who has everything... or a bead lover... or someone like a banker that needs something to brighten their desk (and day). For this batch, I tried something new... moving parts!! They all have rings trapped in different places that can move and spin but won't come off. How fun will it be to play while you gotta write your bills!?!

Below is a bunch of the new Fall felted wool cuffs. My Mom is convinced that these are the coolest new thing. So convinced that she took my bag of wool and crocheted my about 30 bands!! She knows my crochet time is very limited and she wanted me to have lots of them. I only ended up getting the beads for this dozen made, but I will keep working on them. They are so cuddly. My sister wore her's to the ball park yesterday... I wore one to the football game on Sunday... we'll be wearing them this weekend... see... everyone is wearing them... you know you want one!!

My preview issue of Step By Step Wire Jewelry Magazine Fall 2007 arrived today. Yep, I got another project in there!! This time it is for my "Frozen Branches" necklace that they are calling "Dancing Arcs". It looks fantastic!! I am thrilled... the whole issue overall is just awesome!! Lot's of great projects. You got to check them out... it shoul dbe on newsstands in a few weeks!! Watch for it!!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Take Me Out...

You know, this being the last official weekend of summer, it's been an eventful one. Not only did I launch the new site yesterday but, Jacob had his first ever football game Sunday and we went to a Rochester Red Wing game today. And in between it all, I have been making beads up a storm!!

So, Jacob's football game yesterday... unfortunately, they lost 12-24. BUT!! (proud Momma alert) Jacob's name and number was called out over the load speaker at least 6 times for making some pretty spectacular tackles. We got to the park around 10am and kick off was at 11:30. The kids had a strong first half but struggled with some aweful snaps and crappy field position in the 2nd half. What was a big boost for Jacob was after the game, in the team meeting, he was called out by the coach. Coach had him stand up so the other player could thank him for doing his job. It took quite a bit to get his head out of the clouds after that one.

Today's Red Wing game has kind of become a Labor Day tradition. Here is the deal... season ticket holders can trade tickets in for free tickets to Monday games. So a friend of Ron's, that has season tickets, gave us the stubs from 12 of the games he went to... that ment 12 free tickets to today's game!! And it was the last game of the season. The Wings won 8-5 over the Buffalo Bisons. Best thing about the ball park... blooming onions, soggy nachos and dripping ice cream cones!! The photo above was our view from our seats... that is Kodak tower in the background. Do you all know Kodak has it's headquarters here in Rochester?

Tomorrow is the last day home before the kids go back to school on Wednesday. We'll be backing tote bags, returning library books and heading to bed early!! I CAN'T WAIT!!

DON'T FORGET!!! "My Absent Mind" ends on eBay TONIGHT!! Go Bid, Go Bid!! Considering my last set of beads went for over $300, these are a steal at the current bid of $75.

Sunday, September 02, 2007


Did you figure it out!?!

YOO HOOO!!! My website got a make over. I know what you are thinking... you are saying to yourself "She just made over her site in January". And you're right, I did. But it just never really sat well with me. I thought it looked fine, but wasn't really "me".

Way back in March, I sent an inquiry to about having a new site developed. I was turned on to them by Cindy at Sweet Bead Studio. I loved so many of the sites in their portfolio. But at the time I thought, I just got a new site, I better stick it out for a while, and didn't follow up. Then one day I got an email from Leila at LBD letting me know what they were increasing their rates, but since my inquiry came in before the increase, they would honor the old prices if I signed on. It didn't take any convincing!! I signed right up!!

I have loved working with Leila and Lauren, the designers at LBD. If you are considering a new website... these gals know ecommerce sites. They are worth every penny!! Plus, the hosting service they recommend is half the cost of Pappa Shop and the shopping cart service they use is FREE!! In the long run, it'll be a great savings!

Okay, I know, I know... yeah yeah... you are saying "Kerry, it looks great but...."

But... what happened to your "Galleries"? We loved looking at all the pics of your old beads and jewelry!! Well, I started a Flickr Gallery to share all my images with you!! And there are already almost 100 photos loaded to get you started drooling again. Go check it out!

But... what is with this "log in" thing? One of the cool new features about the site is that it builds you an account. You can log in to view orders you have placed, track shipments, sign up for newsletters, it saves your shopping cart items so they are there until you delete them. Plus it has an address book so you can send gifts to alternate places!! How cool is that?!?

But... how come I don't see "Necklaces", "Bracelets" and "Earrings" in the "Jewelry Shop" anymore?!? Well, I thought it would be fun to try a new way of shopping... by color!! I have sorted my designs into three basic color groups... "Classics" which are black & white designs... "Brights" self explanatory there... and "Earthy" for all those rustic color combos I do. We are gonna try this for a while and see how it works. If you all complain, I'll change it back!!

Other new cool things... I can create "coupons" for things like "A 10% off day!" or "Free Shipping Month" or anything else I can come up with. I can also "see" when people are online. That is really cool!! I can log on it Zen Cart and see when people are online, where they are located and what they have in their carts. I like that one. There are just so many cool features, I can't keep up!! It'll be fun exploring all the new tools.

So let me know what you think!! On the new website click the "contact" link in the lower right corner!!

Saturday, September 01, 2007


Anyone ever heard of a 'hub'? I hadn't heard of them until yesterday. From what I am told, a hub is an internet article. Easy as that. I guess they are a way to write about something and share lots of ads and links related to that subject, all in one place. I was sent an email to THIS HUB! Isn't that great?! A hub about me!! I am honored!!

As for the jewelry pics today. They are more of the "grungy style" moving part necklaces from a few weeks ago. I am very happy to say, they finally have a name!! They are "Trapezees". When you hold them up to look at them they look the trapezee swings. So, that's their name and I am sticking to it. The bright one up top is fun with it's different chains. The one below actually uses the "star" of my video from earlier this week. It's the end bead on the left there.

I am oh so very close to revealing my big secret surprise!! Are you ready for it?!? Do you wanna guess what it is? Go ahead, guess...