Saturday, April 29, 2006

Glacial going to Oregon

This necklace has been in my mind for weeks now and I finally got it out! This is "Glacial"! I took the photo in direct sun light so you could see just how much this sparkles. You lose the detail in the glare from the sun but I will get another photo in indirect light later. I took a photo holding all the beads before I made the necklace too. I just love the beads! "Glacial", along with a number of other pieces, are going to be heading west to the Oregon Coast. My work is now going to be available at From Distant Shores, a shop in Yachats, OR. The owner, Kate, insists that no one look at her website. She admits it's terrible and is working on redesigning the site to reflect the work she actually carries. She recently purchased the store and is changing things up offering higher end artisan jewelry. I am very excited about this new partnership and I hope she finds my jewelry as wonderful in person as she thinks it is from photos. Needless to say... I am going to have my hands full over the next week or so getting her package ready. Between earrings, bracelets and neckalces I will be sending her 36 pieces! But as I make beads for pieces for her, I will be sure to make extra to offer you!

Let me know what you think about "Glacial" and there are just two sets of beads left in the Bead Box... the uber cute "Cosmic Stop Sign" and the sophisticated "Raku Pebbles".

Friday, April 28, 2006

I got beads!

Alright... now that my eyes are nice and in focus the beads are in the BEAD BOX! I had fun making all these last night and I hope you can find a set you like. I was tempted to keep the purples for myself but thought better of it and decided to share. I will definately be making more of those! Keep the suggestions and color requests coming... I love hearing them and since you all buy the beads anyway... you should get what you want! I will still do my own thing and make what I am inspired to make too but I like your little nudges.

Some interesting things have been going on today on the jewelry front. I have been approached by a retail shop on the Oregon Coast to potentailly carry my jewelry. And I also stopped into a FABU jewelry shop locally and asked if they would be interested in carring my jewelry... they might be, so I am going to go in next week with my wire stuff and see what happens. I am keeping names and identities hush hush until I know for sure... but lets just say the local shop has everything in gorgeous lite display cabinets and under lock & key! Serious stuff!


I made beads for about 3 hours last night and I have 6 sets for you to check out. BUT... I won't be posting them until this afternoon. I have to havea n eye exam at 1:00 so I will put them up after that... check back soon :)

Thursday, April 27, 2006

I am thinking...

As promised I am organizing thoughts and getting ready to make beads until I am blue in the face :) I have requests for PUPRLE!, more citrus ones, some like the bonvoyage ones and PINK too. I can work with those! I am already bubbling with ideas. Have I ever told you my theory about Artists vs. Designers? This is a perfect example of why I am more Designer then Artist. The way I see it... an artist can take a blank canvas and create a masterpiece while I designer sees a blank canvas and doesn't know what to do with it. Give a designer some "requirements" and they can go nuts (ex, something purple about 12x12) but you give an artist limits and they can't do anything. Does that make any sense? I truely think it does. Now, I can be artistic from time to time when my muse gives my subconscience some inspiration but for the most part I design great beads.

Okay... today's pic... these are the "Raku Pebbles" I mentioned. They are NOT round, they are irregular pebble shapes. Can you work with these? Do you want to see them in the Bead Box tomorrow? I think they will make a great rustic fall bracelet. Yes, fall is already creeping into my head, we must be prepared. I was making spring beads in January wasn't I.

The boys have baseball practice today so I will be sending them with my husband and I plan to have the whole evening devoted to making beads. Come check 'em out tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Drawing a blank...

I know I know... I am a terrible terrible person... you all are gonna riot (or completely stop coming to my site)... I am not going to have new beads tomorrow. I am so sorry. I was hit with inspiration from something new, and had to go with it. And when it came time to work on beads for my bead box, I was drawing a complete blank. I couldn't remember any of the things I wanted to work on earlier in the week. I promise tomorrow I will sit down with my pencil and paper, organize my thoughts and make you beads. Lots, I promise... we will have a Fun Friday Bead Box Extravaganza! Send me requests too, if you wanna see certain colors, I will do 'em.

Otherwise I made beads for a "Mermaid Rain" bracelet and "Raku Pebbles". The pebbles are cool... those may share tomorrow. Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Ocean Tide

"Ocean Tide" is the only name I could come up with to fit this bracelet. I know it isn't very inventive but if you have a better suggestion let me know. I will change it. This bracelet was made with the help of one of Eni Oken's tutorials. If you like working with wire you are gonna LOVe her site and her tutorials are only $5-$12 a piece. You can pick a favorite and give it a try. These are the lovely beads I picked up in Virginia last week at "Bead Haven". I am not sure what they are but I loved the facettes on the rondelles and the smoothness of the ovals. I haven't bought gemstones in ages. I have to remember to do it more often. I put this up for sale on my website. Your jaw my drop when you see the price but it is well worth it considering it took me 6 solid hours to make. Those frames around each bead are all sterling silver 28 g wire wrapped coils. And the sterling beads are Shiana Karen Hill Tribe Fair Trade beads! Awesome.

Back to beads... I got a call late yesterday from the boys new baseball coach and he is having a practice tonight so I might have to push back the beadbox beads another day. I was able to get some orders dones last night and I started beadbox beads for ya all. UNfortuantely I just don't have a whole bunch for ya yet. But I will! Hang in there for me!

Did you check out the free knob? I think I am going to have the first drawing of each month be for a knob. Would you like that? Now I know you maybe thinking "what would I do with that?" Well, I will tell you... it looks big but it isn't, so, put it on your nightstand or on one of the drawers of your vaniety, put it on a beading door or drawer, on an armouir or tv cabinet. Basically ANYWHERE you could use a bit of color and art!

I have to tell you, if you haven't heard it yet... you just have to go out and get the new James Blunt back to bedlam cd. It is amazing and I am addicted. I haven't stopped listening to it since I got back from VA. AND it is on sale at Target for $9.99. Okay... I have to get, Lauren wants to watch Barbie in Swan Lake, LOL!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Back to work

I have been trying to update this blog all day! I guess blogger has been experiencing some technical difficulties. Anyway... I am home, safe and sound. I was exhausted yesterday and didn't realize just how tired until I started falling asleep at 6:00pm. I was out cold by 6:30 and slept straight through til 7:30 this morning. Thanks to everyone who sent me happy vacation wishes and voted while I was gone. Speaking of which... congrats to Julie M. this week. I am updateing the website with this weeks free knob! I hope you like it... and make sure you have your mom vote, the lady on the computer next to you at work, your mailman, LOL! Everybody!

I worked all afternoon on my EniOken bracelet with my Virginia bead store beads. I will share a photo tomorrow when the sun, hopefully, comes out. And I can take a picture. I am hopeing to get out to the torch as soon as Ron gets home from work and my plan is to have beads in the bead box on Wednesday. I will keep you up on my progress.

For now... Go Check Out The FREE KNOB!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Update From VA

Hey All... I arrived safe and sound on Thursday. We have been keeping busy and having fun. All our original plans have gotten changed. Instead of Busch Gardens we went to Virginia Beach and walked the boardwalk and went to a couple of bead stores! YEAH! One I got a few beads for a new wire bracelet and nothing at the other, the guy was giving me the creeps. Our big "going out" night, tonight, got changed to chinesee take out, wine, movie and toenail painting. I am beat. But really enjoying my stress free few days.

I already havge a few orders to work on when I get home. So tomorrow when I arrive I am going to continue to relax, hangout with my kids, then first thing monday it is back to business! I have got beadbox beads to get made for you all (I got an idea for "Patchwork Sky" from riding on the plane) and these new orders to do, plus this new wire bracelet so I'll be busy busy busy! Then it'll be time to prep for my first wire class.

Alright... I gotta get! Thanks for your votes and all... I will be adding everyone's name to the bowl when I get home... I have like 30+ votes to add, lol! I may not send a confirmation for every vote like I usually do, but I will try.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Bon Voyage

I peaked my eyes open at 6am and thought " I should get my butt out of bed and go make beads before everyone wakes up." But alas, I rolled over found a fabulous snuggle and went back to sleep. LOL! When I did finally wake up and get moving around, I checked my email and saw the last new set of Bead Box beads sold. I should have made beads to replenish the supply. "Call Me Classic" and "Yoga Pants" are still available and did you notice I lowered the price? "Call Me Classic" is calling to me to make something with... hmmmm.

Anyway, while I am away you will have my jewelry pages to keep you busy. Have you ever checked out all my earrings? I have loads of them. They are mostly gemstone and wire creations, no lampwork ones, yet, but still a lot to look at. And you can keep busy in the Glass Gallery too. My Aunt tells me she has my gallery page bookmarked rather then my homepage. She loves to go back and look at all the colors over and over again. She got all bent out of shape when I redesigned my site in January and archived most of the photos. Should couldn't find them. Once she figured out all she had to do was click "2005 Glass Gallery" she was content again.

Today will probably be spent cleaning, doing laundry, packing and playing with the kids. My In-laws just arrived back in town yesterday. They winter in the south from Dec 26th til about now. So they will be coming for dinner. Hmmmm.... anyone notice I am leaving the day after they arrive home? I wonder if there is anything to that? *gives a little evil grin* But that story is for another day. I can't wait to get on that plane tomorrow. I am bummed that Barnes & Noble didn't get my book club book in in time for me to have it to read on the plane but ohwell. I will take "Time Travelers Wife" instead of "This Life She's Chosen". I am going to see if the B&B gals have any recomendations for bead stores in the Norfolk area to visit! I hope to get some goodies.

Oh... for those of you who worry about flying...
my flights are:
United Flight #3338 Rochester to Boston
United Flight #2859 Boston to Richmond
US Airways Flight #3528 Richmond to NYC
US Airways Flight #4501 NYC to Rochester

Finally, new jewelry. Today's photos are of the 3 latest bracelets I made yesterday. In order from top to bottom they are "Garden Fences", "Calm Breeze" and "Courtesy". I love love love how "Garden Fences" turned out but will probably rework "Cool Breezes". You gals let me know if you wanna see these color beads in the Bead Box.

WOW this turned into a long post. Thanks for all the safe trip wishes you all have been emailing me. I will have email access in VA so I will try and check in. Keep up the votes and don't forget Monday the new free bead give away is going to be a KNOB! So stick with me.

Monday, April 17, 2006

4/17 Free Beads

Hey gang... this weeks free bead winner is Janet B! Thanks so much, as always, for your continued support. Keep voting and I'll keep giving you free beads! I wanted to do a knob this week but since I will be out of town, I decided to save the knob until next week. This week is a bunch of lonely green beads just waiting for a home!

Spring Break Start

I hope everyone had a great Easter yesterday. We had a lazy quiet day that was really wonderful! The boys were up and about hunting for their baskets at 6:30am. I kept hearing giggling and whispers of "look, there's one". Jacob's basket was inside the dryer, Andrew's was inside the oven, and Lauren's was on top of the sock basket behind my bedroom door. Alll age appropriate places. Andrew was the last to find his and boy was he mad about it. The thing is the stove has a window on it so you could see the basket right in there. He must have walked by it a hundred times. After that we went to Mass and just hung out the rest of the day. My parents and sister came by around 3pm and we enjoyed dinner on the grill. Jacob kinda went a little moody by the end of the day. I swear he acts like a brooding teenager sometimes. So my Mom scooped him away to her house for an overnighter. I had hoped to make a couple more BeadBox sets for you last night but Desparate Housewives sucked me in.

Speaking of beads... the Bead Box has 3 fresh sets for you. Not as many as I would have liked but enough to keep you busy. I also lowered the price on the last two left from 2 weeks ago. And if they don't get scooped up I will just end up makeing something out of them. The "Call Me Classic" ones are really cool. You'll notice "Sandy Tiles" has a slightly higher cost per bead price. That is because of the cost of the raku frit. These are just like my "Sandy Lanterns" but in the fab new nugget shape. These drape so nicely. It is a small set of 4 but just the right amount for a very very pretty bracelet. I can see them with clusters of pearls or in an EniOken style wire wrapped bangle. Beautiful!

I will be torching as much as I can this week before I leave for VA. So that I can have lots of beads ready for the bead box again on Monday when I get back. But the kids are home all week with no school so it might be hit or miss. I am not sure what the new free beads will be today. Hmmm.... I will have to see what I can come up with. Maybe you all need a knob to fight over?

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Early Saturday

I just couldn't wait to come and post this. This is "Industrial"! These were the stroke of inspiration I had at the torch this morning. I made tornado beads and abstract lampwork and silver beads. I use a Bali Sterling clasp and tada... a chunky funky industrial design!


Oh and Ron finally took a new photo of me so I can mail in my tutorial, at last! I am the most unphotogenic person, lol! But I think I look cute :)


I opened my eyes about 6:15 this morning and instantly wanted to go lite the torch, so, I DID! I made some coffee, started the kiln and was making beads by 6:45. The beads just flowed right out of me. They are "soaking" in the kiln right now. That is when the hold their temp for a while to let all those glassy molecules line up in a row and get nice and strong. I made lots of beads, some for me some for you. I am excited about all of them but especially the ones for me. I had a stroke of inspiration and I think the results are going to be amazing! I am going to keep it secret for now but as soon as the new piece is ready, of course, you'll be the first to know! Otherwise I got some "Citrus..." beads made for you all to have and some "Sandy Tiles", those are going to be another "wait and see" set. SO... I will be back first thing monday morning with a full bead box for you. I hope you will come by and check everything out.

Anyone have special plans for Easter tomorrow. We will be up early for 8:00 Mass and then it's egg and basket hunting. Followed by dinner with my parents and sister. It should be a really nice day. We are being a little nontraditional and cooking rotisserie chickens on the grill, with some twice baked potatoes, a roasted veggies. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Citrus Cocktails

Last night turned into an awesome torching session, YEAH! I got an awesome set of beads made that I intended to call "Citrus Cocktails". I have seen this color combo of red, coral and lime so many times but so many lampworks I don't know who to credit for inspiring me to use it but who ever it was THANK YOU! I love this combo. The red is rich, the coral is cool and the lime is luscious! I have been slowly realizing that I have my first show of the season coming up in just over a month and I HAVE ALMOST NO JEWELRY TO SELL! It struck me last night that I may have to start buying other peoples lampwork to make jewelry if I don't start getting going on making my own. So, I decided to buy "Citrus Cocktails" from myself. I haven't ever taken a set of my beads for myself. I always say "oh I can just make them again" and then never do. I was so suprized by just how much you can make with one set of beads, and this wasnt even a big set, it was only 15 beads.

From top to bottom you are lookin at "Citrus Cocktails", "Citrus Trips", and "Sitting Citrus Bangle". I made all these this morning and also had enough for a pendant and a few left over. I am thrilled... I may have to buy from myself again. LOL!

The Bead Box has been raided and pretty much emptied, I think there are only two sets left and one focal. I will work this weekend to get lots more goodies made for you. Maybe even something citrusy for you gals to go after. I have been for getting to tell you... I will be going out of town next week. I am flying (solo, no kids) to VA to visit a girlfriend. I will be leaving on Thursday and back on Sunday. I am so looking forward to it. I have been using the Jergens Natural Glow for Fair Skin Lotion all week so hopefully I won't look like a pasty white New Yorker when I get down there. It should be a blast. My girlfriend Kelley has said we are going to go to Busch Gardens, maybe Virginia Beach, having a little jewelry party... I will be trying to convince her to check out some bead stores too while I am there. I can't wait! I will be sure to take photos for you :) I hope you will keep voting even when I am gone. It will be so much fun seeing dozens of emails in my inbox to add to the vote bowl!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Seaweed Swirl

My mood has vastly improved from last night. I am feeling loads better, thanks for letting me go on that little tyraid, LOL! Here is the knob I was worring about. I etched it and filed it and it is beautiful. This is one that you have to see to appreciate. There is a lot of depth to it. I used Blue Lagoon frit on a white base. It's lovely, really. I showed it to Jacob this morning and he thinks it looks like somethign in the ocean.

Anyway, today is parent teacher conferences... I have to go hear what nightmares my children are, LOL! No, they are good kids for the most part, I am sure everything is fine. I already know Jacob has been irresponsible about writting all his assignments in his notebook and has been forgetting things lately. And I already know Andrew is well, Andrew. He is doing better with his reading, though they will tell me we still need to read with him every night and he is a wiz at math.

I hope to get some POSITIVE torch time in tonight. I will let you know how it goes. I am thinking that if a few more of the "Clowning Around" beads don't sell soon, I will put them up on Ebay as one BIG set. You all good with that?

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

On a rant...

aaaggghhh!!!! I am in a rotten mood all of a sudden and just had to come and vent. I was out at the torch working on knobs. I made some really cool ones that took about 45 minutes a piece. One by one I put them in the kiln, careful to make sure they weren't too hot for the kiln. I came in, had dinner, went back out to start a set of beads and... then it hit. Bead block / frustration / miserable mood. I may have to go sit down with a glass of wine I am so grrrr right now. See, when I went back outside and checked on the knobs, the first one I put in had fiber blacket from the inside of the kiln stuck too it. This happens when the bead is too hot. In this case the knob was too hot. So what does that mean? THE KNOB IS RUINED! That's what it means! It is gonna be all bumpy in one spot... I could cry but instead I am pissy. I was so excited about that one, it was gonna be so cool. Hopefully all hope insn't lost, I may be able to etch it tomorrow and take the surface off to remove the bumpy part. It may still be usable, I will let you know. But anyway, after that I made 3 beads, and they were just not up to par for me. There was piting which some transparent colors will do from time to time if they get pressed too hot... I was adding too much glass then not enough glass. Colors were looking weird and that kinda thing. UGH, it's frustrating.

It probably isn't good business sense to rant and rave to your clients (aka friends and blog readers) but hey, I am a moody artist so hopefully you'll understand. I am sure you all get those days in you too. ANYONE HAVE A BAR OF CHOCOLATE THEY CAN SEND ME? I think a big old Cadbury would be perfect right about now. LOL! Oh well, I will just wait and see what they look like in the morning and spend the evenign in front of the tv glued to LOST and American Idol. Hopefully seeing John Locke will cheer me up... for those of you who are new to my blog, I recently discovered I have a "thing" for older, mucho masculine, bald men (aka John Locke, Captian Pickard, Sean Conery, sorry I can't spell). There was a hole post on it a few months back, lol!

Time to call it a night... I have about 6-7 email sitting in my inbox with your wonderful votes. I just havent' gotten to replying to confimr I received them... I will do it first thing in the morning. Till then....

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Alien Dominoes

Well, what do you think? Do you like my Alien Dominoes? Maybe we should figure out the "rules" for playing with these, lol! Like yellow dots have to line up with purple ones but only on the left side, lol! Maybe we will let the Ebay winner of them make up the rules.

Today is my terrible tuesday. Ron left at 7:30 this morning and I won't see him until about 10:30 tonight. Ugh... it makes for a very long day. Lauren and I are going to go wild cleaning though. I am hoping to sneak a little "jewelry making" time in. I want to get some basic drop earrings put together. Just some filler things for the summer shows. Ones I can do with Lauren in my lap. I don't like making "filler" things. I am not at all about mass production just to get sales. I rarely ever make two of the samething, but earrings are okay. I hope to find time to make some great lampwork earrings soon.

I had a request for something in blue & brown for my next lampwork set. So I will let you know when I have those done... anyone else have any suggestions/requests?

Monday, April 10, 2006

Technical Difficulties

Hey All! A big CONGRATS to Cindy W... this week's free beads winner. Thank you all for coming back each day and voting. You are the best voters around! And I really really appreciate your support. I have a fresh set of free beads posted for you, a trio of triangles. They are some new tool experiments, they should make a cool bracelet or pair of earrings.

I am only doing a quick update... my computer is acting up. My mouse stopped working. Ever tried navigating a website with your keyboard? It's a huge pain. Let me know how you liked my new Bead Box additions :) And go check out my new auction! "Alien Dominoes"... like I said in my newsletter this morning... I can imagine Marvin The Martian pulling these beads out of his pocket to play dominoes with Buggs Bunny! BUT they aren't the ones in the blog photo... you'll have to visit the glass gallery or auction to see 'em.

Saturday, April 08, 2006


I didn't get to make beads last night after all... grrr! But I did have a lot of fun so that's okay. Friends of ours , Pat & Julie, just got back from a 4 day cruise to Mexico so while I was chatting with Julie yesterday afternoon we decided to have an impromtue dinner get together. We had a wonderful veggie pizza with broccoli, shrimp, fresh tomatoes, and mushrooms covered in yummy cheese. We also had a bottle of champgne to celebrate Pat's new job, my new teaching position, Ron's little promotion and Julie (just becuase she is great!)

I have tons to do today... I am making beads (without a doubt, nothing could keep me from the torch today), I have to finish making the project examples for my classes, I need to get orders put in for wire & beads... lots to do. I promise I will have fresh beads in the Bead Box on Monday. So come back and check them out!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Today is Cancelled Due To Lack of Interest

Isn't that funny, my post title. I saw it on a few weeks ago. She said "Today is cancelled due to Lack Of Interest". And I agree with her 100%... it would be wonderful to randomly cancel parts of your life because you just aren't interested in doing it. lol! How about "Dinner is cancelled due to lack of interest" or " Laundry day is cancelled due t lack of interest" those are a few I would like to cancel. I know I am officially going to cancel my part in dinner this evening.. I am going to just let Ron worry about it, LOL! I NEED TO MAKE BEADS!!!! I haven't been at the torch since Sunday and I am itching to melt some glass. I will share what I come up with!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Wire Wasting 101

Let me begin my telling you... I AM EXHAUSTED! Tuesday's take so much out of me. Ugh. With the crazy few days I have had on top of a killer Tuesday, I have wanted nothign more then to take a nap all day today. LOL! But it is all for good reasons and ones I am happy to have. I am so excited to tell you... I have been asked to teach. Studio 34 (our local jewelry arts and learning center) has asked me to be their new Wire Instructor. I am so thrilled to be asked and even more excited about the oppertunity to get to teach others what I do! I am rather nervous though. Being a "self taught" artist I can be rather insecure... (am I doing this right? is it really supposed to turn out like this? how do you make that?) but I am going to approach this with the attitude that says "this is how I do it... start here and then figure out what works best for you!" I don't know all the details yet, I still have to come up with a class schedule, class descriptions, kit costs and all that. But like I said, I AM SUPER EXCITED!

About the "Whirl Wind" bracelet. This is the one I was telling you about on Monday. It turned out so cool. The "Tornado Beads" are a design by Lisa Niven Kelly, her work is amazing and she has the most incredible kits. I have her "Say It On Your Wrist Kit". I didn't purchase a kit for this though, I just kidda figured it out. And to put my own "spin" on it I wire linked the beads instead of straight stringing them. I had a lot of fun with the antiquing on this. I did it with a hard boiled egg. The piece was brilliant sparkling sterling silver til I put it in a ziplock page with two hard boiled eggs. The sulfer in the eggs blackened the wire. I then tumbled it for a few hours, hand scrubbed it with steel wool and followed that up with hand polishing. The effect is amazing, though time consuming. The bracelet took only an hour to make but the finish took 4 hours. I love it though. I am planning make one with a blend of tornado beads and lampwork beads. The lampwork is going to have sterling silver in them... so watch for that!

I submitted my site for review to become a member of SIJA (Society of International Jewelry Artisans). I will let you know if I am excepted! I am also considering joining ISGB (International Society of Glass Beadmakers). I am off to relax with the kids and watch Narnia!

Monday, April 03, 2006

04/03 Free Beads

Today's free bead winner is Kathy H in South Dakota! Congrats Kathy! I put the next set of free beads up so go check 'em out! It looks like there are fewer names in the bowl then before huh? Well it's just the opposite! I have had so many the kind of name cards I was using were too big so I had to make them smaller to fit all the votes! Thank you thank you thank you for your support!

Well, what did you think of the Bead Box? There aren't as many sets as I would have hoped but we'll find the Bead Box groove.

I am running a little late today. I got the urge to cook a big spagetti dinner... pasta, sause, meatballs (for Andrew), chicken parm (for Ron) and I picked up a loaf of Italian bread at the store too. I made a great Lisa Nivin Kelly tornado bracelet this afternoon. I will show it tomorrow when I have a photo and I have a very funny (smelling) story to go with it!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Get ready....

I just put the finishing touches on my "Bead Box" page! Right now I have 4 sets and 2 focal beads. I haven't uploaded the page to my website yet... I will be doing that first thing Monday morning. I noticed most of your voting emails come between 8:00 - 9:00 am so I will try to get it up before then. I did work on more beads today so once these beads go I will have more to replace them!

Here is how the Bead Box is going to work...

- When ever I have new beads in my bead box you'll see two green triangles pointing to "Bead Box Buyables" on my home page.
- Beads are sold on a first come first served basis. BUT... the paypal buttons don't automatically disappear when you buy the beads, I have to take them off. SO if two people buy the same beads the first one gets them. The second person has two choices... 1) I can send a full refund or 2) you can wait a few days and I will make them up as an order.
- I have never bought anything from myself with the paypal buttons so I don't know if it allows you to pay me by check. IF IT DOES NOT & YOU WANNA BUY THE BEADS WITH A CHECK... send me an email with the name of the set in the subject line! If you are the first one to email me they are yours, but if I don't not recieve paymetn within 7 days I will pu tthem back up for sale!
-Tomorrow the beads are going up first thing but to be fair to my west coast beaders sometimes they will start later in the day... SO WATCH FOR THOSE TRIANGLES!
-Finally... I added a "Mailing List" link to my home page as well. I am thinking of starting a weekly/monthly newsletter, if you wanna get it, get on the list. Just click the link and write "Subscribe" in the subject!

In other news... Lauren has yet another ear infection! I had to run her into the urgent care center earlier this evening then guilt trip the pharmasist at CVS to fill her presctription at 6:05 when they closed at 6:00. If we hadn't spent an hour and a half sitting in the waiting room at the urgent care center we would have made to CVS in time... but alas we had 7 people in front of us. They really should bump young children with fevers up in the waiting when there are healthy adults with hangnails in front of them.

The Loin King, I am sad to say, was actually kinda boring last night. My sister didn't realize how bad the tickets were she got us. We were in the very very last row of the theater in the highest balcony! We couldn't see a thing. We were actually higher then the lighting! We ended up leaving half way through the second act. I probably would have appreciated the slendor that is The Lion King had I been able to see it.

So anyway... watch for the Bead Box to open in the morning!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

April Fool's

Fun fun fun.... that's what's happening tonight. I am sooo excited! I am finally getting my Christmas gift from my sister today, LOL! We are going to see The Lion King. WAHOOO! I really can't wait. I have heard it is incredible. Maybe I will have some bead inspirations there. You'll just have to stay tuned for that.

I am slowly getting sets together to start my "Bead Box". I have about 4 sets right now and I am hoping to get 3-4 more done this afternoon and tomorrow. Today's photo is a little sneak peak at one of the Bead Box sets... "Call Me Classic". So hang tight! And watch for my new link on my homepage Monday. I know that a lot of artists have their blogs right on their homepage. And it's easy for them to let people know when there are new beads available on their buyables pages. I don't have that luxury so I am thinking of trying a "page effect" or something. When there are new beads in the bead box there will be a flasing star or something letting you know!

I am off to my Jazzercise class this morning. I have been being bad and skipping to get things done around the house and to make beads so I really need to go this morning. Now if only I can find where I put that darn sports bra....LOL!