Friday, October 30, 2009

6... Brief Interlude

ink well 1
(text reads: That in black ink my love may still shine bright.)

Okay... one kid is better, that's Andrew. He bounced back quick yesterday, plus he got glasses and is wicked excited to show them off at school, HA! Alas, my relief was short lived. Jacob started vomitting around 2am and Lauren's fever has been raging at 103 since last night. He is staying in bed and she is going to the doctors. Please, please, please, don't let it be the swine flu.

*UPDATE* - Just in from the docs... Lauren does in fact have swine flu!! Along with a fever of 105.5 while on Mortin. Ugh. We are snuggling while bleaching and wearing face masks. Keep us in your thoughts.

In the meantime, enjoy my latest mixed media piece in the colors of yesterday's jewelry. And keep your fingers crossed that these sickos let me into the studio to work at some point today.

ink well close up

ink well close up 2

ink well close up 3

Thursday, October 29, 2009

7... The Other Shoe Drops

Up one minute down the next... tis my life. Yesterday's creation uphoria was quickly squashed by repeated calls from the nurse's office for TWO sick children. Which naturally led to a sleepless night tending to high fevers, headaches, sore throats, and belly aches. Ugh. Can't a girl getta break? Ron was feeling awful today and stayed home from work too. Top it all off with a visit to the vet with my Mom's very overdue basset hound for an emergency c-section of 4 little puppies. I got to watch the spaying at the end!! OH, and I had my car inspected today and it needed $350 in new brakes. Grrrr.

I need a seriously long nap. Can anyone say 7:30pm bed times for everyone? LOL!
Not before a little eye candy though...

::Winds Day::
winds day 1

::October Sky::
october sky 1

::Tail Spin::
tail wind 1

::October Ring A Ling::
october ring-a-ling

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

8... So Very Grateful...

I feel incredibly grateful today to be feeling inspired after so many weeks of creative dull drum. I have another new painting on me desk, a kiln belly full of tasty beads for 2 more new necklaces, and these new pieces too.

::Joolz Earrings:: (soon to be sent to Francie!)
joolz earrings

::Ringers:: (I sold out of these at last year's show.)
ringers 1

galivanting 1

::Spiral Trail::
spiral trail pendant

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

9... with some help...

Maybe not the best color combination for the time of year. Maybe a little too "springish", but I am lovin' it...

::Float Away::
float away 2

love pendant

::Playing Chase::
playing chase


::Heart Candy::
heart candy

jewelry assistant

... Rusty likes the new color combo too. Look for a "warmer" color combo tomorrow.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Let The Countdown Begin... 10...

gracious and kind 1
(text reads: Be, as thy presence is, gracious and kind.)

I flipped the page in my planner and had a mild panic attack this morning. It was more of a sudden anxious flutter in my gut that I need to get my butt in some serious gear than a panic attack really. I know, I know... this happens every time I do a show. You think "Kerry, you'll be fine, you always are." And I know that, but my body has been conditioned for the past 6 years to totally panic before a show, so it just can't be helped.

There is nothing like an anxious flutter though to really get me going. I spent hours, hours, in the studio today. I made beads, I finished this painting (that I am LOVIN' the colors of!), and I wired up this necklace too.

live love laugh 2

It reads "In Life Live Swell Love Brave Laugh Loudly". I have been really getting inspired by my "word" beads again and tried to choose words that would really come from me. I know everyone uses the "Live Love Laugh" phrase and maybe it is a little over used these days, but thems the words I had to work with for the glass. I made it more 'me' with Swell, Brave, and Loudly. And yes, I really say swell... I used to say nifty all the time too... so look for me to use that one some time too.

Anywho... I am in mission mode from now until the show next weekend. So, look for fewer words and more pictures over the next few days!

gracious and kind in the studio

Friday, October 23, 2009

I ♥ Chocolate

chocolate sweater3

Last night, while up late watching Grey's Anatomy & Private Practice, I finished knitting my "Chocolate" sweater... and I was able to block it right next to my warm wood burning oven so it was ready for wearing this morning. Now, excuse the rushed photos and wet hair (wait you can't even see my hair). I am trying to get things done this morning and I am vowing to myself that I am not going to get sucked into the web for hours today. So, rushed things are.

For those that like knitting details...
The Pattern: Free On Ravelry - Francis Revisited (click free download link on the left)
The Yarn: Swish Bulky from Knit Picks (on sale! yoohoo!) used 5 skeins in the color Merlot Heather
The Needles: size 10.5
Mods: I left off the cowl. While trying on, I noticed the boat neck is kinda wide and I didn't want the cowl that far out on my shoulders. Plus I figured it was easy enough to add the cowl later if I want. I have one more skein of the yarn if I decide to add it. I also cast on stitches under each arm when I put the sleeve stitches on scrap yarn. Oh, and it was too short so I had to rip back the bottom, add 4 inches, and then do the seed stitch band.

chocolate sweater5

Thursday, October 22, 2009

You Alone Are You

you are you
(text reads, Who is it that says most? which can say more Than this rich praise, that you alone are you? )

Ya know, that Shakespeare fella really had a way with words. HA!

One of the goals I set out for myself earlier this week is to create 5 mixed media paintings to have on display, behind my art jewelry, during the up coming show. My plan is to create a few glass flat back beads in whatever color combination I am working in that day at the end of my torch session. Then, the next day, I have the beads to inspire the new painting I will work on.

I found a wonderful book of Shakespeare's Sonnets, copyright 1909, while at an estate sale recently. I randomly opened to a page and instantly these few lines of one sonnet spoke to me. I knew it would be the text added to this one. It also ended up driving the simpler feel to the mixing of medias (or medi, lol). I didn't add a lot of extra layers with papers or tissues. I tried to stay true to the words and know that just being what is was would be enough. Know what I mean?

you are you close up

What I think I will do is randomly pick the next few sonnet lines as well and let that mold the series of paintings. Yep, I like that idea. What I think is super cool too is that since I am making the beads at the end of each torch session, the art work ends up sorta coordinating with the jewelry. Check this out:

you are you matching necklace

The purple, orange, and blue from the painting carries over into my latest necklace design. (which is as of yet nameless) Okay, granted, the green background is kinda throwing things off, but trust me, it all looks beautiful together. I am actually starting to get excited about setting up my booth with this as a part of it.

you are you framed

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Copper Opera

copper opera 1
It is really good to know that all the muses of the world are out at some sort of retreat getting refreshed themselves and will hopefully be returning soon. Since a lack of creative motivation and inspiration it seems to happen to so many of us at once, what other explanation can it be? LOL. And you know, I think I had the tiniest glimpse at my personal muse when I opened my kiln this morning. I saw one bead and oooooohhhhed it. Really! I thought "that is a pretty bead", which is really saying something because I thought yesterday's torch session was going to produce nothing but crap. We will see what comes of that pretty little bead later in the week.

As for this creation, it is called "Copper Opera". And yes, the chain is actually brass and not copper, but I really like how copper opera rolls of the tongue so I am keepin' the name. I was definitely inspired by the vintage-esque craze in jewelry. I can't help but think of things having an older feel when using such rustic colored materials. The chain is long, like 45in long. So you can wear this about a dozen different ways. There are two gorgeous hollows on one end, and linked rings on the other. I love the purple, turquoise, and ivory against the brown of the brass, it is just a rich color combo. Don't cha think?

copper opera worn 1

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mixed Feelings

I have an art show in seventeen days. If I am totally honest about it... I am not really looking forward to it. Don't get me wrong, I love this show! I had a fantastic time at it last year, but taking so much time off to work on the book, I feel out of practice and unprepared. I can't seem to find the motivation to prepare either. I am still waiting on the bolt of lightning that usually strikes my butt right before a show. The lightning that fills me with energy and ideas... that makes me stay up past midnight creating each evening, only to wake at six the next morning ready to start again. I have been spoiled with writing deadlines and a lack of creation ones.

Looking about the studio I have 5 maybe 6 pieces of jewelry made for the show. And that just ain't gonna cut it, people. I have decided that I need to make a more conscious effort to seek out my muse where ever she is hiding. I think I need to reach a little farther with my ideas and be a little more experimental (this show can handle that). I went out and bought myself a planner, which I haven't had in YEARS. I am starting lists and detailed to-do's. Not usually the best way I work, but I think it need it right now. I am going to take the time today to organize my goals for the show and plan out the best way to meet them.

Oh how very business womany I sound, eh? LOL. Anyone of you feeling like this lately? What do you all do when your creative drive goes missing?


Monday, October 19, 2009

The Since Forever Annual Fall Walk

We have gone on a Fall Walk each October since I could remember. Here are some of my favorite photos from this year. I did a lot of editing with these. Which is why it has taken a week to get them posted. I wanted them to feel as warm as the day did, with color as viberant, and a feeling as worn in as the walk itself is.

fall walk6
fall walk12
fall walk18
fall walk22
fall walk23
fall walk28
fall walk33
fall walk42
fall walk48
fall walk56
fall walk60

You can see more photos from this year's walk HERE on Flickr. For photos from 2008, check out THIS SET. And HERE is 2007.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Two Of Four

nanew's hat 4

We call him "Nanew". Have I ever told you that? It is how Jacob pronounced "Andrew" when the boys were little. It was very Mork & Mindy-esque and has stuck for years. I finished up his winter hat just in time for an orienteering field trip at school today. It is a frigid forty degree fall day here and that wool hugging his little head is a very good thing.

I few of you have been sending me emails asking how Andrew is doing these days. As I said a few weeks ago, intensive in-home therapy was started in an effort to avoid possible hospitalization. Our therapist, Annette, has been really great. The novelty of her being here wore off quickly and I feel like finally, finally, someone "sees" what we are going through. He has been cycling a lot in the past two weeks which is telling us he isn't responding to the new meds. Doctors are still confident in their diagnosis of Early Onset Bi-Polar Disorder, but are puzzled by the lack of response to Lithium. Everyone seems to think there maybe more going on along with the bi-polar. Annette has seen some severe anxiety attacks in him, that I would usually describe to his psychiatrist as a meltdown over homework. So, see, those fresh eyes are really wonderful!

Even though we are still having meltdowns, and bus suspensions, and days where Andrew is quite literally a black hole of neediness, we persevere. We are founding out about lots of services available to us and it is so so comforting to know that we have that support to fall back on. Thank you so much for your emails and warm thoughts. I heart you all!!

nanew's hat 3

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Identifing Underwear

daintily 1

Yesterday, while basking in the glow of sending in my final edits for Totally Twisted, I decided to finally tackle the near insurmountable pile of laundry that needed folding. I wonder if that is what most "authors" do? Do they the instantly jump to folding laundry when completing a project or is that only the stay-at-home Mom/authors? Hmmm... food for thought.

Anyway... something happened while I was folding the laundry. Well, several things actually. First, I realized I really should be folding laundry as it comes out of the dryer because Hello? no one wants to sit in the living room folding 6 loads at once. It is boring. Second, I was thinking to myself, "self, we haven't had a mindless funny blog post in ages, why is that? we need a good mindless funny blog post. wonder what we could write about?" Then it hit me...


And no, not because I talk to myself, but I realized I need help from other Moms. LOL. Specifically, I need help from Moms with a skinny husband and a pre-teen son. Are you out there? Do you fit that description? Does your sister or sister-in-law? I may have you call her and ask her this question. Moms? How do you keep the underwear sorted in your house?

Yes, I just went there. I am asking about underwear identification.

Here is the thing... Ron wears underwear size "Mens Large" and Jacob wears "Boys Large". And that is all well and good when you are in the store buying said unders because the package tells you that's what you'll find inside the package. HOWEVER, when you get home and days or weeks go by since buying the unders and now it is time to sort and fold those unders, there is a problem. Read the tag and they both say "large"... that is it. The "Mens" and the "Boys" labels aren't there anymore!!

Apparently, three pairs of unders that were in Ron's drawer last week were actually Jacob's. And there is some issue boys have about having their boys in an area where other boys boys were located. If you catch my meaning. "Kerry, just hold them up side by side.", you say. To which I respond, "whatever... I fold the laundry, underwear is random in the pile, I am not hunting down pairs to compare to. I just fold and put it in a pile." And besides, they really don't look all that different in size if you ask me.

I thought I solved this problem by telling Ron he is wearing boxers, and Jacob is wearing boxer briefs, and Andrew is in tighty whities (only they aren't all white, he has lots of different colored ones). But unfortunately, Ron has a bunch of everything and it really only works to keep Andrew's sorted because, obviously, his "Boys Small" tighty whities are way smaller than Ron's. That and Ron doesn't where stripes.

So, what is a Mom to do?!? How do I keep them separate? I can't write names on the tags, because "OMG Mom, if someone saw that in gym, I would get mocked". Please, Moms, you must have ideas?!? And while you are at it... tell me where the hell all my socks are going, because by the end of all the folding I did yesterday, there were 11 single, unique, white, ankle socks AND 11 single, unique, white, tube socks, AND 3 single, unique, black, tube socks. That is TWENTY FIVE socks without a match!! How does that happen? Do you understand what that means?!? Not only does it mean that I am missing 25 matching socks, but it also means that some where in the house there is at something like 125 pairs of socks. Those packs of socks don't come as singles, there is usually at least 6 pairs in a pack. Who has that many socks in the house? At least half were "Hanes" yet, still, no matches. Honestly, where does Hanes come up with all these variations? Do they really sell 15 different types of white tube socks? Why do they do that to laundry washers around the world? Why can't all the socks be the same?


daintily 2

On a completely random note... this necklace is called "Daintily" and was inspired by a necklace called "Delicate Donut" by Denise Peck in Jane Dickerson's Chain Style (which I have three designs in, oh yeah!). If you haven't gotten your copy yet, GET ONE TODAY!! It is a must have.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fit To Print

totally twisted proofs 1

Shhh... I don't know if I am really cleared to share this with y'all or not, but I can't keep it in any longer. The FedEx fella brought me the most incredible package last week!! These are the laser proof pages for my book!! We are in the final stages of editing and the book is getting ready to be sent to the printers. I have spent the past few days going over every bit of this with a fine tooth comb making sure it is perfect.

There is so much I want to tell you about it!! Alas, I can't, not yet, it is too soon. I will tell you this... the title... Totally Twisted: Innovative Wire Work & Glass Art Jewelry and it should be available for pre-order on November 1st. It is getting so close I can almost taste it!! I plan to have signed copies available on my website, so stay tuned for that.

I also received another goodie in the mail yesterday... a copy of the episode of Beads, Baubles & Jewels that I appear in. And guess what? It doesn't suck!! LOL. I am my own worse critic and I was wonderfully surprised that my voice didn't sound nasally, I sounded like I knew what I was doing, I didn't "um" too much, lol, and the jewelry looked great. There is a moment at the end where I was at a loss for words, but even that wasn't so bad. Visit the Beads, Baubles, and Jewels website here: to check you local listings and see when it is on in your area. My episode is #1110. This show really is a wealth of information for beaders and jewelry makers. You should check it out!! AND, did you know you can order the back seasons on dvd at the Interweave Store? Yep, you can. Right here:

I need to get my nose back in these pages and email my lovely editor Jean Campbell the list of changes by this afternoon. Thankfully it is gray and cold out... there is nothing better than curling up with a warm mug of coffee and a good book on a day like today!

totally twisted proofs 2

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


stomping 1

Slowly but surely, I think I am starting to find my footing in my new photography styling for my latest jewelry designs. I am loving these photos more and more!! The colorful beads... the bright backgrounds... what more could a color lovin' girl ask for?

stomping 2

Certainly, some come out better than others, but I am getting there. Anyway... ta da... this new piece is called Stomping! It is a collection of 20 glass hollows created from EDP Fuchsia and Transparent Ink Purple/Blue. I posted a photo of this on Facebook and I have had loads of questions about those coiled wire spacers. I would love to tell you how to make them... alas... you'll have to wait. I am using the technique in projects that will be published in the future. (Nope, not in my book, but in another one I am contributing on!)

stomping worn

When I was working on these beads, they reminded me a lot of my Blimey Limey necklace. I must say, I am rather proud of myself. I have come a long way since the days of feeling like I couldn't ever make a hollow... to getting lucky once and a while with a good one... to being able to make them regularly with control over the final size and shaping. I know everyone always says practice practice practice... and in this case they are right. And by no means do I intend to sound snotty by that comment. I can't find the right words at the moment, but what I am trying to say is that I actually surprise myself sometimes by how far I have come. Boy, do I still have so much more to learn though.

There are more jewelry designs where this one came from. I am working an new beads everyday this month!! I have an art show around the corner and I am feeling a countdown coming on. LOL. For those of you that are new to my blog, countdowns to a show are fun!! In the meantime, while you eagerly await the countdown, pop over to my flickr page and check out some of the other new designs I have posted!