Friday, April 30, 2010

Summer Wear

summer wear 1
summer wear 2
summer wear 3

I have been promising for weeks that I would share new jewelry. I didn't want to leave you hanging any longer, but at the same time, I really don't have anything to show. Like I said yesterday, so many of the ideas are still stuck in my head and life has kept me from getting good quality time in my studio. I am hoping, really really hoping, that starts to change.

I was able to whip up this piece though. I have been imagining a larger than life free form disc for weeks. It really is the perfect Summer Wear, so that is what I shall name it. Oh how lovely it is when the sun hits those transparent layers. It grabs your eye and holds your attention without being too big or too heavy. *sigh* I love it. HA, when my Dad saw this for the first time he got all excited because he thought if I could make a disc this big then I could make plates. Sorry Dad, no plates from me.

I had a little fun in Photoshop playing with these images too. Radial blur is a very cool filter indeed. I am finding myself drawn to photo manipulation more and more. I think you may find that I will be playing with my pictures more often than not. Don't worry though, when I post this on my website, it will be looking crisp as can be on that stark white back drop. That is going to wait until later though... right this very minute, I am feeling the urge to hit the road for a nice run in the sun.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sketch Therapy

sketch therapy
Yesterday afternoon was a strange one for me. I was feeling all antsy and fidgety and really, nothing short of manic. I had had what was a rather frustrating morning on the torch. I ran into the problem I often run into where I find myself trapped in one frame of mind for so long (in this case, weeks of production mode) that once I am free to move on, I find myself stuck. It is what I like to call, Creative Constipation. The ideas are all there, but the have been packed in so tight, they can't seem to get out. LOL... horrible visual, I know. But it is so true. All the ideas want out at once and then it is insanely frustrating when nothing seems to be able to find it's way out.

I sent a text to my friend, Lindsey. She replied with pure genius. She has been taking part in the e-course Inside Out and loving the process. She sent a message back that said "Hmmm... why not some scribbling or doodling?" It was one of her favorite exercises in the course. She also suggested some journaling. The writing is where I decided to start.

I used to have journals when I was a young girl. Half of them I wrote in some weird celtic script I knew for some reason, so now I have no idea what they say, LOL. But as an adult, I find my blog is my journal. I tell this place most everything, so why would I need to journal? Oh how little did I realize how truly amazing it feels to just let the words flow. I filled two pages so fast I had no idea what I was even writing. I just let it out. Any word, any phrase, any thing I felt... I put it down on the page. So freeing... and such a release.

I sent Lindsey another message to say how good her suggestion had made me feel. She sent me back messages of smiles and suggested I add drawings to go with my words. My quiet time was quickly fleeting, so I turned to an exercise I learned in school. I set a timer (just 15mins) and sketched what was right in front of me. The end result is the drawing in the photo above... not to shabby, eh? Better than a poke in the eye! LOL... I imagine it would be better if I had more time. Makes me want to run out and get more of the style pen I used to draw it so I can sketch more of my afternoons away. It truly was sketch therapy.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Roaring Ceased

late april snow 2
So, um, yeah... Rochester did it's freaky weather thang yesterday and... um... it snowed. Seriously, it s.n.o.w.e.d. Not a lot and nothing stuck, but still, there were giant white flakes wafting through the air. It was crazy, yet somehow, not totally unexpected. We have weather cliches in our city for a reason. After the mini white outs, sun shined for the rest of the afternoon. And lots of it. Just not the warm kinda of sun, lol. It topped out around 45. It was very much the kinda of day that required I treat myself to some flowers.

I am loving these flowers so much that I am researching if they will grow in my climate. They are ranunculus, don't ask me how to say that, I have no clue! But, they are a bulb, and I am hopeful about finding some locally. I think they might enjoy my front garden. *sigh*

Anyway, I am sure you can notice the vast improvement in my mood. I treated myself to Starbucks yesterday and they had the horoscopes from the paper posted for reading while you wait. Mine said: After recent unusual events, you will enjoy getting back to so called "normal". Of course, for you, the word normal does not describe a static state as your pattern fluctuates all the time. Stay flexible! I took that as the universe still intends to frak with me, so I better figure out a way to enjoy the ride... thus I buy flowers.

Today I am eager to get into the studio. I am working on a couple of different things. I really need to settle down and focus. I am hoping to have fun new things to share by next week! But, of course, who knows...



Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hear Me Roar

Mom's Charming

No "Twisted Tuesday" post today. I am going to rant and rave about being frustrated and under appreciated instead. Feel free to skip along to the next blog in your que should you want to avoid the whining. There. You have been warned.

The image above has abso-stinkin'-lutely nothing to do with this post. I thought it's purpose and the soft calming colors might sooth my nerves a bit though. So, think of it as just a bit of visual therapy. My Mom requested I crochet her a sweater like mine for Mother's Day. It won't be a surprise, she even picked the color, and it is going to be a mad dash to finish it by next weekend.

Anywho... I really must have woken up on the wrong side of bed today. Oh how I wish I had the option to go back to bed and try waking up again. It really started yesterday with nothing going the way I had set in my head that it would. Things that I thought would be worked on, weren't. Call that I thought I would make didn't get to be dialed. Practices lasted longer than usual, so dinner wasn't eaten together. I forgot to return a movie, so I was in the grocery store late making sure I didn't have to pay an extra 99 cents. But ya know, it wasn't so bad, I adapted. It is what I do. Life happens and move on. There is always the next day to get things done.

Now it is the next day and already, I know what I want to have happen today isn't going to happen! Grrrr... and no one in this house seems to understand that I have *stuff* going on too. The kids are taking New York State tests today, so I woke up at the crack of dawn to make them a special big breakfast... what did I end up with? Half a slice of cold bacon and a sink over flowing with dishes. It was also mentioned how someone has had the same white tee-shirt on for about 7 days because he doesn't want to go in the basement and get a clean on out of the dryer. And apparently, Mom, there are no matching socks in the house.... and can I get over to an estate sale to buy a Weber grill for friend at work... and, Mom, where is my winter coat (because OH yeah, it is snowing)... and, Mom, can you wash my game shorts and jersey... and... and... and... and... It is enough to make my head explode! Plus, four people took showers so all I have now is cold water for my shower!! Let's not even mention the current state of cleanliness in the house either. We wouldn't want to rile "Carrie" up too. (This after we had a Job Jar Day last week!)

Okay... deep breath... look at soothing image... relax and adapt. I had my rant now it is time to move on. Dishes are in the dishwasher, laundry is sorted and ready for folding, everyone has cleared out of the house and it is quiet, blog is written, and I can get a shower in a half hour when the water is warm again. The day will turn around.

And... as my Dad says "at least I am not a rock at the bottom of a lake." Oh you haven't heard that one before? Yep, it is what my Dad says about life. You could be a rock at the bottom of a lake that waits a hundred years to wash up to shore. Then once at the shore, you could have the biggest highlight of your life be that a kid picks you up. As the kid tosses you in his hand, you hope and you pray that he is good at skipping rocks... but then, you find he isn't... and you are right back at the bottom of the lake.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Post Break Ramblings

homemade pasta
:: Rainy Sundays are perfect for extra-work dinners. Yesterday we made Coq Au Vin and I made homemade pasta for the first time ever. Kids devoured it all.
:: When I pop into blogs, it is usually for the pictures. I think today's are going to make you hungry.
:: Need to work on cleaning the studio today.
:: New jewelry designs in the works.
:: Hmmm... might order up some PMC... watch out!

coq au vin and pasta
:: Wishing my friend Holly would update her blog. Hello, Holly?
:: Think I might try to knit a bit today.
:: OH OH OH... there was secret excitement and energy in the house this weekend. Had me doing something I haven't done in 10 years! Not gonna jinx it though... there are already too many people that know what I am up to (all four of them, LOL, and no, I don't mean my family).
:: Thinking about secret thing made my stomach just do a huge nervous flip.
:: Dang it... tandem sports again tonight. One at lacrosse, one at baseball.

coq au vin and pasta 2
:: For being a deaf cat, my boy sure does have twitchy ears.
:: I freaking hate running... and a confession, I only ran one day last week. Better get back on the running train this week.
:: Speaking of confessions... last week, I got myself a Venti Caramel Frappaccino and the minute the taste hit my tongue my shoulders untensed and lowered themselves a good 3 inches.
:: Feels like life has been a blur for a few weeks... today it feels ready to slow down and settle back to normal. Thank goodness.
:: What the heck is up with all the bogus emails lately. I had 45 spam messages this morning. Seems like a lot more than normal.

Anyway... that is what is running through my head on this gray Monday morning. Feel free to share your random ramblings in the comments.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Local Note - Book Signing at The MAG!!

Hey Rochester locals!! I nearly forgot to give you these details!! Tomorrow at the Memorial Art Gallery's Gallery Store I will be doing a book signing. I hope you will be able to stop by. And if you are looking to make an afternoon of it, there will be a screening of the film "Who Does She Think She Is?" at the Gallery at 1pm admission is $5. More info can be found HERE. (My signing will follow the screening at 2pm.) You might remember I shared a clip of this film with you a few years ago. After several pleas to friends at the Gallery, it is finally playing here in Rochester. I am so excited!!

So, I hope can join me tomorrow. I am going to feel rather silly if at least a few of you dont stop by, even if you already have a copy of the book. Just stop in!!

Blog Tour - Craft Gossip & GIVE AWAY ALERT

It you haven't had a chance to check out, now is the perfect time. Totally Twisted is being talked about there today on the final stop of my blog tour, AND there is a copy available to win too!! Hope over there today and leave a comment for your chance to win.

Thank you so so much for following me around on this tour. It really has been a blast. (There *may* be one more stop, I'll let you know.) EEEKKKK!! I just love how much you all love my book! I am seriously thrilled, seriously.

Magnolia Magic

in the park 1
in the park 2
in the park 6
in the park 9
in the park 12
in the park 19
in the park 20
in the park 21
in the park 28
in the park 30
Wednesday afternoon we planted ourselves under the Magnolia trees in Highland Park. *sigh* it was a magical little spot. LOTS more flowering tree goodness HERE on FLICKR.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Busy Bees

This being Spring Break, with all three kids home from school all week, I have been making a very conscious effort to keep my brood entertained. Boredom breeds contempt in my house and all sorts of bad things start to happen. So, activity: good, boredom: bad. I always have to wrack my brain when trying to come up with "stuff" to do with the kids. This week though, it has been easy. I took a little lead, though she doesn't know it, from my friend Cindy. She is wonderful at being a "tourist", where she lives or where she goes. She takes her kids to all sorts of places introducing them to new things. I decided it was time we be tourists in our own city.

Rochester is a pretty amazing place. We have lots of museums: George Eastman House, National Museum of Play, Rochester Museum and Science Center, Memorial Art Gallery, Susan B. Anthony House, just to name a few. We have lots of parks, too, and beaches, and... a zoo. The zoo is where our adventures began this week. The weather this week has been nothing short of divine, sunny and in the sixties, wonderfully comfortable and perfect to outings as it isn't the sort of weather that leaves you completely drained. Nice. (Though today is a bit cloudy and it is barely going to break 50. I am not complaining! We need the balance of an inside day today.) And, um, spring was definitely in the air. Oh, you need more than my word? HA! The orangutans were making out (tongue and all, people) and the turtles were mating. Oh yes, there are pictures to prove it, lol. It was very informative.


There are lots more photos of the animals (both mine and the zoo's) in this Flickr set (go there to see the mating turtles, it is just too risky for this blog, LOL). SO many beautiful creatures and all just a 10min drive away.

The best part though? In the car, as we were getting ready to pull out of the parking lot, Andrew was the first to say "Mom, this was so awesome, thanks for bringing us."

Monday, April 19, 2010

Springy Monday

spring break forts 2
:: It is officially Spring Break here.
:: Lots of fort building going on and movie watching too.
:: It is freaking stinking chilly out and you wouldn't know if it is Spring around here!!
:: A big old HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my BFF Kelley!! I wish I could be down in VA with her.
:: Still coffeeless here and happy, though it isn't helping with the things I thought it would.

:: Started a new knitting project last week. I gotta increase from 76 stitches to 404 stitches and it feels like that will take a lifetime.
:: I am thinking a trip to the zoo might be in order today.
:: Dang my nose itches.
:: My Mom's English Bulldog had SIX puppies this weekend!! They are: Bandit, Sherwood, Alfonse, Maynard, Pheobie, and Madeline.
:: Wondering if any other dog breeders out there love there puppies like my Mom does and gives them such creative names?

:: Speaking of Spring, we totally ran-sacked our bedroom yesterday. It is all rearranged and dust bunny free. It feels so fresh.
:: Lauren is working on trying to read Junie B., First Grader: Toothless Wonder to herself! Oh what an adventure reading to herself could be.
:: Must remember to water the gardens today.
:: Need to find some studio time this week. Hmmm... wonder how that is gonna happen.
:: Here is to a good week...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Blog Tour - Beading Arts & Give Away!

I am over Beading Arts today! And guess what... there is a give away!! Just pop over to the Beading Arts blog and leave a comment!! Good luck!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Totally Twisted KITS!!

Don't you just love two post days?!?

I had to come back and let y'all know that I just finished posting the first 4 project kits to go with Totally Twisted. (Yes, I am sold out, but more copies are on the way!) Pop over to the new "Kits & Supplies, Oh My!" section of my website to check them out. It is located under Bead Box Buyables. I thought that would be the best way to go, so now you can grab yourself a kit or get "Just The Beads, Please" when there are new Bead Box offerings.

A couple important notes about kits... 1) instructions are NOT included, you need a copy of the book to get the tutorial, 2) these are intended for personal use, not for resale, 3) HAVE FUN!

So, what are you waiting for.... go get a kit!!

Photo Ode To Rain Boots

rain boot 1
rain boot 2
rain boot 3

My memory is shot, so, I can't tell you about my first pair of rain boots. I am sure I had them as a kid. Though, I don't know. A good chunk of my memory is convinced I actually may not have ever had a pair before. *sigh* I am so happy to have remedied that little over site. Now my toes will stay dry while tromping in the garden and heels won't be wet while watching sports in the rain. Aren't those polka dots darling? How did I go so long with out them?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Slow Recovery

Dang, this past weekend took more out of me than I thought it would. Yeah, ya usually need a day or two recovery time after any show, but this time I am more whipped out than I have felt in the past. I am trying not to be too hard on myself. Most of my boxes are still in my car still and I haven't stepped a foot in my studio yet. I am okay with that though. I won't be away too much longer... I got lots of ideas stirring in this head o'mine.

bead fest teaching 2

You know, I love reading blogs where the authors go on an adventure and then share all the details. I am sorry I haven't gotten to that soon myself. And it is funny, as soon as I was in my car on Sunday, driving home, the weekend felt eons away. Now, three days out from it, it is like the whole thing was a dream and it is fading fast. So fast, it almost feels irrelevant. I can't not tell you about it though!!

bead fest teaching 4

You already got the first impressions scoop with my live from Bead Fest Wire update for Interweave on Facebook and on the blog here. Didn't I sound a little odd? LOL... yeah that is my Kerry-acting-like-a-professional-writer voice. Rather formal, but still me if you look close. The afternoon and evening that followed that report was awesome. The book signing went really well, and eventually, over the weekend, Interweave sold out of the copies of Totally Twisted that they brought with them (as did I!). I swear I signed about 200 books in those three days. People bought them there, the brought them from home, and it was awesome to be surrounded by such a buzz. It really was super surreal to walk down a hallway and hear someone say "OMG... You are Kerry Bogert, I love your book!" One vendor even had me signing one of my projects in Chain Style and had me take a photo with the book too!! Dinner with bead friends was wonderful, but unfortunately rushed. I needed to be back in time to set up for Meet The Teachers and it meant we couldn't relax and enjoy a second "Bahamarita". Maybe in August we will though!! And as Cindy W said in her recent blog post, I really wonder what people thought of me. Am I like my blog? Am I what they expect? How am I different?

bead fest teaching 6

Okay, so Friday night, I popped into my pal Cassie's classroom, and OH MY STARS, the poor dear. She had two back to back classes full to capacity, and by 8:00pm you could tell she was fried. I got to jump in and help out some newbies that hadn't made a wire wrapped loop before. Gawd I love to teach! and that totally wet my whistle for Saturday morning. My first and second classes were small, just two students each. (Which, I noticed, lots of classes were low on students at this show, except the riveting and soldering ones... hmmm... that is food for thought.) Delightful was a great class. Both my students (Bev and Jen) had some wire experience so it was easy... I just showed them how I do a step and then they took off running. We spent the rest of the time chatting the day away. It really was a hoot... Jen's favorite part?... when I would mess up. That is what she said she needed to see... how I fix mistakes! I wonder if I should teach that as a class next year? How To Fix Disasters 101: Bring Your Failed Projects & Let's Fix 'Em. Nah, I don't think that will work.

bead fest teaching 10

It was nice on Sunday because the classes had a few more students (5 & 7). Someday, I hope to get to teach to a full crowd. I noticed my classes were quiet and at times really, really subdued. In a full room, there is just so much more energy!! I love that. But with more students, comes more responsibilities, lol... and that means, giving up bathroom breaks (which happened on Sunday, lol). Inevitably, there is one student that stays late because she couldn't finish her project... and there are those students that want to be first to the next class. That means no hour break in the day like you think there is going to be. Cassie will attest to this too. Not that we are complaining mind you. I can't say it enough... I love teaching.

bead fest with students

As soon as my Bang Gals class finished on Sunday afternoon, I threw all my stuff in boxes, loaded my car, and settled in for the 5 1/2 hour drive back home. I pulled in to my drive way at 11:30pm. All was quiet, with everyone sound alseep. In the morning, I got the biggest hugs from Lauren, who, of course, missed me the most, and I, of course, missed her the most. ;)

Now life is going on... Bead Fest Wire is behind me and I start to think what next? Well, next weekend, April 24th, I am doing a book signing at the Memorial Art Gallery. I hope all you local gals will come for a visit. I doubt there are many people in Rochester that want me to sign there book, but, it will still be fun! Then, there are kits. I started editing and getting them ready to list this morning, but my internet was out most of the day. So, they will be listed tomorrow... for sure.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Afternoon Rambling

A few random photos from Bead Fest Wire this past weekend to go with a few random thoughts (for Random Mondays, of course!). More detailed post coming up later in the week.
bead fest demo-signing 3
:: This is a rather late in the day blog post. ugh, I am tired and drained.
:: Jacob has his first lacrosse game tomorrow.
:: Favorite quote from this weekend "I can't wait to wear this to work tomorrow."
:: Second favorite quote "I was feeling so uninspired by beading lately... you inspired me!"
:: Crap, I still need to work on our taxes. They are due this week, ugh.

bead fest dinner out
(in this photo, Lori, Leslie, Cindy, me, Shelby, Jeanette)

:: SOLD OUT! of books this weekend... how cool is that?!?
:: The kids are going to be home soon and I should sweep the living room.
:: Ron took me out to lunch today and it was super nice to sit and talk with him.
:: Late night talks lasting until all hours with a girly beady friend ROCKS!
:: Teaching is exhausting... but I love it.

bead fest teaching 3

:: I really really hope I get more students for Bead Fest Philly.
:: Oh oh oh... details coming together about me teaching lampwork at a workshop in September, stay tuned for that!
:: damn, I wish we had some chocolate in the house.
:: I really thought I would have the energy to post kits on my website today, but it is going to have to wait. By the end of the week though, promise.
:: *sigh* I had such a blast this weekend.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Blog Tour - Live from Bead Fest Wire!

This was just posted over on Facebook, but I wanted to come share it here too. I know not everyone loves fb, and that is okay, and it shouldn't mean you miss out!!

bead fest 1

Oh my stars, what an amazingly exciting weekend I have a head of me. Yesterday morning, I quick threw my kids on the bus and hopped into my mini van for the trek down to King Of Prussia, PA, for my first Bead Fest experience. And not just any Bead Fest show, I am here for Bead Fest WIRE! What better place is there on earth for a wire lovin' lampworker like me? I can't think of a better place.

bead fest 2
bead fest 3

So, I arrived on Thursday afternoon and met up first thing with my bead artist/instructor/friend, Cassie Donlen (who also happens to have beads in one of the project in my book, Totally Twisted!). The both of us are Bead Fest Wire newbies and have been wicked excited as we have been getting ready to take part in this big event. Off the bat, the energy in the Valley Forge Convention Center was awesome. You can feel the buzz in the air as soon as you walk in the door, and you just know cool things are happening here. I was so excited, that after helping Cassie set up her class room Thursday night when we crashed in our hotel room, I couldn't sleep a wink. Between setting up my classroom, the demo I am planning for 1pm today, my first official book signing, and Meet The Teachers too, there is a lot to be nervous and wired up about (pun intended, lol). It is stressful, but in the best kind of way. All that and it is only the first day! Tomorrow I get to teach, yoo hooo!!

bead fest instructor

One of the great things about beading events, in my opinion, is getting to finally meet in person so many of the people I have gotten to know online. Playing greeters at the door to the Bead Bazaar were two great ladies, Denise Peck (Step By Step Wire) and Leslie Rogalski (Beading Daily). How cool is that?!? Having a couple of editor-in-chiefs saying "Hey!" as you're walking into a bead show! I am really looking forward to this afternoon when I'll be grabbing an early dinner with some of the other beady blogging friends. If you decide to make the trip to any of the Bead Fest shows, bring friends, and plan friend meet ups. Having partners in beading crimes is the best, LOL... no stealing beads though.

bead fest 4

On the show floor, I was instantly blown away by all the beads sparkling and the gemstones gemming. It is so hard to know what to go for first. I gave myself a budget though, and I am sticking to it. I did get myself some pretty chain at Primitive Earth Beads, some fantastic Green Girl Studio pieces, one of MyElements fun face focals, and of course, I was drooling over all the lovely colored wire at Parawire's booth. I think it is so important to take your time, walk all the aisles, chat with the vendors, and make sure you really *love* what it is you are about to buy. It makes for the best stories and memories when making a finished piece of jewelry.

bead fest 5
bead fest 6

Thanks so much for checking out this stop on my blog tour! I am loving sharing my Totally Twisted adventures with you!! Tune in next week for a stop at And ya know, I will have lots more here next week! For now, there is bead shopping to do and friends to visit.