Tuesday, November 01, 2011

29 Days

mix in match bang a rangs
Mix n Match Bang A Rangs
disc pendants
Disc Pendants
even nmore reinspierd junk
Even More Re-Inspired Junk


Nicole Valentine-Rimmer said...

LOVE the bang a rangs, is this for a new book?

Catherine Denton said...

Wow. Creativity oozes from you.
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Kerry said...

thanks ladies!

nicole, all this is for the one of a kind show in chicago on december 1st!! but... YES! bang a rangs will be in the new book!!

Patti Van said...

I have been thoroughly enjoying your countdown to Chicago pics! Such beauty! I don't know how you can call those gorgeous flowers re-inspired junk! They are too beautiful!!!! You are so inspiring!!!!

Cindy said...

I agree with Patti....the word "junk" should NOT be used to describe those pretty enameled/lampwork pins! They really are some of my favorite that you have been showing. And I like the simple disc pendants as well - I know those will appeal to many people (including me!).