Monday, October 26, 2009

Let The Countdown Begin... 10...

gracious and kind 1
(text reads: Be, as thy presence is, gracious and kind.)

I flipped the page in my planner and had a mild panic attack this morning. It was more of a sudden anxious flutter in my gut that I need to get my butt in some serious gear than a panic attack really. I know, I know... this happens every time I do a show. You think "Kerry, you'll be fine, you always are." And I know that, but my body has been conditioned for the past 6 years to totally panic before a show, so it just can't be helped.

There is nothing like an anxious flutter though to really get me going. I spent hours, hours, in the studio today. I made beads, I finished this painting (that I am LOVIN' the colors of!), and I wired up this necklace too.

live love laugh 2

It reads "In Life Live Swell Love Brave Laugh Loudly". I have been really getting inspired by my "word" beads again and tried to choose words that would really come from me. I know everyone uses the "Live Love Laugh" phrase and maybe it is a little over used these days, but thems the words I had to work with for the glass. I made it more 'me' with Swell, Brave, and Loudly. And yes, I really say swell... I used to say nifty all the time too... so look for me to use that one some time too.

Anywho... I am in mission mode from now until the show next weekend. So, look for fewer words and more pictures over the next few days!

gracious and kind in the studio


Anonymous said...

I'm loving the painting. Will it be for sale?

sundownbeaddesigns said...

love the painting, the colors are bold and so many hues of the necklace too, words seem to be all the craze these days

Ellen said...

I should be in "panic mode." My open house is 11/7 and we're leaving for a short visit out east on Thurs. and won't return until next Mon. evening. I decided that I'll need to supplement my inventory with jewelry that I have in a local gallery. I'm just not as productive as I used to be. That's not age, is it????????

by Patricia Wood said...

Absolutely beautiful:)

TesoriTrovati said...

Kerry! You need to make more of those paintings. I love them...and I see that I am not alone. I would love an original...but even a lovely print would do. Do you know Vanessa Valencia? Her full color prints on canvas are so awesome and look almost as good as the original. Might be worth looking into. When I get some time I am picking up a paint brush you have so inspired me!
And the word necklace? You had me at hello! I love it! I am all about words and messages and the power that they hold over us. I think this is super fun.
Thanks for sharing your creative talents with the world!
Enjoy the day!

Cindy said...

I love your new pieces...and the colors you used bor both. I really love the scrollwork in the corners of your painting. And the words necklace has the KABS stamp on it for sure. Good luck getting ready!!

Pretty Things said...

I really love the necklace, and am really glad I own two of your paintings!