Monday, October 12, 2009

One Down, Three To Go

retro hat 3

I know I have a long list of things to share with you, and I will get to it all, but today was such a lazy day, I thought my blog post for the day should follow suit.

The kids were off today. In fact, they have been off for the past FOUR days. It actually hasn't been as hair raising as you might expect. Okay, maybe you don't expect a day off to be hair raising, but around here it usually is and I like getting to tell you about the times it isn't. LOL. The weather was dreary and gray, so we pretty much spent our afternoon curled up on the couch watching season two episodes of Smallville from the library.

retro hat 4

While we vegged in front of the tv (LOL, I almost wrote "tube" there but I don't think they make tube tvs anymore), I worked on some knitting. I promised all the kids, and my hubby too, a hand knit hat for this winter. The weather man used the "s" word in the forecast at the end of the week, so I really got to get moving on these!!

I took the kids to the yarn store last week and they each picked a skein of Cascade 220 wool in the color of their choice. Jacob, aka Bogey, picked the colors of his favorite football team... the Washington Redskins. Yep, he is a Skins fan, and has been since birth. That's how they come out of the womb around here. LOL.

retro hat 6

I used a basic pattern found on Ravelry as a basic outline and did some mods. Jacob loves how it turned out. He especially loves the old school style stripes. I told him it should fit for a few years... that is if he doesn't lose it.

Next up... and orange one for Andrew... then a fuchsia one for Lauren... and Ron wants one in gray. Can anyone say "wrist injury"?


Eileen said...

love the hat and the color combo...

i love making hats because i can finish them...unlike that tank top i never finished...ugh...

Cindy said...

The Redskins! Jacob would sure fit in around here in the DC area!! What GREAT pictures of him...he's very photogenic. And your shots are so BRIGHT and crisp! Would you believe I can't find the charger to my Nikon so I had to use my old (LAME) camera for all of N's 1st birthday pictures??!! I could cry. I need to find that thing....