Tuesday, October 13, 2009


stomping 1

Slowly but surely, I think I am starting to find my footing in my new photography styling for my latest jewelry designs. I am loving these photos more and more!! The colorful beads... the bright backgrounds... what more could a color lovin' girl ask for?

stomping 2

Certainly, some come out better than others, but I am getting there. Anyway... ta da... this new piece is called Stomping! It is a collection of 20 glass hollows created from EDP Fuchsia and Transparent Ink Purple/Blue. I posted a photo of this on Facebook and I have had loads of questions about those coiled wire spacers. I would love to tell you how to make them... alas... you'll have to wait. I am using the technique in projects that will be published in the future. (Nope, not in my book, but in another one I am contributing on!)

stomping worn

When I was working on these beads, they reminded me a lot of my Blimey Limey necklace. I must say, I am rather proud of myself. I have come a long way since the days of feeling like I couldn't ever make a hollow... to getting lucky once and a while with a good one... to being able to make them regularly with control over the final size and shaping. I know everyone always says practice practice practice... and in this case they are right. And by no means do I intend to sound snotty by that comment. I can't find the right words at the moment, but what I am trying to say is that I actually surprise myself sometimes by how far I have come. Boy, do I still have so much more to learn though.

There are more jewelry designs where this one came from. I am working an new beads everyday this month!! I have an art show around the corner and I am feeling a countdown coming on. LOL. For those of you that are new to my blog, countdowns to a show are fun!! In the meantime, while you eagerly await the countdown, pop over to my flickr page and check out some of the other new designs I have posted!


Nancy Sells Puffer said...

Great necklace and photography Kerry! I know what you mane about getting hollows right. Hard to believe we can actually make them now... ;-)

mairedodd said...

this really is beautiful... and your photography is so representative of you and your own 'vibe'... glad you liked how my go at the exchange went... you are a hard act to follow!

sundownbeaddesigns said...

so funny that you have posted a necklace with the coiled spacers, I was playing around with creating them yesterday, however I didn't have success that I was happy with...not yet!

Cindy said...

Kerry, this new necklace is so GORGEOUS!! It's got your stamp on it...but with a new "twist"! :-) I love it! And what a wonderful picture of you wearing it...the necklace is bold and chunky but yet has a classic look. I'd love to see it in more colors...like silver and black! You did that color combo a long time ago in one of my favorite necklaces of yours in my little collection. :-)

Alice said...

Great piece! I love the contrasting texture between the wire spacers and the smooth beads.