Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Twisted Tuesdays - New Kit Release!!

Confession 1: The last time I spent more than 30 secs in my studio, more than a run down and grab a pair of scissors or tube of glue amount of time, was nearly sixs weeks ago.

Confession 2: I have had about 8 big boxes of new studio goodies delivered to my house this week but I have barely had the heart to open them. They are filled with a plethora of new glass colors, a complete "The Smith" torch set up, and foot upon foot of wire.

I could go on to confess other things right now, like how I am still in my pjs at 10am and haven't had a shower even though I have been up since 6am, or the main reason for confession 1 is that I am avoiding a hip high pile of laundry, but HEY, it is Twisted Tuesday!! and we need to celebrate all things TOTALLY TWISTED. Forget the pjs and laundry... forget the messy studio and unpacked boxes... forget that life gets away from us sometimes. Agreed? Agreed. I am ready to dive back into the studio for some quality cleaning time and to get back to creating some beautiful beads. (Although I may not be able to take part in that art show I mentioned the other day, I can still squeak out beads here and there while Andrew is at tutoring!!)

I have a surprise for you!!
I am ready to roll out a new kit from Totally Twisted!!
ivoried eyes have it 2
ivoried eyes have it 1

I thought a lot about which project would make the best new kit. And, I have two for you. One will be released today and the other next week. I wanted a kit that would have great bang for its buck and one that is easy to tackle for newbies or pros alike (and for me in the studio too). SO, the first kit will be for The Eyes Have It, found on page 129 in my book. A few of you that have seen me in person recently (like at ArtBliss!) got to see the beads for these kits in person, and I was thrilled with the reactions. Oh what fun it is to hear oohhhs and aaahhhs when dumping out a pile of beads on a desk.

Here is how the new kit works. They will be made to order (unlike kits of the past which are usually ready to ship), they will be available in three color combos to start, and I am limiting the quantity I will make to 5 in each color. Also, the price of sterling silver is sky high at the moment, so I am also giving you the option to order just the beads (minus the sterling) if you like. Being that this kit uses 8ft of 16g wire, at today's price, it will save you $35 (kits are priced at $120, just the beads at $85)! I will need about 10 days to make the beads, clean them, kit them, package and ship them. Meaning, orders placed today will be shipping on or before Friday Oct 29th. And they should be in your beady hands by Nov 1st!!

tealy eyes have it 1
tealy eyes have it 2

The three color combos I am offering are 1)The Original - black, pink, and rose, 2) Ivoried - ivory, dark red/brown, and silvered ivory, and 3) Tealy - transparent teal, turquoise, periwinkle, and coral. I love each of the combos so much. The Original is rather fun and sassy, I think it is a great anytime color combo, but will be especially nice come Valentine's with that lovely pink. Ivoried let's out a bit of your wild animal side with the way the edges of the dark red/brown feather into the ivory. This combo would be great with oxidized copper or brass too!! Tealy is just plain fun, and possibly my favorite. I can't get enough of these colors!!

An important note: these kits are intended for personal use only, NOT FOR RESALE. You are more than welcome to purchase just the beads and use them how ever you like in other projects of your choosing to resell. however, I am asking that you not purchase the kits, make The Eyes Have It, and then offer it for sale. Thanks for your understanding on this!! These make GREAT GREAT gifts though!! Christmas is around the corner, hint hint. ALSO, please remember, INSTRUCTIONS ARE NOT INCLUDED! A detailed, step-by-step, tutorial is available in my book, Totally Twisted.

the eyes have it


mairedodd said...

sigh - laundry - is it ever less than hip high in some respect? be it dirty, washed and dried or folded? i don't think so...
have fun in the studio - i am in love with the brown/neutral set... it is beautiful!
confession - no shower but not in pjs because drove the kids to school at 7!

Copper Diem said...

I hate folding socks. well, and putting clothes away. Anyway - love love love those beads!

Copper Diem said...

I hate folding socks. well, and putting clothes away. Anyway - love love love those beads!