Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Brighton Coast

Life behind the blog scenes is extremely overwhleming at the moment. I can't really go into details right now, but eventually I will. I would love say that is bead/jewelry related, but sadly, it is not. It is life with a child with mental illness related and it needs all my attention right now. I hate to leave you hanging though! So...

england 2010 - brighton coast 1
england 2010 - brighton coast 8
england 2010 - brighton coast 10
england 2010 - brighton coast 11
england 2010 - brighton coast 14
england 2010 - brighton coast 18
england 2010 - brighton coast 26
england 2010 - brighton coast 30
england 2010 - brighton coast 31
england 2010 - brighton coast 33

First, on Monday and Tuesday, I neglected to introduce you to my "host" family for my UK visit!! You might remember my visitor, Lucy and our 18 year friendship, from her trip to NY just a couple of summers ago. I was so very excited to get to spend a week with her, her children (Charlotte age 9, and Alex age 7), and her boyfriend, Ben. I couldn't ask for better friends!! Lucy emailed me a few weeks before the trip to ask "is there anything special you want to do while you are here?" To which I said "can we take a drive to the coast?" Lucy knew just the place to take me... Brighton.

On Sunday, we packed up the kids (Ben included) took an hour or so drive south and the place we came upon was a throw back to a completely different time. The weather was miserable. The sky opened up with a torrential, sideways, soaking rain as soon as we stepped out of the car. You should have seen the five of us walking down the pier with heads of hair that looked fresh from a shower. You would have also seen grins from ear to ear. As I said, you can have a lot of fun when you are soaking wet and it makes for memories that much more tactile. I loved every minute of being in that rain!! Eventually though, we took shelter in a fantastic arcade at the halfway point of the pier and hid out until the heaviest rain passed. Then we popped across the street to Harry Ramsden's for fish & chips, followed by a walk through "The Lanes" (a shop lined area), and then down to the shore to search for heart shaped rocks while the angry English Channel roared under a stunning sky. Seriously good memories... seriously good.

Sunday night, I was in for another treat, but left my camera home for this one. I got to spend some time with my original host family (Lucy's parents) and then we walked to the local pub (Fox & Hounds, HA, love that name) for a few pints. Thanks to Lucy's sister, Amy (who was just 4 the first time I went to England and is now a lovely 22 year old), for watching the kids for us. And thanks to Ben for convincing me to try Guinness!! And oh how I like it now. I wish the darft Guinness over here was as good. ;) Three pints later, we had a giggly walk home and, needless to say, I completely crashed and had a great night's sleep.


TesoriTrovati said...

Breathe deep. Seek peace.

And find that 'something good' today.

Enjoy the day.

Cindy said...

Hey Kerry, I'm sorry about the hard times right now - when it rains it sure pours.
Your pictures are just incredible. I can just feel how damp and wet it must have been - but like you said, I really see all of the smiles! That first picture of the street scene/waterfront is gorgeous!
Like your photos, it's raining and overcast here today. Thinking of you!

Laura Twiford said...

While I don't know the situation with your child, I pray you have whatever you need to handle what is on your plate right now. I thank you for taking the time to share your wonderful photos of Brighton. Is that all sewing machines in the windows of the shop and above as well?

Barbara Collins said...


Barbara Collins said...

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rosebud101 said...

I'm sorry to hear about your difficulties. These little ones can't help themselves, and it puts so much stress on the families. I used to be a special ed teacher. Hang in there.

Christine said...


I'll hug you for real on Saturday.

Lovely photos, as always. I can totally FEEL it there....the rain, the wind and the smell of the sea. Fantastic.

Elisabeth said...

I'm thinking good thoughts for you :-)

hello gorgeous said...

hey gorgeous! ooo I LOVE the's such a special place :o) I DO love it on wet days too....the smells, the freshness, the invigoration is second to none.....and you feel so alive afterwards!

Loving all the beachy shots but my FAV is the first one...looking down the street towards the sea.....makes my heart smile! :o)

Hope mentally you can take yourself there when feeling overwhelmed like you do at the moment.....LOTS of big bear hugs coming your way....


hello gorgeous xxx

Christine Damm said...

Your pictures are amazing-- I really feel like I was there-- Brighton is wonderful, so Victorian and a real shingle beach! Now I'm nostalgic for Ireland-- gotta go back there. Thank you!

Yvette said...

I love Brighton, its close to where my brother lives so I always request a trip there when we visit him.

We do get sunshine in Blighty - honest.

I hope life settles down again soon.

Janet said...

Wonderful pictures! Be of good Courage Kerry! xx

Rebecca said...

Isn't Brighton such a fantastic place? I went there for the first time over the summer and completely fell in love! Looks like you all had a great time in the rain!