Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Key and Doors

christmas afternoon 4
(my mom made us pajama pants)

The slow pace that is Christmas Break has settled into our home. The mayhem of the big day is behind us and now, a whole lotta not-much is ahead. We have never been big on celebrating beyond the simple family get together. We keep it low key (though, remind me to tell Ron to pick up some champagne for Friday night!). One family party on Christmas Eve, hosting at home on Christmas Day, and then an afternoon party with the other side of the family on Sunday is all that we had on the schedule. Each year, I always hope we will get invited to a fancy company party or posh twinkle light fest that requires a babysitter. Some how, it never happens... I can't say I am too disappointed. Our holiday always ends up being just what we need. On a side though, I could have done with a little more snow. I am not happy about the east coast stealing our blizzard!! We don't have nearly enough to go sledding, dang it.

But, back to the not-much-of-anything we have going on until January 3rd... naturally, I have nothing but the new studio on my mind. I am daydreaming about fabric for curtains, and counter top for a cool metal base-cabinet that Ron found (for free!) for next to the sink, and OH! the table layouts (what in the world will they be?), and I am imagining the first project I will make once things are moved in. It also has me reflecting a bit on what I have been making of late, which is another big not-much-of-anything. I recognise though that with what I have been handling the past few months, that isn't a big surprise. I am so so excited though to finally have the time and space and opportunity I need to play and explore and create... more. I am making sure to savor it, this glow of possibility, and make sure I don't get caught up too much in the making-it-just-right. Wait, what? Who me? Getting over focused on making something perfect? HA! Oh yes, I must be mindful that functional is just as good as perfect to start.

It is kind of interesting looking back at the year that has been and think of the year to come. I like to compare the feelings of different seasons and watch how they cycle within their cycle. I have said before that some new years bring with them lots of intentions to resolve (though a resolution maker I am not), some come with nostalgia and wistfulness and a feeling that the year might have been wasted, and others come with a great energy. Last year was full of intention, oh yes, and an impatient eagerness that danced around the release of my first book. This is definitely an energy year to come for me. I can feel it and it is invigorating! A lot of the fizz of invigoration is coming from the knowledge that it is all going to happen because I am going to make it happen. I hold the key to possibility, and this year, I want to unlock every door I come across.

christmas dinner 2010
(From left to right: Andrew, Jacob, My Dad, My Sister, Lauren, My Cousin's Girlfriend, My Cousin, My Mom, and Ron.)


TesoriTrovati said...

So rich with blessings you are, Miss Kerry! That sounds like the perfect blend of family love and not-much of anything. I am back at work today. Missing the time that I did have at home last week (squandered on caring for my dad after his surgery and preparing for the big parties). We do a small get together with my bestie Lynn and her family on New Years'. We got Just Dance 2 which is a hoot and I am sure there will be much Wii-ing and champagne toasts. It was an up and down year with more ups than downs. Next year it is all about FOCUS for me. And I am so excited that you will take us on your journey with your new studio. Get those classes going! I want an excuse to travel and meet you and learn how to play with fire someday!
Enjoy the day!

sundownbeaddesigns said...

Such a wonderful inspirational post. I really need to set some goals for myself in the New Year.

That's totally cool that your mom gave you something handmade.

Happy New Year!

rosebud101 said...

Wishing you many new doors to open, Kerry! Good luck with your new studio.

Courtney said...

Happy New Year! I can't wait to see the studio and all the wonderfulness that you create. May 2011 be a wonderful, healthy year for you all.