Friday, December 31, 2010

To What's Been & What Will Be

holidays day 29 :: a toast

I am hearing an awful lot of squawking about what a crappy year 2010 was for people. Yes, the economy sucked... no doubt sales were down for many. Yes, there was extreme weather all over the world... blizzards, monsoons, and earthquakes of plenty. Yes, a lot of snooty celebrities let us down with their piss poor personal behavior. It isn't 2010's fault, though!! You can always find some awesome-ness in a year, right? And can't one good thing cancel out a dozen bad? I think so.

Tonight, as I raise a glass to toast the coming year, I will be celebrating the passing of what was a pretty amazing 12 months...

January - I realized the importance of tending a creative flame.
February - Brought to my door the results of nearly a year and a half of work.
March - Had me feeling like a grown up beader/professional teacher type when I started creating kits.
April - We spent time in a wonderland like no other.
May - Took risks and dreamed bigger than I ever had before.
June - Shared with you where we spend our days and oh how my alter ego loved that!
July - Had a conversation with the month in hopes it would meet me on some common ground.
August - Reminded me that you can never jump off a dock too many times.
September - I absolutely loved sharing my passion with amazing people.
October - Found me overseas for an adventure of a lifetime.
November - I thought hard about the things I need to remember to tell him.
December - Had me making the choice to invest in a dream and connect to life with my whole heart.

I can't help but wonder what wonderful moments the new year will bring. But for just a few more hours, I plan to revel and be thankful for the blessings that this year gave me. See you soon... on the other side.



Copper Diem said...

what a great, positive post. happy new year!

TesoriTrovati said...

Your attitude determines your altitude, Miss Kerry. And I think that you are shooting off into the stratosphere!

I will come back to re-read these posts later in a quiet moment.

For now I will say thank you for lifting me up with your words and images and outlook. You are a marvelous soul.

Enjoy the day!

hello gorgeous said...

Happy New Year gorgeous! Here's to health, happiness and much love in 2011! Whatever you do tonight, celebrate in style!!! :o)


hello gorgeous xxx

rosebud101 said...

Kerry, congratulations on your attitude. Yes, there is good all around us, but sometimes it's hard to see with the challenges. Thank you for your post. Happy New Year!

mairedodd said...

wonderful post... gratitude for what has been is essential - now onward and upward!

Jen V. said...

Happy 2011! Awakening is definitely in the forecast. And, when you get that studio ready, I'll be on my way up for some classes. :) I can't think of a better reason for a road trip. Jen

Cindy said...

I agree Kerry, to find happiness in the MOMENTS. There may be plenty of bad times, but so many happy MOMENTS. Here's to many Happpy Moments in 2011!
(loved that beautiful wine glass picture, btw).

Alice said...

If we were honest we would realize that every year has bad weather, job loss, tragedy, and illness. I love that you chose to see the bright side.

That first photo is awesome!