Monday, December 06, 2010

Throwing Love Out There... Randomly

holidays day 3 :: all you need is love

:: i can already tell that this is going to be one of those random mondays where i know there are loads of things to tell you, but mostly likely, i will suddenly forget everything... oh well.
:: the view from my desk this morning has me feeling like i am sitting in a little house inside a town scene inside a snow globe that someone just shook up... love it.
:: unfortunately, friday's trunk show was a major bust! happens to the best of us. turns out the night was competing with another even (wine walk) the following night as well as an rpo fundraiser concert in that town.
:: i don't mind that the show was a bust, i will post new jewelry on my website (which hasn't been done in age, sorry) and maybe y'all will find a treat or two for yourself.
:: last week, my best friend's grandmother passed away at 93 years old. 93 wonderful years is nothing to mourn but rather to celebrate.

kelly and kerry 1

:: i can't tell you how much i treasure getting to spend time with my bestie best kelley. she like a big sister and i miss her already. (can't believe it has been a year since we were together last!)
:: working diligently on my picture the holidays photos and love love loving feeling more connected to moments throughout my days.
:: oh, speaking of which, the top photo is of jacob's hands while out hunting for our christmas tree yesterday to go with the prompt "all you need is love".
:: and the bottom photo is of something new i learned... how to make heart shaped bokeh. i should mention, i learned first what the heck the word bokeh meant. the photo is of our christmas tree lights... so pretty, yes?
:: through picture the holidays, i have been turned on to reverb 10. i am hoping to write some posts soon from some of the prompts there. wonderful wonderful things to think about there.

heart bokeh

:: we are getting walloped with some major lake effect snow. we have a solid 10 inches now and should have another 6 inches by tomorrow.
:: have i mentioned how much i love the snow?
:: i have been working behind the scenes on a couple of exciting jewelry related projects. i hope to be able to reveal a few soon.
:: oh?!? i made a new holiday banner, lol... not that it really matters, but i like having three sets of five random things and that just got me one closer to the last random comment...
:: here is hoping the kitten doesn't decide to climb the christmas tree!


Cindy said...

Enjoyed your Winter Wonderland post, Kerry. I'm glad to hear you spent good time with Kelley, although so sorry to hear the circumstances.
LOVE your new photos. They are truly amazing as always.

mairedodd said...

count on the kitten climbing the christmas tree! it is a tradition too afterall - kittens must do what they must do...
wow to the snow - the photos are beautiful...
you have a way of centering me, thank you...

Nicole Valentine-Rimmer said...

Kerry I am very jealous. I love the whole inside a snow globe feeling. It makes me slow down and marvel at life. We had a bit of snow a few weeks ago but nothing now. I swear I could live in alaska in the winter! Sorry your show was a bust, will go check out your website for jewelry!

TesoriTrovati said...

I love me some bokeh. I wish that I had time to teach myself tricks like this.

And I love your new header too. Thanks for turning me on to reverb! I have been seeing things about that. This might help me pick a new set of words for 2011.

Enjoy the day!

Pretty Things said...

Send some of that snow this way! All I've got is wind, and it's banging the screen door over and over and over and over.

Laura Twiford said...

Kerry I love the heart shaped bokeh! That is so cool! We only got a little snow the other day, now for several days it has just been VERY windy and COLD! Definitely not the romantic snow globe scene here!