Monday, October 03, 2011

mondays aren't so bad

sun morning 1

:: fall hit with full force this weekend... blustery and washed out... i'm loving the first fires of the season and crockpot-made hearty meals.
:: a bit of panic hit me with force too... so much to do, so little time
:: time is passing with such earnest... so many good things to come
:: i've taken to sketching design ideas everyday... even if just for a few minutes... must keep the ideas flowing
:: i feel the pull and call to create... the studio has never been more inviting
:: at the same time, there is a slowing happening too... with the turning season, i want to curl up and snuggle in too
:: balance must be embraced... you can make time for anything if you try

sun morning 3

:: i have a plan... wake, kids to school, run, studio, bead, make, home, family, dinner, knit, snuggle
:: i know i'll have to let some things go... hmmm... a month of photos instead of posts might be in order.
:: don't forget, THE SNAPTASTIC ECOURSE is open for registration and starts two weeks from today!! be there or be square.
:: i think pasta and sauce might be the way to go for dinner tonight
:: running out of toilet paper while in the bathroom, after everyone has left for the morning, is a tough spot to be in... just sayin'
:: can't for the life of me figure out where i put my camera lens bag... i need my other lens, like right now
:: oh wait! the clouds just parted and the sun is peaking through... that's my que to hit the road running

sun morning 2


Lindsey said...

Hah! Didn't know you got a new tea strainer! (Yes, very random to pick out of your pictures.) I know you'll want to stay home, but you should come knit tomorrow night just to have a change of pace!

Kerry said...

yep, needed one for the studio and one for home! my cousin, audrey, called yesterday to visit with me tomorrow. so, i'll be smooching ben a bit and visiting with her. there is always next time!

Cindy said...

You have a seriously ambitious and rigorous schedule, Kerry. But you do have all day while the kids are gone to knock out so much - you can do it! It's amazing how much you can do with a positive attitude and will power. AND not being the procrastinator that I am!