Thursday, October 06, 2011

On Being A Bore

soup 1
soup 2
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I feel like a total bore at the moment. By no means am *I* bored. No ma'am. I have a million and one things to do at the moment. But, when it comes to being witty, having things to say, sharing my life... I think I'm a bore right now. I'm lacking ideas... just like one of my kids. I can't think of a thing to do, here, in this space. So, I thought I would make soup. This soup, Soule Mama's Carrot Tomato Soup. And I thought I would tell you about the time I tried to make it last year. Silly me, I accidently poured curdled cream into it and oddly enough, no one in the house would try it knowing that. And it went to waste. This year, the cream and basil and tomatoes are fresh. I'll warm this at the studio today while I spend another day tooling away on things I can't show you, and I might even have a grilled cheese sandwich along with it. Oh yes, a grilled cheese made with pepper jack cheese.

Every day this week I have tooled the day away in my studio. As a result, my studio table is covered with the 25 progects that will appear in my new book, Rustic Wrappings. I have been stepping out each project for all the process photos we will be taking when I'm in NYC next week. Have I mentioned I'm going to NYC instead of Loveland CO for this book? Do you remember when I went for the Totally Twisted Shoot? In my 33 years of living in New York State (with some years spent living in Flordia and Texas), I have never once visited the big apple. I am a nervous wreck about it. I have no idea how I am getting from JFK airport to my hotel in SOHO, with my baggage, by myself. Everyone I have talked to has said to just get a limo, HA!, wouldn't that be fun! Yet, so not going to happen. I am putting off figuring out those details until Monday. Then I'll fly down to NYC on Tuesday and shoot on Weds/Thurs/Fri.

Gosh that all sounds so mundane in my head... if I were reading this on someone else's blog, I would be excited for them! But as the writer, I am thinking... who the heck cares if you are nervous about getting from the airport to the hotel. Alas... such is life.

To continue with what feels like a bit of monotony to me, I'll tell you about knitting. While my vegetables simmered on the stove yesterday, and I waited for the kids to get home, I stitched a few rows on a pair of arm warmers I'm making. My sister requested these, but apparently, she doesn't approve of the pattern. She wants something she can lace with a ribbon. I guess I'll just have to keep them for myself. I could really use them. My studio was so cold yesterday that I needed two cups of almond tea to keep warm. These arm warmers round my wrists would have helped... and left my hands and fingers free to do their tooling. About 40 more rows and the first one will be finished. Let's all hope I don't suffer from Single Arm Warm Syndrome (an illness that would lead to me only knitting one and not the other).

Isn't it interesting how warm the photos in my kitchen are and how cool the light in the living room is.

I think I hear the bus coming. Time to shoe Lauren out the door, pack up my soup, and get into the studio. I wonder if I'll see something in today to share tomorrow...

warmer 1
warmer 2


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Shirley said...

It's probably hard for you to realize, but I think your life is fascinating, interesting, full of fun stuff, and real. And that's why I'm one of your followers. :) And maybe someday I'll learn to knit. Right now I'm just trying to justify the cost of yarn to start back with crocheting. The last time I crocheted, it wasn't nearly this expensive. And of course the patterns that attract me are all for the exotic yarns! I'll be waiting to hear of the fun things you learned from the NYC experience! Best wishes!

Claire Maunsell said...

Never boring! Of course, the photography makes it great...curious how other people's mundane tasks can be so fascinating. Good luck in NYC!

TesoriTrovati said...

Wahoo! I am so excited for you to go to the Big Apple and get your photo shoot on. That is just the best news of the day so far. I imagine that it will be quite an adventure in the City and I wish you days of looking up, looking down and looking all around to soak it all up. Enjoy the day, Miss Kerry (and for the record, you are never a bore!)
Erin ;-)

Nicole Valentine-Rimmer said...

I need to get another couple crochet patterns on the go for the winter months. I was thinking arm warmers, I'll have to go look up some patterns.

You're going to rock NYC have a fantastic time!!

Betty S. said...

NYC can be really intimating any time, but especially if traveling alone for the first time. There are two great options to get from JFK airport to your hotel. The first obvious one is to take a taxi from the airport to the hotel. Just follow the overhead signs outside to the line for taxis. It's expensive, but you might find someone to share the ride with and split the cost. The other, is the airport bus, which you can purchase a ticket ahead of time online. Again, follow the signs outside to the line and board the bus. This lets you out in midtown, directly across from the Grand Central Station terminal. Then, depending on the location of your hotel, either walk there or grab a taxi in the line in front of GCT. This is a great time of year to be in Manhattan. Hope you have a great, fun filled adventure.

Sally Anderson said...

I have yet to find anything here boring. I love seeing your work and marveling at your creativity. I'm a sometime knitter, too. So I love seeing your projects there, too. Have fun in NYC. I would love to be there myself!

Cindy said...

Kerry, you have a way of making ordinary tasks seem so interesting, are you kidding? Like making soup! But it is your amazing pictures...and boy does that soup look good.
I know you're worried about it, and rightly so, but I know things will work out with your transit in NYC. It's so exciting that you're finally going to the Big Apple!...nothing mundane about that!