Monday, October 24, 2011

things that go by in a blur

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:: i worked for more than 50 hours in the studio last week
:: that isn't counting the hours spent on Snaptastic stuff and emails and blogs either
:: i made 57 pieces of jewelry this weekend
:: i might not hate earrings after all
:: getting a glimpse at what life would be like if i had a "full time" job is quite interesting
:: i have poison ivy between my toes on one foot and it is itching so bad
:: and um, my hair gets really curly when i don't wash it for 4 days, weird
:: working so much, yes, i opted for hot baths in the evening over morning showers and didn't wash my hair... that's what pony tails are for, silly people
:: having to decide what to battle and what to let go of
:: oh, i decided that by the end of the year it will be as if 2011 never happened... it is never 11 in my head, always 10... why do you think that is?
:: lauren is whining about school this morning, might be related to a total lack of momma time last week
:: watched Once Upon A Time last night, really liked it
:: remember back in June when I had a month of photos on the blog? i think it is time to do that again... but days and days of jewelry pics instead
:: peppermint mocha creamer baby!
:: someone remind me to order more Parawire when i get home from work today

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Alice said...

Oh how I wish I could go 4 days without washing my hair, but it get so horrible looking after just two days. No ponytails for me, my hair is too short.

Don't forget to order the parawire!

mairedodd said...

wowzer - 50+ pieces in a weekend? that is impressive... ah, yes, ponytails - nick just mentioned this morning that october was flying by... i agree...
order more parawire! :0)

Shel said...

And I thought I had a busy week (and this one's gonna be more filled than the last)! How do you accomplish all you do?? Holy cow!!

Megan said...

Order more parawire when you get home today! :-) Can't wait to see all your new jewelry pics.

Kerry said...

wire ordered! thanks for the reminder!!