Monday, November 09, 2009

Show Recap

booth rearrange

*sigh* and *sigh* again.

I bet y'all are waiting to hear about what a huge success The Fine Craft Show was this weekend. I wish I had a huge success story to share. Unfortunately, this year, this were just so-so this year.

Wait a minute... I am starting this all wrong.

I had a fantastic time at The Fine Craft Show this weekend. And honestly, I totally did. There isn't another fine art show in the world that treats it's artist as well as this show does. Seriously, what other show does a chili dinner for the artists the opening night, hosts dinner parties at council members' homes the second night, has an artist lounge with brownies and coffee to relax in during the day (while offering to set in your booth for you while you are relaxing), serves a continental breakfast the final morning, and oh oh, for out of towners, you can stay at council members' homes if you don't want to be in a hotel! Truly, I have never been treated better at a show.

Unfortunately... we got screwed. All of us artist. The weather was spectacular. And in Rochester, a city where you could possible have snow on the ground by now, when you get a weekend with both days full of glorious sun and temps flirting with 70 people just ain't going and hanging out inside at the museum. They just aren't. There were only 537 patrons at the show on Saturday. 537. LOL. That is a rather small turn out, wouldn't you say?

It really wasn't a total bust though. I did sell a lot of pieces. Overall, my sales were about half of what they were last year. And I am happy with that. It covered my booth fee, what I spent on a reorder of glass and sterling, and it paid for a new dress I got too, lol. And really that's all that counts, right? I don't do what I do to get rich quick... as long as I can break even I am good with that.

I was pretty exhausted last night and this morning, but life moves quick and goes on. We have already started our next big thing around here. Hardwood floors. Yep, Ron and I are installing hardwood floors in our great room. He took the afternoon off today and we started busting out tile that was in front of the door leading to the deck and ripping up carpet. I already have my first injury. A puncture wound in my knee from a stray chunk of tile. OUCH! I will be sure to take lots of photos while we do the work and I will be able to show you the new fireplace I have been hinting at. There is birthday quilting coming up, and holiday crafting... and then a new publication I am designing some pieces for. It is a busy time... stay tuned.



cindy said...

Hey Kerry
Sorry the crowds were not there...but the experience sounds like one in a million. Oh to be wined and dined like that while doing what you love! The picture with the window reflection is just beautiful! Good luck with the start of your new project!

sundownbeaddesigns said...

sorry to hear that the sales and turn out was lacking...but at least you had a good time...I too had a show this past weekend with gorgeous weather, and it was much of the same except that I was bored out of my least I had a super nice neighbor and we chit chatted all day

Ellen said...

Ker, we had the same weather here in MI and, yes, it worked against the attendance to my open house as well.
I was a little over $100 lower than last fall.
Ah, well, such is life. We had a good time here too.

Meredith said...

Hi Kerry,
Sorry the turnout wasn't as expected. Will their loss be our gain? Excited to hear about your other projects as well. I don't know where you get your energy and drive, but can I have some?

Have a great week!

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

"C'est la vie". That's how things go sometimes. On the bright side, your booth looked amazing and there was still money for a new dress. Good luck on the flooring project!

rosebud101 said...

Wow! Kerry, I'm glad you made expenses. Don't you just hate good weather sometimes? lol

Alice said...

Wow, they really pamper their artists! I'm glad you made more than your booth fee, and had a good time at that!

lisa at lo and behold said...

Are you going to post some of the things that didn't sell online? Would love a shot at them without traveling to Rochester. . . . My daughter was in a play this weekend and same thing with weather and attendance. I hate to bemoan beautiful warm weather in November (in MA), but I see the downside.

TesoriTrovati said...

That does sound like a great show. Too bad about the uncooperative weather!!! But as long as you can come away with something that you gained...whatever that may is a success! Enjoy the day! Erin

Pretty Things said...

I hate when the weather is wonderful outside and I'm doing an indoor show. Likewise, when it's pouring the rain down and I'm outside. Weather plays SUCH a part in how things turn out!

Kerry said...

Hey Everyone!

YES YES YES!! I will be posting the pieces that did not sell!! Watch for them on Thursday or Friday.