Friday, June 06, 2008

Saying Goodbye

I am such a crier. I hate saying "goodbye", it breaks my heart every time. I could barely even get the words out to say goodbye with the knot in my throat trying to hold back tears. Lucy is up in the air right now, headed back to NYC and then to England. She left with promises that the next visit wouldn't be so far off. Maybe shopping in New York at Christmas or meeting up with the kids in Disney next Spring. The visit was much much much too short. And I can't wait to see her again. LOVE YOU LUCY!!!

Okay, see... there I go again, the knot is back in my throat.

Anyway... I have some beady things to tell you. This weekend is Fairport Canal Days here in the Rochester Area. I don't have a booth this year (I haven't since the 1st year I did it about 4 yrs ago). HOWEVER, The Millstone Block, smack dab on Main Street just north of the lift bridge, will have a display of my jewelry. I (with help from Lucy too) made a fresh batch of bottle cap pendants and they'll be there with a couple other goodies. If you are in the area, I hope you'll stop by to check things out and get yourself something special.

Other beady news... pop over to Parallel Crossings and check out what is going on in the first challenge exchange!! I received my beads from Cassie and she should have hers today!! I can't wait to dive into this project (and the million others I have going on).

As for the house... we are set to close on the new house next week. As of yet, we still have no offers on this house. It has all been extremely stressful. There is the slight possibility that we are going to see if the couple that "bumped" us a few weeks ago still want the house. I have my fingers crossed that we will have an awesome turn out to our (4th) open house on Sunday and that people will be putting in multiple offers. Put some positive energy and prayers out there for us!! I don't want to let my new house go!!

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