Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Be Back Soon

birthday blooms 1

In my random comments yesterday morning, before sharing the new Simply Sweet collection, I mentioned I might have to take drastic measures to meet a deadline that is so very quickly approaching. Today, I don't think, I know it is what is needed. It is too easy to procrastinate these days (like listing the new Simple Sweet collection). So, it is time. I need to take a deep breath and really focus. That means, I need to not be worrying about this space while I have so many words swirling in my head that need organizing and typing and sending in to my publisher. I am taking a short blogging hiatus until my deadline is met. See you here again soon... and no, it won't take until tulips are in bloom to finish my writing assignment. Just another week... or two.

(If you really can't get enough of me and think you'll just be beside yourself with grief until I return... I'll still be tweeting on Twitter. Find me @kabsconcepts )


Sarabeth said...

best of luck and we'll be waiting :)

Cindy said...

Kerry, it has come to this! I understand...staying far away from the computer is totally needed. Good luck - you are driven and focused and I know you'll meet your deadline. We must be on the same wavelength...been taking pictures of roses and tulips too (Valentine's flowers).

Rebecca said...

Best of luck with your writing deadline! Looking forward to seeing you back here when you are good and ready.