Monday, February 07, 2011

mondays just keep coming

trio 1

:: you'll have to excuse jacob's annoyed facial expression. we dragged him out in the snow even though he still wasn't feeling good.
:: look at all those cute little freckles on all three of them!
:: been thrown a curve ball today... that middle child has no school (again!), which means i need to change up my to-do list for the day.
:: today is cloudy and grey... good day to write? or maybe clean the basement?
:: i am amazed at the response to saturday's post... thank you for all your words everyone. i read each and every one of the comments.
:: is it just me or does february feel like it is flying to everyone? tell me i have a few more weeks before march is here.
:: sometimes i wish i had a better signing voice.
:: the library has had my bookclub selection on hold for me for nearly a week, i really need to go pick it up.
:: i am feeling like there is a total lack of things to take photos of.
:: maybe the above comment has something to do with the fourth one.
:: i am going to ask andrew if he wants to go for a winter walk to mix things up a bit.
:: stay warm...

hate basement running
(i am being extra brave in posting this photo... three guesses why i hate running on my treadmill.)


Kathleen said...

I have the same problem. Everything around my treadmill is either work I Have to do or hate doing!

kathleen xx

Cindy said...

Oh Kerry, is it because it's in the basement dungeon? Just look at your vacant studio area! And no, I don't notice any laundry... you should see my bedroom!!!
I LOVE the picture of the kids - absolutely adorable. They'll treasure this one some day...
It is bright, sunny and 50 here. Enjoying it while I can. :-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you for getting on your treadmill. I can not make myself walk down to my basement to get on it. Posting your photo is encouraging in so many ways. Thank you!! I hope you have a great day!!


Stephanie Gentry said...

Virtual reality goggles would come in real handy here for creating any preferable setting :D

~ Steph

Nonie said...

OMG. Move that treadmill. You deserve a view when you work out kiddo.

Nonie said...

Oops! I forgot to tell you how much I love those freckles. I used to have them when I was little. Your kids are so perfect.

Christine'sCreations said...

I love that picture of you running in your basement! Mine looks very similar. I must take real dedication to run there. Your kids are adorable.

Rebecca said...

Good for you! I hate running soooo much. Almost as much as I love freckles! One of my favourite things in the world. Your children are gorgeous!