Monday, February 14, 2011

Simply Sweet Collection

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Something simple... Something sweet...
The Simply Sweet Collection

I have become aware lately that I tend to favor rather simple designs when it comes to the jewelry I choose to wear. I love love LOVE to create bold, colorful, over-the-top designs... but then I adorn myself things that are completely the opposite. I decided it's time for me to create something more in tune with my personal tastes, once in a while. So, I bring you The Simply Sweet Collection. And it is here just in time to be a Valentine's treat.

The necklace is a beautiful transparent red bauble dangled on a sterling chain. The piece is heavily oxidized to a dark gunmetal finish. The earrings are all sterling construction as well and are made in two designs. The first is a long dangle that swings and sways.The second is a coiled hoop to capture your heart.

I only made a few of these... if you want one, best get one before they are gone. I won't be making these designs in this color again!! Get one for yourself and one for your BFF... you could be oh-so-very matchy matchy.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Blue Kiln Beads said...

Just like a little row of cranberries. I love them.

Carey Fontenot said...

I absolutely LOVE the color - beautiful deep garnet!! and the simplicity of them is so elegant!