Saturday, March 05, 2011

Finding Frivolous Furniture Friday

new cabinet 1

With all deadlines met and the next few weeks open to doing-what-ever-i-want in the studio, I had a little FUN yesterday! I hit my first estate sale in weeks, nah, months. Granted, estate pickins are slim this time of year anyway, but you can usually find 3-4 on a Thursday or Friday 'round here. There is a website that lists the sales and most sales have photos of what will be available at that sale once it opens. It had been so long since I had been to a sale that I had really gotten out of the habit of checking to see what was coming up. If it weren't for my hubby, I would have missed out on some really good finds yesterday. He spotted this cabinet in an over exposed, flash washed, photo and sent me hunting. Isn't it wonderful?!

new cabinet 2
new cabinet 3
new cabinet 6

There is an antique store owner in The Hungerford Building where my studio is. Ray seems to think this cabinet might be from The Stickley Brothers Quaint line. He is gonna drop by and check it out. I can't wait to hear what he thinks. I really want this for myself in the studio, but Ron is begging me to bring it home. We'll see. It is hard to move something already full of my materials ya know. He'll have to make it worth the effort.

SO, then... in the garage of this same sale, I found this.

card catalog 1
card catalog 2
card catalog 4
card catalog 7

Oh yes, an antique card catalog!! I have no idea in the world I am going to do with it. The things weights over 100lbs and it's hard for two grown people to move it. (oh yes, solid oak through and through) It is so amazingly quirky. Oddly enough, it isn't nailed together and we don't think it is supposed to be. It isn't like there is a nail missing in one corner making it wiggle or any glue marks, nothing. It literally doesn't have a single nail in it. There is a rather interesting lock system to it too. We are still trying to figure it out. You can't really close all the drawers all the way because of the locks or the locks block them from shutting, but if you leave a drawer out, reach your hand in, trip the lock, all the drawers shut perfectly. It is amazing. Would you believe, I nearly walked away from this. I called Ron at work, told him about it. Told him the price was $110 and I was feeling like that was way to much to spend. I ened the call with him and not two seconds later we called me back and said "get it". So, I did. Now what am I gonna do with it? I do love it and it looks wonderful on this table in my living room. Such a cool piece of history too. We were all talking last night and Andrew's school is the only one that still has a card catalog in the library.

Isn't finding really frivolous, unnecessary, furniture on random Friday afternoons the best pass time? I wonder what next week's sales will hold!


Shabby chic furniture said...

Incredible is Really unable to close all drawers completely because of latches, but leave it in a drawer, reached his hand, locking all drawers journey completely closed.

Spirited Earth said...

i am soo jealous..oh these are wonderful weakness furntiure.good thing i don't have a large house.
i love that card file, one of the locks is the primary locking device..i have a tool cabinet with that feature when that's locked none of the drawers open and if you lock it with drawers open they will not close..your lovely card file probably has that one lock broken..
oh and see those little tiny light dots along that top side strip..i'm betting that's were the little "headless?" nails were sunk and's a beautiful piece.

Anonymous said...

What finds and how lucky you are! I have always wanted a card catalog. I don't know why buy I just love the look. Until you said you put it on this exciting table, I thought it came that way. Lovely!


Shirley said...

So, I was already green seeing the yellow cabinet, then I scroll down and see the card catalog! If you EVER find another one, please let me know. Been hunting for one for a couple of years. I did find a metal one, but I just love wood, so I didn't get it. Great finds!!!

sandi m said...

I think I should start looking at my Estate Sale emails....
Simply georgeous finds. And your tools look so pretty on display.
Great job!

CraftyHope said...

Wow, both of those finds are FABULOUS! However, I'm completely jealous of the card catalog. I want one SO BAD. I loved libraries as a kid and hate that those awesome cabinets aren't in them anymore. I'd love to have a piece of history like that. It'd be perfect for storing craft supplies of all kinds! ;)

Cindy said...

Kerry, these ARE great finds! It was a fantastic furniture Friday for sure! I found a few new pieces over the weekend as well...but the prices might shock you, considering what you can find in NY!

Barbara Bechtel said...

DROOL! I never find stuff that old here in Florida. This is prime estate sale season here and I've been going as much as I can, soaking it up. If you're looking for any midcentury/atomic, I'm your girl! I've always wanted a card catalog...I thought they were so cool, even when I was a kid and would go to the library. I would open the drawers and just flip through until I found a book that interested me. My recent good find was a metal mail sorter (like they would use in the back of the post office) but it's in my garage waiting to be hosed off.

Pretty Things said...

You got that for a STEAL, I'm telling you!

quiltingjewel39 said...

Those are wonderful!! I don't know which I like the best but your wire sure did look pretty in that cabinet!! I don't know what you paid for the yellow cabinet but the card catalog was a great buy - you couldn't touch that where I live in VA for near that.

N Valentine Studio said...

I so lust after that card catalogue! I'm a organizer so cool bits of furniture that look great, tell and story and serve a purpose I adore!

Jenni C said...

Kerry, you seem to have the knack off finding wonderful pieces. Love them both.

Anne said...

So glad you got this card catalogue, even if you never put anything in it. It is beautiful! I have three stacked in my studio's closet and they hold strands of beads by color. Love them! Pretty sure they're going to crash through the floor one of these days, though.

nose surgery said...

These findings are great! However, I completely envy the card catalog. I want a so bad. I love the library as a child, those who do not hate the cabinet which was awesome. Love them.