Monday, September 19, 2011

Beads and other things...

If you are looking for my Bead Soup Blog Party post, click this link to see what I made with Diane Cook's ingredients. A huge thank you to everyone taking the time to comment. Y'all are lovely.

kits waiting 1

:: I am sipping coffee on the kind of morning that makes it very hard to come out from under the five heavy blankets on my bed.
:: I really busted butt last week to be ready for ArtBliss, and all my stuff is in a box on its way to Washington DC as we speak.
:: Along with the new kits I'll be releasing, I ran-sacked the studio and made over 40 beady grab bags!! Fun... and thanks for that idea, Cindy.
:: Went out antiquing with my Mom and Sister this weekend and it was a total bust. I'm so bummed.
:: I was gonna get my hair trimmed and do something fun with the color on Wednesday, but I think I might cancel that appointment.
:: I wonder if I will ever have time to knit again.
:: Maybe I can cast on for a hat or something else quick n' easy.

split personality 1
split personality 2
bead love 1
flying trapeze 1
flying trapeze 2

:: OH OH, my Snaptastic ebook is nearly finished!! I can't wait to share it with students this weekend.
:: 99 pages, people. Ninety-nine.
:: Been working on it with Brandi over at Can't rave about her enough!!
:: I was thinking recently that I should brainstorm doing a 2012 calendar of my work. Anyone interested?
:: Just looked out the window and the sun is shining so brightly on a patch of leave turning a beautiful shade of red.
:: I <3 Fall.
:: I think I'll take my run outside this morning.

kits waiting 2


Lindsey said...

Seeing that table shot at the end all I can think of is how much FUN you must have had putting all of that together. Loved seeing all the color in your work this morning. :)

mairedodd said...

before you know it you will be knitting again - but your butt busting will pay off... the beads are so beautiful and i am sure that people are just going to love your class!
i <3 fall too - so very very much...

Brandi said...

Thanks for the shout out, my friend! The ebook is 99 pages of AWESOMENESS.

True story. The content rocks!

Karen Beth said...

Fun beadie lovliness! Can't wait to see your ebook!

I LOVE color! said...

Your beads are wonderful
Be blessed to be a blessing

Lori Bowring Michaud said...

Gorgeous hollows! Have an absolute blast at Art Bliss! Wish I could go (maybe some day)!

Jen V. said...

Can't wait to see you this weekend! Your creativity is unmatched and I'm excited to catch some of your energy!! (even if some mornings you just can't escape from the comfy blankies and coffee...haaaaaaaaa)
Ciao! Jen

Rembrandt Charms said...

The hair pins are very beautiful...the color and design popping out of the hair would make it so brilliant...these are the lovely additions to life to make it LOVEly.