Thursday, September 08, 2011

Stash Bash!

It is time for me to put my author hat on, just for a moment. My publisher, Interweave, has a fun new promotion going on that I am taking part in. All are welcome to participate, so come join the party!! You could even win prizes!! This party is a Stash Bash and it is running in conjunction with their new Post-Labor Day Stash Buster Sale!! (Yeah, they are letting you raid their stash of books so you can bust your stash of supplies, ha!)

stash 1
stash 3

"What is a Stash Bash?", you ask. Well, it isn't like the Mustashio Bashio that my sister went to with out me a few years ago. That was the party where everyone shows up with a fake mustash. No, this part is all about sharing photos of your stashes at home. (or in my case, at my studio) Your stash is your stuff! Whether it is your 80 rolls of colored wire, or 1 billion strands of beads, or miles of yarn waiting to be knit. Really, it is anything you love to collect for your crafting and arting. Plus, this party is about sharing the creative ways to store your stash as well. Interweave has created a Flickr Group:: Stash Bash as a forum to share those stash photos.

I still feel like my studio space is in its fledgling stages. I feel like I tweak it things a bit every time I am there, but I have lots of things stashed there. I love my small collection of old books collected from local estate sales. The cover designs really speak to me and at 50 cents to a dollar each, I can't resist them. Their pages are perfect for resin projects too. And hey, I'll let you in on a tiny secret... there is a resin project in my new book Rustic Wrappings!!

I showed you this past Spring the beautiful cabinet Ron found for me with the dozens of sorting drawers. Slowly but surely I have been filling up those drawers with some of my beading goodies. There is the drawer for my Sari Silk, the one with my brass spacers, the one with my paper scraps... there are 54 drawers, I could go on. The cabinet itself it kind of a stash item. I love collecting antique cabinets and cases for organizing.

stash 4
stash 2
stash 5

Other bits from my studio stash is my collection of colored wire from Parawire in every color I can get my hands on, I'm still collecting vintage enamel pins (and earrings too), and oh my glass!! Oh how I love glass and finding new colors to add to my stash!! *sigh* All this talk about all my favorite things has me wishing I could be in my studio right this minute!! (but, alas I am in the throws of a wonderful visit with my bestie, so studio time will have to wait until Monday.)

Okay, so there is a little peek into my stash. Time to share your stashes!! Load your photos to your flickr streams, join the Stash Bash flickr group, and start sharing. Interweave will be selecting winners at random to receive complimentary copies of a few of the different books set to release this Fall!!

While you are waiting to see if you win, head on over to Interweave's Stash Buster Sale and add a few new goodies to your book stash. You can even find my book Totally Twisted in the sale (at an awesome price!). If you can't wait for the book to ship, you can now get the ebook version as an instant download.

stash 6


Francesca DeCaire said...

The cabinet reminds me of an old library card catalog. Its great!

Cindy said...

Kerry, what great stash photos! I had no idea that Interweave was promoting this event - although I did see their sale emails. Love the vintage enamel pins all grouped together like that - I had no idea your stash was that big! You know I am the Queen of Stashes (I was looking at stash box just today, complete with my Girl Scout uniform!)....I'll have to find a moment and join in.

Janet said...

Beautiful and Wonderful Glass! Lovely books..thank you for a peek! Happy September Kerry!