Monday, September 26, 2011


Instagraming with Friends

:: I have lots to tell you about my adventures at ArtBliss, but I am still too sleepy.
:: It was over in an instant, so I'm sharing a few Instagrams!
:: FYI: Instagrams are fun Iphone/Ipod images that you can tweet or facebook like little instant messages, except they are photos. Its an app, check it out.
:: Clockwise from the top... with Lori Anderson (of course I tinted it pink to match her hair!), with Christine Damm (such a feisty lady, I love her!), with Diane Cook (I kept giving her hugs, she is so awesome!), and with Lori and Cindy Wimmer (wish these pals lived closer so I could have play dates with them more often!)
:: Oh how I love staying up in a hotel room whispering over pie until well after 1am.
:: Staying up past 1am, sleeping restlessly, then rising & shining by 6am can't be sustained for more than a few days though... no matter how much pie you eat.
:: Wishing I had stayed to take a class on Sunday, but happy to hold hands with my hubby as he gave me a tour of the gardening he did while I was gone.
:: It would seem that in the instant that ArtBliss happened, Fall happened here. Photo evidence below.
:: Despite the orange and yellow trees, it is going up and over 80 today. Indian summer on the 4th day of Fall?
:: More tomorrow on ArtBliss... then, time to switch to the next big event.
:: Time sure flies during my favorite time of year.



mairedodd said...

i will make it to one of these events soon... so much joy infused in them... yes, fall especially seems to fly... i remember figuring out last year that there are only about 8 weeks from halloween to xmas... that was mindblowing... (and a bit depressing)... enjoy... and i love the lotus hat you showed on flickr!

Shirley said...

Love the pics! Can't wait to hear more about ArtBliss! And if you had any goodie bags left over. :)

Cindy said...

Kerry, your photos are great! They really capture all of the smiles we shared all weekend....and boy did it go by too fast. I wish I took more photos myself. And yes, talks over pie were great and too bad we can't do that more often. :-(