Monday, September 12, 2011

Nothing Normal About It

new bed frame 3
new bed frame 2

:: gotta love random mondays where i hit you with all the goings on in our house in just a few words
:: my visit with kelley was wonderful, and too short
:: i was able to finish the aging on our new bed frame and we installed it this weekend... it is absolutely wonderful!
:: we were inspired to make this project by this post on deep thoughts by cynthia, and we used this tutorial, though we had to modify it to make it king size
:: i slept like a baby the first night in our new bed
:: this was our old bed, and yes, i rearranged the room... this is our "fall" layout
:: next period of free time i have will be spent making pretty throw pillows, our linens and pillows are rather lacking
:: we also decided to tackle another home improvement project... a leaky bathroom
:: we found the source of that pool of water collecting on the basement floor by my treadmill
:: leaks don't always come from pipes, old tile walls with crumbling grout will leak too
:: by this time tomorrow, the kids should be able to use their shower again
:: speaking of tackling... jacob had his first football game last thursday... he is an animal this season
:: oh how i love to watch my boy do what he loves
:: and oh how i miss doing what i love!
:: so so so excited to get to the studio today and work
:: work work work!!
:: the bead soup blog party is fast approaching, artbliss goodies need making, i'm finishing up my snaptastic ebook for students, and then some
:: i was so looking forward to things getting "back to normal" when school started back up... it has been anything but normal

new tub surround 1


Anonymous said...

Love the new bed! Happy Fall.

Cindy said...

Kerry, that bed frame turned out incredible. Could grace the pages of a home decorating magazine. You'll have to share with me how you achieved that wonderful antiqued look!