Friday, September 05, 2008

Supporting The Arts

Edit to say: THE BEADS ARE UP!! Go check them out!!

First - THERE WILL BE A MINI BEAD BOX UPDATE TODAY!! When I am done with this post, I'll be cleaning, photographing, editing images, and posting a small batch of beads. I had hoped to spend a few hours on beads yesterday to have more to offer, but those efforts were thwarted.

I really like the word thwarted. When a plan has a wrench thrown into it so it doesn't go how it should, it was "thwarted". I even like saying that word. Thwarted. The th tickles your lips. LOL.

Anyway... why my plan was thwarted. I got a call from a member of the Gallery Council at the Memorial Art Gallery yesterday. She said she had been trying to get a hold of me all morning! (New house, new phone number, I thought I had updated them on that.) She called to see if I would be interested in doing an interview with someone from Rochester Magazine about the November Fine Craft Show at the gallery. OF COURSE I WOULD!! She said it would be via the phone, that works for me and it would be that afternoon. I said, great! and that after 12:30 would be awesome since all the kids would be at school and I could give her all my attention.

I had planned to make beads, but I didn't think it would be good to have a concentrator running, torch blowing, and fans fanning while talking on the phone. So I opted to read email and play scrabble on Facebook to pass the time. (I know, I should have been working on the EIGHT tutorials I have due next Friday.) I was really kinda nervous about the whole thing. I didn't know what to expect. I have never been interviewed before. What would they ask? Could I sound intelligent and articulate? I had my stomach doing flip flops and for no reason, cause things went fine. And I really should have made beads because I didn't end up getting the phone call when I thought I would.

Melissa, the writer, called around 9:00pm to have our chat. She said she loves blogs, so if you are here... Hey, Melissa! Anyway, I don't want to spill any beans about what we talked about. I'll leave that a mystery to be revealed in her article. But it was a good conversation, I think. I hope I represented the caliber of artists that will be presenting at this fantastic show well. I truly am honored to be among them. The Fine Craft Show is like nothing you'll find anywhere else in Rochester. You'd have to go to Toronto, Chicago, or NYC to find anything close to it. One of the exciting things for me, as an artist, is that I won't be lost in a sea of crappy crafters (you know the ones I mean... scarecrows on wooden sticks? come on) at this show. Only 40 artists are selected!!

Okay, enough gushing about being in the show... I'll leave that to the Rochester Magazine article. Besides, I have photos that need taking and beads that need posting. Check back soon!


rosebud101 said...

Congratulations! That sounds like an awesome show!

Lori Anderson Designs said...

Sigh, I never get any of your beads. Need to be faster on the draw!

I can't wait to read your interview!

Christine said...

I'm so excited to hear about your magazine article! Do you know when it will come out?

Kerry said...

Thanks ladies,

Christine, it'll be in the Nov/Dec issue of Rochester Magazine. I think you can go to

shanna murray said...

congrats on the article, i'll be looking forward to it!