Monday, September 15, 2008

Blog Lift

Okay, it obvious, so why make it a post, lol... but oh well. Here goes... I gave the blog a little face lift yesterday. The three column layout was starting to feel too busy. I like this better... at least for now. I get bored easy, lol, so it'll probably change again!!

I also added another magazine icon to the new right sidebar. The latest and greatest is the new Easy Wire Jewelry. It is a once a year publication and it doesn't come with your standard subscriptions. If ya want it, ya gotta order it (or pick it up at JoAnn Fabrics with your 40% off coupon!). I have two pieces in this one. One of them you can see in the preview photo when you click on the link. I'll let the other be a surprise until the magazine is actually on the news stands.

From the weekend... Saturday's wedding was nice. The ceremony was beautiful and Chelsey was breath taking. I am very happy for the lovely couple. We decided to sneak out of the reception early, grabbed some Ben & Jerry's ice cream, and watched an X-Files at home. It is so rare that the kids aren't with us. It was fabulous to sit in the quiet of the house, just us.

Sunday was another football game day for Jacob. GO WARRIORS!! His team is now 3-0, YOO HOO!! The have great momentum going into next week's game against Pittsford, who is arguable the best team in the league. (Look at me talkin' like a proud sports Momma.) Before the game we did a bunch of around the house stuff. Ron installed a ceiling fan, go Ronnie! And I rearranged the living room. *sigh* Just another crazy family weekend.

I am so looking forward to my "alone" time today. My torch is calling!!


Lorelei said...

Hey Kerry!
Do you happen to know when this Easy Wire will be available on shelves?

Kerry said...

End of September Lorelei!

Lori G said...

Congrats on the new pub. I saw your wire book in a bead store while on a weekend vacation in Sedona and I picked it up. :) Thought you might like to know that not only are you in the biggie book stores but the little nooks and crannies too. :)

Lori Anderson Designs said...

Oh! OH! I'm in that one, too! If you click the link, mines the one with the river rocks! Holy cow, I didn't know it was out!

Of course your stuff is always way cooler!

Laura Blanck said...

Congratulations on your new book! Maybe I win another one like I did with WIRE STYLE... The book arrived! Lovely! Gorgeous! Superb!
I'm sending a thank you package to your address, watch the mail....
THANK YOU THANK YOU AGAIN, Laura Blanck from Openstudio.