Monday, September 29, 2008

Can We Make It Be Sunday Again

Oh no... watch out... here comes a cliche why-every-one-hates-Mondays post. LOL. Ugh, did I have a heck of a time wanting to get outta bed this morning. The weather here has definitely made the switch to "Fall". Nights are getting down in the chilly 40s and having a big fluffy down comforter makes snuggling up against the cold so much easier. And it makes wanting to wake up so much harder. Oh well, I am up now (more then a half hour later then usual), coffee in hand (though it is going cold), the kids are out to school (but I don't actually know if Jacob got breakfast... when I wake up late, so does he, and he almost missed the bus), and I have a full day ahead.

I have just two days left before I need to have 5 projects with tutorials in the mail to Interweave Press. Deadlines sure to creep up on ya, don't they? I have felt so out of my beading groove lately. I fell like I am sitting at the torch for hours and only getting a few beads made. I think my most productive torch session in the past two weeks had me making a whooping 8 beads. Finally, Saturday and yesterday, I got in a groove. I am getting done what needs getting done and I am really happy with the results! YOOHOO, happy with the results hasn't been something I am saying much lately either, so that is a good feeling.

Today's pics are little sneaky previews of two of the five projects heading out of here. I would show you the "pretty" shots of them but then I would have to kill you. Oh stop, I am kidding, I wouldn't kill you, but still am not gonna show you. The previews are a nice bright way to start a Monday morning though.

OH, I almost forgot... I think I can tell you the BIG NEWS I have been hiding!! But, not until tomorrow or Wednesday. LOL, sorry... but hey, that is soon, right? I hope the build up is worth it. I know I think it is.

Okay, time to go clean my basement up. I have a new front loading washing machine being delivered today!! How fun is that?!? I get to wash things, WOO HOO!! (I hope you realise the huge amount of sarcasm that is oozing from those statements.)


Michele H said...

Hey Kerri. I love the colors. Those hollows are gorgeous. Good luck on meeting your deadline. I hate deadlines. Can't wait to hear what the secret is.

Kristen said...

I'm having a Monday morning like yours but reading your blog just made me laugh and now I feel as though I can go on and get some stuff done! The Beads are so cool, as always!! Love them, can't wait to hear the BIG NEWS!! Hope you have a productive day! I'm wishing the same for myself. :)

SueBeads said...

I love the hollow beads - wonderful! I also love the colorful little links you made on the big discs!

Christine said...

Waiting anxiously for the BIG NEWS! I love your hollows and the always use the best colors!

Jo said...

Love the beautiful hollows
Stop teasing us!! I can't cope!! (can you imagine what I was like as a child before Christmas lol!)

rosebud101 said...

Love the beads! I can hardly wait to hear the news!

Deb said...

Mmmmm - Mondays!! ;o)
I love the hollows - totally adore the disks & thoroughly appreciate the sarcasm about washing -lol!

Can't wait to hear the BIG NEWS - I'm sure it will have been worth the wait.

Lori Anderson Designs said...

I loooooove snuggling under covers when it's cold. Which is probably why I keep the house ice cold in the summer!

BTW, I'm loving and WANTING that disk necklace!