Thursday, September 18, 2008

Combating Color Causing Crap

I have decided that the best way to combat the color moping I was doing yesterday if and when it returns in the future is to work with some really really expensive glass, LOL. The glass I ordered on Monday arrived around lunch time on Wednesday. In with the Sangre, Kryptonite, Evil Queen, and Pink Champagne was a half pound of something called "Pandora".

I have shown you silver glass beads in the past. Silver glass is an American made glass that contains silver in the rods. The silver forms crystals or something under the surface, blooming and effecting the colors that the beads become. THESE beads use R4 Picasso Blue silver glass, and THIS necklace is made with beads using Double Helix's Terra silver glass. Since making the switch to my Bobcat torch last year, I have had problems getting the silver glasses to react the way they should. In fact, I have been getting no reaction at all and the beads stay the same colors as the rods. It is frustrating, but I don't have the time to experiment for hours with a million and one different torch settings and hope to get it right.

Anyway, I was ordering glass at and saw that Reenie had added the category "Double Helix Glass" to her side bar. I am so out of the silver glass loop that I didn't even know it was being distributed by shops other then the maker's, LOL. But wait... I am even farther out of the loop then that. So, I am scrolling through all the different Double Helix glass colors and I come across this Pandora stuff. It is gorgeous! At least in the puck (little glob of glass that shows the color, kinda like a swatch) is gorgeous. The description says it is easy to use. I decide, hey, I'll give it a try. What could it hurt? I can just sell the rods if I don't like it.

I don't think another thing of it... then yesterday the box of glass arrived. The 13 rods of transparent mossy green looking glass that I paid $50 (1/2lb) for was so intriguing. I decided to give it a try. It is a "striking" glass. But it is very different then say striking red or striking orange, which strike in the flame, this strikes in the KILN! I had to change the settings on the kiln so that the beads would soak at 960degrees for FOUR HOURS then slowly cool down to room temp over several hours. I decided to make hollows. I have a very special necklace that needs to get made, and it needs hollows. Plus I have been having colapsing hollow frustration so I decided to do hollows.

Want to stop wasting glass? Like I said above, use really really expensive glass. Knowing the cost of this glass made me slow down and really work on my hollow form. It made me keep working it until it was right, instead of setting it down and wasting it. I am happy I took the time to figure that out. I think I need to do it with other colors too... slow down... get it right.

So, after my couple hours on the torch, I decided to hop over to and see if there was a show and tell for this glass. I figured there had to be tons of beads made with it since I am always the last to the silver glass party. There was a thread alright. LOL. Turns out this glass was JUST released, last week. It is the latest and greatest. It is the hottest thing. Everyone wants it. Look at me and my on the ball self, lol. I got some of the must have stuff!! Now let's hope I get a reaction.

As I mentioned, these beads change in the kiln. When they go into the kiln they are transparent mossy green, then, as the hours pass, you can check on them and see if they are changing. I love the washed over river rock look to these. They are almost ceramic looking... sorta raku-ish. I am thrilled with the result. And I love that they are BIG hollows too. I get the chunky size with lots of color effects but without the bulk. Too cool. The photos really don't do these beads any justice. They are so unique. I just love 'em. I haven't been this excited to run down to the studio at the crack of dawn to pull things outta the kiln in months.

I am gonna play with this some more!


Anonymous said...

I love those beads. They're awesome. Just so you know that beads put a smile on my face as I sit here at work checking emails and stuff because for the 5th day, we are still without power and will be for another week. No power in the summer in Houston is not fun. Thanks to Ike!
Thanks for putting a smile on my face and getting a "oooohhh, ahhhh" out of me.


SueBeads said...

They are fantastic. You are a pandora guru, too!

Shannon said...

WOW! I love those beads and can't wait to see what special piece they are for!

MsBaubles (AliBaubles) said...

Oooooh those beads are so yummy......I hope you make a couple of extra ones and sell them....hint hint :)

Anonymous said...

They are vab u luss
especially like the purple, green, red colors. Those are the kinds that I love to handle and admire.

Anonymous said...

The new glass beads are amazing. Way to go, Kerry! (high five) See what a little patience can do... I'm still learning to slow down and enjoy's tough. I can't wait to see what you create with them.

ellen said...

Those beads are killer. Love the whole look.

Kathy said...

I love love love those beads Kerry. I agree with alibaubles about making extra ones,

Lori Anderson Designs said...

These are so outside your normal box! I love them! I want them!