Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Holiday Recap

Why is it that half the time I don't have a thing to say and the other times I am busting at the seems with things to tell you? And now, I have so many things that I am going to forget things. We'll do a daily recap and see if I hit every thing...

The Gushing Contest started and my stars, how fun was that?!? I thought it was great reading all the things that people had on their minds. And I was kinda surprised more of you didn't comment!! I guess y'all like the easier, just-draw-a-name, kid of giveaways. You'll have one of those eventually. Oh, go check out Parallel Crossings!! I finally posted after a month of waiting!! Cassie and I will kick things into high gear once I can get my kids out the door to school.

I also spent Friday recovering from book club the night before. I was a tired lazy bum most of Friday thanks to my girls. LOL. Let's just say... 10 women... 2 1/2 hours... 8 bottles of wine. It was a blast. And for those of you following along with our reading... I picked 5 books for the vote. They were The Red Tent, Walked In Love, Twilight, Tell No One and Catcher In The Rye (I am to lazy today to get links for you, just amazon them, they come right up). The vote was close. It was between Twilight and Catcher In The Rye. Cather In The Rye was the winner.

You know, a minute ago each day of the past 4 days was clear as a bell in my head, now, for the life of me I can't remember a thing. This is why I am convinced that I will suffer from dementia and memory loss as an elderly person.

Oh, I remember, I made beads on Saturday... FOR YOU GALS!! I am thinkin' I'll update the Bead Box on Friday. Stay tuned for that.

We also had friends over on Saturday. It was so much fun. Great friends, great food, great conversations... screaming wild kids roasting s'mores and nearly burning each other... it was a blast.

Sunday: (by far the best day of the holiday weekend)
Even though I was up very late Saturday night, I woke up extra early to hitch a ride with my Mom, Dad and sister out to the Avon Flea Market. It is about a half hour from here. It is a weekend event all summer and fall long. You can find all sorts of junk and antiques (plus really crappy mass produced garbage from China being displayed in banana boxes, you don't want to get me started on that). I loved wandering around the stalls. It was funny though, when with my Mom, Bonnie and I are no longer 28 & 30... we are 4 & 6. We have to go were our Mom tells us with no wandering off. LOL.

I scored some great treasures at the flea market. I found two, really cool, white and turquoise Hager pottery pieces (only one shown in photo). I got a fantastic brass door knob. I am actually starting a door knob collection. I want to mount them on cool face plates and make coat hooks out of them (to which my sister replied "why do you have to have so many good ideas?"). I also bought a neat piece of milk glass, The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood (copyright 1966, beautiful illustrations) and an old oak table. Wanna know how much I spent? Pottery: $6 Knob: $3 Book: $1 Table:$8 Milk Glass: $3... acquisitions editing for $21 ROCKS!!

Saturday afternoon was Jacob's first football game of the season. All I can say is Sudden. Death. Overtime. The kids were awesome. It was the most exciting game I have ever been to. And the Warriors won in OT... 12-6! YOO HOOO!!!!

We have a Labor Day tradition of going to the last Rochester Red Wings game of the year downtown. The kids love it. We eat tons of junk food and watch a ballgame. It's great. But before that... I got acquainted with Ron's bench top grinder. I spent most of the morning before the game and most of the evening after the game working on that grinder. I am not ready to show you that project yet. I think it deserves a whole post to itself. I'll give you this hint though... it's something for the kitchen.

And now you are caught up.

Tomorrow is the first day of school and I am jumping out of my skin with excitement. I can't wait to get back to my normal work routine of 3 hours at the torch every afternoon in peace and quiet. I will miss my quiet mornings though with the kids sleeping in until 9:30 - 10:00. That will be replaced with 3 different bus pick ups. Jacob leaves at 8am, Andrew at 8:20 and Lauren at Noon. ugh. But we'll find a good groove.

Today will be spent doing some last minute back to school things. Andrew could use some new sneakers, Jacob's locker still needs setting up and he has homework he didn't do yet, and Miss Lauren needs to pick out an outfit for tomorrow.


Jo said...

Glad you had a good weekend! Good luck for tomorrow - it's the first day of the school year here in most of the UK too, but my little boy doesn't have his first day of pre-school until 16th.

I would have gushed, but you said to say which state you live in. There were some great comments.

Anne said...

These are great treasures! So what did you spray paint turquoise?

Michele H said...

My 12 year old son insisted on using $10 of his own money to buy Twilight because he'd heard about it from all his friends. I reluctantly let him buy it and when my husband saw the suggestive cover he got concerned about what the book might be about. So when my son devoured the book in a few days, I read it myself. I'm actually reading the sequel right now myself. We've got books 3 & 4 on the way from Amazon right now. So I'd recommend Twilight.

Holly said...

i am so jealous of the flea market finds!

grandmacarnes said...

I am lusting after that avon perfume bottle, I collect them!!! Not just avon ones, but perfume bottles!