Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Old Friends

I would like to introduce you to Lammy, Pooh, and Dutch Girl. This trio has spent most of the my near 31yr life with my Mom. Yesterday, though, Mom thought it was time that they finally get to come back to living with me.

Lammy has been mine since birth. And look... my head still fits on her... just like it used to. Pooh is wearing a shirt I wore when I was a baby. Check out those stripes! And yes, he has had to have his mouth repairs a few times over the years. Dutch Girl is from my Great Grandmother, Cornelia. She (and my Great Grandfather) were off the boat immigrants from Holland. Great Grandma lived until I was in about 3rd grade. I remember spending the day with her before she passed away in her sleep later that night. My doll used to have a "dutch" inspired outfit but has long since lost them and some time ago she got dressed in one of Jacob's baby sleepers. No, I didn't cut her hair... it has always been like that. I can still remember the box she came in too.

I love having these three back with me. They are sitting in a chair and when my eyes fall on them I find it so comforting. It makes me stop and take a deep breath and then a little sigh. I am wondering what animals will be my kids' favorites? Is it just a girl thing? Lauren is attached at the hip to a monkey named "Gaston"... but the boys, not so much. Andrew has a whole pile of teddy bears that he lines up on his bed from time to time but no one is especially special. Jacob, nada.

Anyway... just a little childhood flashback for a minute. LOL... I like those.


Betsy said...

I used to have a lamb, too! I need to ask my mom where it is!! Like you, I am 50% dutch...dutch letters, st nick cookies...tulips, oyster stew on Christmas Eve...

Leslie said...

I have a Pooh bear just like that. From Sears. His mouth is "missing" in places and his shirt is gone too, BUT his music box still works and my 3 year old just loves him! She turns the music box knob on his butt and makes up her own words about Pooh bear! Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year!


Holly said...

It must be a girl thing. I still have Pete, my puppy dog my aunt gave me when I was born. I have my Piglet, and I also have Miss Mousie. Mousie was a handmade mouse with a dress and apron full of strawberries and one baby mouse. I thought she was the most beautiful thing ever.

I love Lammy!