Monday, December 01, 2008

Right Back Atcha

Yeah, time out is done! I can't tell you how many times my inner 3 year old was saying "can I get out now!?!" But, my inner Momma was saying... "not until the timer goes off". LOL. And I am glad that Momma stuck to her guns and made me stay in time out. It turns out, I needed that time out more then I knew.

I am guessing you want a time out events recap. Unfortunately, I don't think there is much to tell. I kept busy. A lot of time spent finishing up the kitchen... a lot of time with family... pretty much no school for the kids... a big Thanksgiving dinner... and then more time in the kitchen. I got to make beads only once all week. And I took only one nap all week. LOL.

Speaking of the kitchen, here is where we are right now!

The kitchen as it was when I last showed you an update.

The kitchen as of about 6pm yesterday.

Look at that mess!! Yes, the remains of a deep fried chicken eaten to the bones is on the stove. The sink is over flowing with dishes. Their is a bright pink bucket of tile mastic and about 2/3rds of the tiles set on the back splash. I have decided that if this art jewelry gig ever falls through, I am going to become a professional tile setter. I discovered that tile setting is a very soothing thing for me. It feeds both my obsessive compulsive side and my artistic side. The OCD in me gets to make lots of straight lines, and my artistic side gets to swirl the mastic in a beautiful way. *sigh*

It took forever to pick out the tiles. I wanted these really pretty seafoam blue/green tiles, but Ron didn't think they matched the counter tops. And he was right. So we decided to go with something more neutral. We went with this accent stripe all the way around base. I really wanted to get some glass tiles in there some where. Being a glass artist, there should be glass in this project some where. We found these at Lowes. They came in sheets that were 12x12in. I cut the sheets into 12x3in strips. You could buy just the 12x3in strips but they would have been $6 each... buying the sheet and cutting them ourselves shave about $2 a strip, because the big 12x12in sheets were about $16. So, our accent stripe cost about $120. Had we tiled the WHOLE back splash in those little squares, it would have been more then $500. Doing things this way made the project cost about $150 in tiles.

And here is where we are this morning. I'll be popping out those little green spacer thingies this afternoon and grouting everything tonight. (gotta let it finish setting) Then, later this week, I'll be painting the walls and then... we done!! It has taken longer then I expected, but not too bad. A full kitchen remodel in just over three weeks is a big accomplishment in my mind. LOL.

Okay... still to come this week... I have BOOK NEWS for you, YOO HOOO!!... I am going to be working on Bead Box Beads all week and I'll be posting them early next week... I have a new bracelet design I am working on too... and then there is knitting projects in the work too. Oh, and not to mention the holiday shopping that has already started!! Check out I love this place!! I put together an art set for each of my kids, complete with their own sketchbook. My favorite item... the Watercolor Ecopencils. Yea, you draw with the pencils then go in with a wet paint brush and turn it into a watercolor!! How cool is that?!?


Jennifer said...

So glad you're back, Kerry! Your kitchen is rockin'!!!

Betsy said...

your kitchen looks great! I agree, tile work is pretty cool, not so sure about grouting!

Anne said...

Yay! It looks awesome - so fresh and new. And at your height the accent stripe is what you see the most anyway. Wish we could have gotten together over Thanksgiving but the doc said no travel, so we had to cancel our NY trip. Next time I come up we can go for margaritas!

grandmacarnes said...

I love to redo rooms, the after photos are the best!!! Thanks for sharing this with us.......I love it.

Carmen Isaacs said...

Wow your time out was just far too long for me.....glad you are back!

Kristen said...

Great job on the Kitchen Kerry! It looks wonderful! You are inspiring me to do some "projects" around here that are in desperate need of doing! Glad you are back and had a nice rest period! :)

Cindy said...

Hi Kerry
Welcome back! I'm going to go check out that website link you posted...I was just in the market for a portfolio and some supplies for my little artist (Collin).

Yee said...

Yum...those smencils would be perfect....if I wasn't 33 years old!

Kerry said...

Awe, thanks everyone... it is nice to know I was missed!!

Anne... YES!! Margaritas when you are up (and done being preggers)!!

Cindy... I got the colored pencils, the tringle graphite penciles, some smenciles, soy crayons, the watercolor pencils... and more!! I spent way way way too much.

Yee... why can't a grown up have smencils!!! I saw order 'em and keep in the studio for writing notes to buyers :)