Wednesday, December 03, 2008

What I Want For Christmas...

Just in case my Mom, Sister, or Husband was wondering what I would like to see under the Christmas Tree...

And it is delicious eye candy too!

Vintage Pyrex Casserole - I love the color!!
Metal Roller Skates - These sold already but I still love 'em. (a cool decorating find)
Candy Apple Coffee Table - Pricey, but I think it would ROCK in my living room.
Multi Stripe Strip Quilt - OGM... fan-fraking-tastic!
Yellena Prints - I think a trio of these, framed, would be a great touch to the kitchen.
Wood Grain Plate - So cool.
Sleek Bubble Bustier - I could pull this off.
Something from Jessica Doyle - Everything is fabulous in this shop.
Mad Hatter Tea Cup - I bet my morning coffee would be even better in one of these.
Autumn Waste Not Scarf - I love these colors no matter what the season.
A Wacky Wall Clock - in lime please.
Vintage Scarf Bedspread - yeah, I am so looking for scarfs and making one of these.

Now this is a pretty lofty list. It's a few of my favorite things. But, no, I don't actually expect to get a $500 bedspread... lol. Hey, it's Christmas... a girl can dream!

Feel free to post links to a few of your favorite things in the comments!! What are you wishing for? *I mean, apart from peace and joy in the world, lol*


Shannon said...

I want a large sum in gift cards for Etsy. It has become my new obsession!

Cindy said...

Wow, I love the stuff you have listed. My DH can make furniture, and he could make the clock! Such neat things. I love quilts, too. My mother makes them, has for years.

Holly said...

I want these rain boots- really, really, really badly.

Anonymous said...

I loved your wish list.
I have some things on Etsy that I want. I am redoing my bedrrom in Chocolate/turquoise. I love these items

Tammy M

Yvette said...

Thanks for the link to Yellena those prints are beautiful - definitely putting them on my list for Santa!