Friday, January 09, 2009

My Cat Killed My Mouse

LOL... so, I was down in the studio yesterday, (My studio is right under the living room, so I can hear everything happening in the living room while I am down there. ) and I hear my computer reboot. It is a laptop, so it was like someone opened the laptop.

I call upstairs... "hey, whatcha doing?"

Lauren's little voice calls back to me... "I'm seein' what time it is."

Yes, my 5 yr old fashionista is also a techie and knows that there is a clock in the corner of her Momma's laptop. What a smart little girl.

So I continue to coil away on the latest bracelet for the book when suddenly, I hear it again. My computer rebooting. And then again... and again. Weird! I head upstairs to find out what the heck is going on. What did I find?

R U S T Y.

Yeah, my keypad happens to be Rusty's favorite place to take one of his cat naps, to walk randomly when he has nothing better to do, to pounce on from across the room, and otherwise attack yet love.

I shoo him away, close the laptop, and bring it with me down to the studio. I needed to edit the tutorial I was working on anyway. (Yeah, I write it, then I make it according to what I wrote, and then make corrections as needed to make sure it is just right.) I plug it in on my desk, open it up, listen to it boot up for the 6th time is about 10minutes, and wait to open my document. The desktop comes up and I wiggle my finger on the touch pad to move the mouse...

nada... it didn't move... grrrr.

But hey, the laptop is a few years old. It has it's quirks. It does the no-moving-mouse-thing from time to time. A simple (proper) reboot and it comes back. I ctrl,alt,del my way to a reboot.... wait for the desktop to come back up again, and again... NOTHING!!

Why the heck won't my mouse work?

I tried again, and again, and again. Four reboots, still no mouse. I call Ron in a panic, and he wonders how I expect him to fix it while he is at work and I am at home. He suggested that I get the wireless mouse and try that. I shrug that off... I would have to find it first, and then find batteries. That would take at least 10minutes, and several trips up and down the stairs. So what do I do instead? I update my facebook status to reflect the dire situation and go take a shower.

Although I back up a copy of the book regularly, my laptop is the only computer (of the four we have in the house) that has MS Word on it. If I have no laptop... I can't open my document and work on my book!


It hadn't dawned on me... the funny irony of my situation until I did that update... yes, my cat killed my mouse. LOL.

Eventually, I got it working again. Turns out he turned off the touch pad with just the right combination of button clicking when he layed on the keys. Clever cat. I ended up putting him in time out in Andrew's room, lol. He is lucky he wasn't stuck outside in a snowbank.


LLYYNN said...

That is the funniest story I have heard - I work in IT and I just have to tell it around here, it made me laugh and laugh!!

I sometimes turn off my mousepad on my laptop, it takes quite a bit to do it - your cat is one smart feline! LOL

Kristen said...

I'll say he's smart! Kinda like the kids who come in and open things on the computer that I have no idea how to do! :) Great story!

Shannon said...

Too funny!

I had to call the Help Desk at work one day. A book fell on my keyboard and the screen flipped 90 degrees. It took an IT professional 30 min. to fix it!

Jo said...

I used to teach IT, and our school tech had to spend hours one day turning all the screens in a couple of labs 90 degrees back to how they're supposed to be - I asn't the culprit, honest! Why on earth did MS give windows the ability to turn 90 degrees in the first place?!

Leslie said...

Send him over to Gerty....that will put him to rights. Ha ha! Great story! Thanks for sharing!