Monday, January 05, 2009


Thank Goodness It's MONDAY!!!

YOO HOOOOO!!! The kids are back to school. A moment longer and I may have run away in the night. Just kidding. But it was a pretty rough two weeks. We had a stomach bug run through all three kids and Ron too. Along with that, we have had a pretty rough go with a transition in Andrew's meds. I told you before the holiday how we were weaning one and starting a new. Well, the new one brought out a very agitated, aggressive and mean side of Andrew's bi-polar that we haven't ever seen before. He would be happy as a lark one minute then screaming in your face the next. I know it is going to take time to figure out what is going to work for him, but in the meantime, things really just suck.

I worked hard all week trying to find the good in the day or the hour or the minute. It can be tough when you are walking around on egg shells trying not to set off another explosion. Some days I was able to do it better then others. LOL. I tried to plan things to do with the kids to keep them busy and distracted. That was hard to do too! The best day of vacation was definitely the last day. We had a very fun few hours at the local park (we are just about 5 miles from it). It has loads of hills for sledding and snowboarding.

Our friends, The L Family, that I mention all the time (lol), joined us for the fun. The hills can be very wind blown (thus the gras peaking through), the park is just a few hundred yards from the lake, but there was plenty of the white stuff packed and ready to run down. After the sledding, we ordered up Chinese food (the kids' favorite!) for dinner and watched How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

Then... I pulled out a copy of my book contract to double check my due date on the manuscript. I signed it a few months ago, but had the vague recollection that it is due the third week in January. I had the date January 19th drilled into my head... NOPE!! Things are due the 16th!! I know, you're thinking, "Kerry, it is just three days difference." Yeah, but those three days is a weekend, where I would have Ron around helping me get lots of work done. Basically, I have the next 8-9 days to get it done. Then it needs to be in the mail. If I am a little random in my posting between now and then, you'll have to forgive me.

Speaking of which... I hear that word document calling my name right now. Time to get back to work!!


Holly said...

I love your hat!
I hope that in your year of no art shows you will make buttons for those of us who have had their Robin's Egg hats in their queues forever waiting to find the perfect button. *cough cough*

Kristen said...

Kerry, you have a lovely family! Looks like you had fun sledding. I leave that to my husband, I am FAR too much of a wimp to stand outside! Mine went back to school today too... yes! :)