Thursday, January 29, 2009

Loss For Words

I got nothin'.


I have been at a total loss about what to blog about since yesterday morning. So now the lack of something to blog is the blog. Goodness. I had special plans for yesterday afternoon and the 12inches of snow that fell during the day had me rescheduling. The snow totally threw off my blogging plans. Now that post won't happen until the 9th.

So what did I do instead yesterday?

I knitted. Is knitted a word? I finished the sweater I started two weeks ago! I would share pictures, but I think I hate how it turned out. LOL. OH NO!! I tried it on and it was just so boxie and the cap sleeves were stiff and felt like giant 80s shoulder pads. I have it blocking now. It is so so so big. The measurement from the under arm to the hip went from 15in to 21in!! If it wears like it looks like it will from how it is blocking then there is still hope. I might deside I like it.

The cancelled plans was strike one yesterday and the sweaterw as mood strike two. Another thing is computer woes. Ron bought me a new laptop my Christmas. My old one is a hand me down we bought off a friend that has already died on more then one occassion. I have been working on transferring data and photos. Making a slow and easy transition. About three days ago I started working on the new laptop full time. Yesterday I was messing around tring to change something that was bugging me. Don't ask me what. And by evening, I messed things up enough that I had to do a system restore. Don't ya know, I deleted all that stuff I had spent so long transferring. Now all my pictures need to be moved, again. And favorites need to be resaved, again. Strike THREE... I am OUT!!

I try not to dewl on crap. I try to stay positive. My friend and her kids came by for an afternoon playdate. I case on new project that already has me inspired (photos coming soon) and I lost myself in watching LOST last night. All in all, I think the day turned itself around. I woke up this morning eager to do a few more rows on my project, excited for the torch time that is coming this afternoon, and I am getting to have a visit from my Godson, Ben too.

I guess I wasn't at a loss for words after all. *sigh*


Meredith said...

I hope you'll let us see the sweater - I was thinking of trying to make one myself and would appreciate any tips you have. Are you going to make your own buttons for it?? That would be so cool...

LLYYNN said...

In the knitting wisdom of the east - East Texas, that is - it's always best to reserve opinion about a knitted project (yes, knitted is a word!) until after blocking. Kind of like not judging the success of a cake until after icing, or a haircut until after washing and styling.

The yarn relaxes, it finds its way to the place it wants to be. I need to find a personal substitute for 'blocking' - it sounds lucious.