Monday, July 06, 2009


Ya know how on TV shows that are all about well coordinated attack plans after the operation is complete the characters have to go and be "debriefed"? Well, that is what I am doing now. I am debriefing you on the details from Operation AEIOU.

I literally woke up Thursday morning, rolled over in bed, saw the rain, and said to Ron "we should remodel the bathroom this weekend". We have been talking about it for weeks now, we weren't sure if we would remodel the bathroom first, paint the exterior of the house, or put hardwood floors in the living room. As the weather has slowly gotten warmer, and more humid... that bathroom has started to smell nastier and nastier. That is nasss teeee... emphasis on the nas and the tee. Just gross. All the bleach in the world can't keep that room in line. It was time to gut it.

demolition 1

demolition 3

We were able to get all the demolition done on Thursday. The cabinet and sink came out first, then the tiles, then the toilet. When everything was out and vacuumed we assessed the situation. There was a two foot ring of rot around the toilet and that had to go. We removed the first layer... found more rot... removed the next layer... found more rot... we had to strip the floor down to the rafters. And yes, we had to hold our breaths the entire time.

demolition 4

After the floor was repaired, we gave up for the day. I would have been happy to keep working, but that is just because I am really a very impatient three year old trapped in an adult body. Ron went golfing, and I worked on replacing the light fixture on Friday. Cool thing about the fixture, when we were at Lowes picking out all our stuff, we picked this light that was on clearance. Regular price was $68, marked down to $53. We get to the register and it rings up $3.53. YEAH!! Three bucks for my new light!! Makes me love it even more.

new light fixture

Saturday, by far, was the more difficult day. Ron and I have personalities that really don't mesh on projects. We both have ideas on how things should be done and we don't give an inch. We bicker and fight until someone says "I quit, do it yourself". So, even though it was a holiday, we busted our butts, screamed and yelled a lot, then both gave up for the day and went to a party instead. The problem was the plumbing. Nothing is standard anything in this house. Pipes that should be 1/2'' are 3/8''... knobs that should turn the water off, don't turn it off all the way. It really is a nightmare. And I have tons of photos from that part of the process but they disappeared from the camera!! I think it is the kids fault. They were playing Wii and needed batteries, they took the rechargeables out of my camera, and that lost the photos. I think.

Sunday, I was a sore lady. Did a little too much celebrating at the party the night before. Yeah... let's just say you shouldn't have wine and then let people talk you into having mixed drinks. (Ron was the DD.) Oh and you should probably eat at the party while you are drinking, so all that alcohol don't go straight to your head. Needless to say, Sunday was slow. But we got tons done!! The new bead board wainscoting is up, we came up with a special treatment for the mirror (we just couldn't figure out how to get it down with out shattering it), and the tiles are layed.

new tile floor 1

We even took a break and went cherry picking on Sunday afternoon. There is still more to do... finish the tiling. You can see, I am few tiles short in the corner there. I need to paint the walls, and another coat on the wainscot. And then we can replace the fixtures. I am in love with the pedestal sink we bought and I can't wait to put it in!! The toilet is a Cadet 3 Spacesaver... cool huh? More then you ever needed to know. And then, I have an idea for a new shower curtain too, though the kids really like this one, so we'll see.

admiring the floor 2

This is going to be a crazy week ahead!! More about that tomorrow...


Eileen said... crazy as it sounds you've got a great start for an amazing week ahead...can't wait to see the finished result of all this hard work...

Ellen said...

I'm so excited for you with your new bathroom. Yucky old stinky stuff gone, gone, gone.

Kristen said...

Good job Kerry! When you get on a roll you stick with it! Can't wait to see the end result! Oh and by the way, I'm taking you with me to Lowes next time I go... you always find the good bargains!! Love the light! :)

Cindy said...

Hey Kerry
WHAT a weekend! You got SO much accomplished. Loved the pictures...they say 1,000 words. Glad you had time to party and going cherry picking amidst all that work!

Cindy said...

Love the photos, keep them coming!

TesoriTrovati said...

That was one weekend of work?!??! That would be at least one month in my house... and maybe a little marriage therapy thrown in! Kudos to you for the perseverence (especially in the face of hangover Sunday!). It is looking great (and I am sure that it smells better toO!) Enjoy the day! Erin

sandi said...

Kerry - You always amaze me with how you tackle a project and get it done soooo fast!!
I've been there with an old bathroom - used to have baby-poo brown wall tiles. Now it's all sparkly white.
Can't wait to see the final pix....