Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tales of The Taping

(aka... what happened on Thursday?)

After a rather restless nervous night of sleep, I was up bright and early on Thursday. My make up was due to be done at 8am and I needed to get in early to set up (or so I thought). Running on the adrenaline of excitement along, no coffee, I was up at 6am... showered, dressed, and checked out of the hotel by 7:15am. Did you notice what I was wearing in the photo with Jean yesterday? Yep... SueBeads, come collect your give-away prize! I did end up wearing the same top that I wore in the head shots I had done a few months back. Sue, just send me an email with your address, I will get a goodie in the mail to you.

Now back to the tale.

The Beechwood Studios are just around the corner from the hotel we were all staying at. I was there bright and early, ready to get my stuff set and make up on. But, um, yeah, I was a little over eager I think, lol. No one else was there yet but a fella named Billy that was setting up the set.

the set 1

the set 2

Slowly but surely everyone else started to trickle in. I set my things up on a huge shiny silver tray in the green room (makes for easy switching of 'stuff' after each segment is finished) and then, I waited... and waited... and waited. The order got mixed around and instead of being first on the make up list, I was third. I didn't mind. I got to hang out in the green room and chat more with the other artists and see the goodies they would be showing.

melanies stuff in the green room

Melanie was there to talk about Steampunk. I am sure you have heard of it. If not... just ask her, she is an expert! In fact, she wrote an article for Beadwork magazine all about it (though, I can't seem to find a link, sorry). And Jean has a new book coming out about Steampunk style jewelry. Cool huh?

jean on set

Jean was the first to film. She has been on the show a few times and the producer thought it was a good idea to have her go first so us newbies could have a good example. GREAT IDEA!! Jean, though she said she gets nervous, was wonderful. She is so knowledgeable about the things she talks about. You can tell she is the kind of person that likes knowing about what she talks about, she reads about... finds out more... finds out all she can. You know what I mean? And if she isn't that way... she sure has me fooled! I think she is awesome, can you tell?

getting ready 1

Soon it was my turn! A big thanks to Diane Hawkey for running around the set while I was setting up and snapping pictures for me. You know, I didn't really know what my make up looked like until I got home and downloaded all the photos. HA! I don't wear make up. If I do, it isn't more then a line of eye shadow and some mascara. This is for two reasons, I am allergic to everything and I can't wear a ton of make up and two... I am lazy about it. I think I have fairly nice skin, I don't want to cake on a lot of product. I am pony tail and jeans kinda girl. I told that to the make up artist, who has been in the biz for more the 30 years!, and she said she would keep it light and clean. Her work on everyone was wonderful. Just a shock to my system, though. And looking at the photos, I feel like I look like Weeble, with a spare tire of a belly, that got made up like a China doll. Oh well. I am who I am, right?

katina and me

This is me, with the show's host, Katina. Just so you know, I hate this picture... so moving on.

getting ready 2

Set up took about 5 mins. Then, the producer sat on a stool in front of Katina and me and said "so talk me through what we are doing". We basically made up the script right there on the spot. It is funny... they tell you not to look at the camera and just pretend like you were having a conversation right before Katina turns and says "I am here today with...". So we are looking at each other and nodding, but we weren't saying anything, lol. Would you believe we shot my segment in one take? YEAH! JUST ONE!! But oh how I wanted another one!! Things went fine, everyone said I was a natural (though I think they were just saying that), I sat and talked to Katina and showed her how I make a fun pendant from my book. We did it all with about 10seconds to spare. Which is good, because they are going to need to edit in a cover shot of my book. I was supposed to have the book there on the table to show as reference, but the cover isn't ready yet.

The entire thing was 15 mins. I drove four hours, went to dinner, stayed in a hotel, got up at 6am, had make up done and stressed about what to wear... all for 15min. But it is MY 15mins and I so loved it.

Now, I could have left at 11am and drove back home to NY. Could have had my tile floor grouted by dinner and been lounging in the back yard with a glass of wine, BUT NO WAY!! Nothing was gonna make me miss seeing the other gals do their bits. (I did have to wash the make up off, lol... my eyes started to burn and water... told ya I was allergic to everything.)

Melanie was up next. I think she was the most nervous of us all. But I could be wrong. She was so quiet in the green room. She did really great though. She showed this really cool trick to taking a bead made of natural brass and popping it open and using it to set a cabochon. Which has me thinking.... hmmmm? What is there was a Steampunk carnival and I was the ring master? What kind of wild and crazy colorful, yet dingy and tooled kinda jewelry would I wear? There would definitely be stripes involved... and spray paint...

melanie on monitor in green room 1

diane on set 2

Diane was up after Melanie and I LOVE this picture!! Diane was doing a clay segment about how to make one of her signature heart beads with a special word on it. She kept having to wash the clay off her hands.

Once the tapings wrapped up, we were treated to lunch at the studio. The four of us, Jean, Melanie, Diane and I sat up in the atrium for a while after everyone left and talked. Diane has the very best estate sale story ever. Jean told us about how hard it is to get books published these days. It was such good conversation. I love those ladies. :)

Jean Diane Kerry Melanie in the green room

And here is where my tale winds down. After lunch it was time to hit the road and head back home. There is a rest stop on I90 between Erie PA and Buffalo NY. I stopped there on my way down to Cleveland and then again on the way back. On the way down, I had a plain ol' bathroom stall with no graffiti, but on the way home... when I was feeling yucky about the outfit I chose, and my chubby cheeks... my bathroom stall said this...

rest stop bathroom stall message

Funny how the universe throws things at you.


SueBeads said...

GREAT story!!!!!

Christine said...

Oh Kerry! The whole thing looks just wonderful! I hope I can catch the show when it is on...

BTW, you looked great, those colors are perfect on you. And the picture you said you hate? Well, I like it, so there.

And isn't it funny how we sometimes get exactly what we need in life? Perfect.

Congratulations on your latest achievement! I can't wait for your book!

SassyStoppers said...

Thank you for sharing Kerry!! It's so exciting!!!!

You are beautiful :)

"Thoughts become things....choose the good ones" :)

sandi said...

Great story!! And you look simply wonderful with makeup, really.
Jean is teaching in Chgo next week - too bad, I don't do seed beading - would luv to meet her.

BTW - congratulations! I read elsewhere that you have an HM in the "Stars"...

Eileen said...

i love that you shared your experience with us...awesome...
you looked beautiful...i hope to be able to tape the show so i can watch it...

SueBeads said...

Hey Kerry - I tried to send you an email but it got returned with the message that your mailbox is full!!! Send me one so I can reply to you - sue(at)suebeads(dot)com


Lara Lutrick said...

Loved your story and the pictures. Do you know when it airs? Just love your work.

Ellen said...

What a wonderful experience. Can't wait to see it - make sure you let us know the air date.

TesoriTrovati said...

Kerry...that is no ARE beautiful! What a wonderful adventure that you took us on. Such fun to see what an experience like that would be for someone who is nowhere near that sort of thing! You looked radiant in your make-up (but I agree that you do not need it!). Enjoy the day! Erin

Kristen said...

WONDERFUL story Kerry! I'm so glad everything went so well and that you got your "15 Minutes" of fame! Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Kerry, it was so exciting to read about your experience. Glad to hear you loved every minute of it. I thought you looked great too, the shirt was perfect.

diane hawkey said...

Kerry I had a great time with you. & that picture of me with the clay hands is my favorite too!

Jenny J. said...

Kerry - thanks for sharing a great story with such a fun post! I feel like I know a celebrity with your big cover with the great rings out on my kitchen counter. :) Take care and stay beautiful and mascara-free!! haaaaaaa Jen

deevaa said...

I hope this makes your story cooler, I think the note you found was part of -- it's a website that encourages women to post anonymous notes in places that other women will find them telling them how beautiful they are.

You could submit your photo to their site.

Cindy said...

Oh, stop it! You look great.