Friday, July 24, 2009

It's Mom's... Don't Touch!

Oh how much like a spoiled child I am! Want to improve my grumpy mood? Give me a new toy!!

me and my d90

EEEEKKKKKKK!! I decided that I bitched long enough and it was time to get myself a new camera. I hemmed and hawwed for months about this, but finally bit the bullet on Monday and placed the order. My new Nikon D90 arrived yesterday morning. OH. MY. STARS. I am in camera heaven.

daisies 1

daisies 2

Honestly, I am a half-ass photographer. I don't deserve this nice a camera. I took a few photography classes in High School, so I recognize words like ISO, F-Stop, and Apature, but really, I don't know what to do to set or change them. If I want to get a certain style shot, I look up setting online, change my settings to something similar and start clicking. I learned a few tricks in college to edit photos with Photoshop, but even with editing, I don't know a lot. I am so excited to finally get to learn more. And this camera demands an owner that knows what she's doing. It said so.

wine and knitting

whiper cardigan close up

I know you are probably thinking, Kerry... the pictures from your old camera were fine. And yeah, they were okay, when on the super macro setting, but that thing couldn't take a candid to save it's life. I think it was the mega pixels, but things were grainy or blurry or just ugh. I still need to invest in a marco lense for this new camera but it takes such amazingly clear photos that I don't have to shoot as close and I can crop in without affecting the quality. Plus, the high mega pixels allows me to get good shots even in really low light. Several of the magazines I write articles for and others I would like to submit to, want images at least 300 dpi at 8.5 x 11. This camera can do that.

bedroom corner

my bed

The kids are begging to play with the camera and when told they may never touch it, they make jokes. "Hey Mom? So what would happen if I had your camera out on the deck and accidently dropped it?" to which I reply "you had better call the police before you drop it, because I will probably kill you after you drop it." I am going to give them my old camera to play with. They are most likely the reason it doesn't work great anyhow. They like to make mini movies and have let it tumble down the stairs during action sequences.

wasn't him

laurens frizzy hair

*sigh* I love taking pictures.


Christine B. said...

Oh holy moly, Kerry! You take some awesome awesome pics! Enjoy your new toy!

Kristin said...

Oh my gosh Kerry! I'm a longtime reader, but it's the first time I've commented. I just got a new D90 yesterday too. And, much like you, I don't know how to use it yet! And it definitely does demand an owner who knows what she's doing! I'll be watching your pictures with interest! I hope you enjoy your new toy as much as I am enjoying mine!

Cindy said...

Love the 'Wasn't Me' T-Shirt, LOL........I know 12 kids in my family that could wear that one!

crymson said...

oooo what a fun toy to play with! I've been playing with a D70 and it's fun and a bit intimidating. It's amazing the difference between in and my old point and shoot. =)

Jennifer Cameron said...

Awesome photos! It was definitely worth the investment. I love the all the photos, but my favorites are of the kids and the "Wasn't Me" t-shirt.The fact the kids take actions sequences by tumbling the camera down the stairs-priceless!

Holly said...

OMG Congrats! You are going to LOVE it. That is a cool camera.

Christine Damm said...

Are you sure all that artistry is only your new camera? Come on-- you are one talented photographer!

kelleysbeads said...

oh. so. jealous. I have been wanting a new camera for months. one that will take un-blurry pictures of my kids just as clearly as my macro shots. now looking for Nikon D90 & drooling. {grin}

TesoriTrovati said...

Kerry, you are sooooo not an amateur! Those are gorgeous pictures! I need to use my camera more. I love taking action shots with my long telephoto lens. I take about 500 pictures each weekend at the baseball tournaments. Our last one starts tonight and it is really rainy. I hope I can get some good shots, but the dust won't be flying when they steal! I would love to get a macro you use that for your closeup shots? I use the macro setting on my Canon but I think a special lens would be cool. Oh...and I got my mystery beads! Gorgeous! Enjoy the day! Erin

Nicki said...

Kerry, I am pretty new to your blog but I am addicted already. I feel like I want to frame the picture with the wine glass and put it in my living room. I need to say the "wasn't me" is great too. I am turning into one of your biggest fans. Nicki

Cindy said...

Your new pictures are all so amazing! Loved the flowers and the kids especially.

Jenny J. said...

Your photos are fantastic! I'm coveting the camera, of course, but moreso admiring your eye!! Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the little tidbits of your life in such an amazing and inspiring way. :)

Ellen said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I can see the "air."