Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Crafting

knitting socks
With last week's book contribution deadline behind me and the dining room project squared away, I have jumped head first into my Christmas crafting. For the past few years now, I have made an effort to hand make something special for each member of my family. The is Ron, Jacob, Andrew, Lauren, Mom, Dad, and Sister. I never officially take "The Handmade Pledge" that everyone talks about in the crafty community because there will be plenty of trips to Target in my near future, but still everyone gets *something* made by me.

Since learning to knit two Christmases ago, the ideas for things to make have really expanded. I mean seriously, how many pairs of homemade pajama pants does one kid really need? It is wonderful to have other options! Like sweaters, and hats, and mittens, and cowls, and now... SOCKS!!

I attempted to knit a pair of socks once. It was about 2 months into my knitting career, lol, and I totally sucked at it. When I would knit on double pointed needles, I would get ladders in the spaces between the two needles. My alter ego, Carrie, that likes things to be perfect couldn't stand those tiny little gaps. So, my one sock was ripped out and the yarn given to my knitting guru, Lindsey, and she knit my socks for me.

Fast forward two years, picture me and Lindsey and some other ladies sitting in the Barnes and Noble cafe after yoga last week. Lindsey pulls out a ball of yarn and in about an hour she has whipped up about 4inches of an ankle of a sock to be knit for her Dad for Christmas. The yarn was a heavier weight, not sock yarn, so it was a quicker knit. And the pattern was simple and quick to memorize. Although my alter ego was telling me "no, Kerry, don't even think about it... you get ladders when you knit socks, and besides you'll never finish them in time, and you have too many other things to do..." I told her to shut it and I popped into the yarn store on Tuesday and grabbed what I needed to knit up a pair.

I started it Tuesday afternoon, turned the heel by that night, finished the foot and toe yesterday morning, started the second sock in the afternoon, and hot diggity dog is was done by bed time!! Seriously, I just knit two socks in about 36 hours, a good chunk of which I was sleeping during, lol. So more like 24 hours. The best part... NO LADDERS!! See, I learned to twirl my needles moving a few stitches each time so that the seem is never in the same place. *sigh* Now I want to make some for myself.

I won't say who these are for... just someone on my list stated earlier. LOL... I have too many snoopers in my family that are no doubt dropping into the blog to see what is going to be under the tree in a few weeks. I will tell you some of the other projects though and who they are for...

Ron - a hat and hmmm... maybe some quick socks
Jacob - a quilt! (more on this next week)
Andrew - yet to be determined, he is tough this year
Lauren - a sweater and maybe some leg warmers or a cowl
Mom - she snoops so I am not saying
Dad - a hat
Sister - she snoops too and I am not telling

So... what does your Christmas crafting list look like?

christmas socks


Pretty Things said...

Zack not only picked out the yarn for a hat he wants, but drew how he wanted the colors to be! I'm also making a shrug I found in a Louisa Harding book, and am going to attempt a pair of fingerless gloves. I also have to go buy some felt to line a purse I've already knitted out of ribbon.

I knit a lot when all the jewelry projects are done for the season!

TesoriTrovati said...

That last picture is hilarious!
I have never attempted to knit. I know I would suck. I tried crocheting once with my grandma and ended up with a potholder the size and shape of Texas. I have a friend though who is a master knitter like you. I know you would get along with her. I am in awe of that skill.
I take the Handmade Pledge (and got 50 members of my BNI team to do it too) but I don't pledge to do everything. Just something. Target and Kohls are still in my plans. And I don't think you can knit a Wii game yet (Santa has one on his sleigh). I am taking an oil painting class. I made a canvas to match my daughters new bedding that is coming. And I have wickedly ambitious plans to make a Bucky Badger themed one for my son's room...wish me luck!
We go more for experiences than things these days...just got the tickets for the Lion King in May and the Little House on the Prairie play (with Melissa Sue Anderson playing Ma!!!) in January.
Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the day!

Shannon said...

I envy your knitting talent. I stink at it! I crochet, so having to work with 2 needles makes me feel all discombobulated. But I usually get bored with a big project, so thank goodness my mom is willing to finish them for me! She is the fastest crocheter I know!

I just bought a new Viking sewing machine so here's my list:
6 flex frame coin purses
1 drawstring bag
1 tote bag
5 I-spy bags

My weekends are going to be busy!

crymson said...

I love hand knit socks, if ever I get brave and learn to knit it would be to knit socks!

jeanniesbeads said...

Awsome attempt at socks - I love wearing them, and knitting them.