Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry & Bright

gingerbread house

Thanks for the feedback on yesterday's post. I am thinking and thinking and working out some things in my head to make life a little more merry and bright. No doubt, I will be sharing it all with you here!!

In the meantime though, it's time to get our holidays on! So things are going to be quiet here. Just photos until the new year... should be fun. We'll talk more then. :)



deehebard said... the ginger bread house and that sweet little face!
I wasn't clear on my post to you yesterday. I didn't mean that YOU did not respond. I was simply saying that I check your blog daily to see what is going on in your life, even though I do not always comment. I never expect a response back from you. Actually I think you do an amazing job of communicating with us...
My point is...your cyber friends are out here and really enjoy seeing what is what is going on with you. Just keep doing what you do!
Blessings to you and your family this Holiday!

Cindy said...

How did the gingerbread village turn out in the cafeteria? I bet it was really cute. Lauren's house turned out so sweet. Now the kids are off from school...and winter break is officially here! Have a wonderful Christmas Eve.

Kerry said...

Cindy, the ginger bread village ended up being in the classroom instead of the cafeteria. They had the table in an big horseshoe with the kids on the inside sitting behind their house and talking about it. It was wild! Every class in the school came down to Lauren's class, walked around the room and saw all the houses. Each student worked on a writing assignment for the house too. They wrote about commpliments they received, their favorite part of their house, and the thing they will remember the most. Lauren's memory " that my Momma helped me build my house." How freaking cute is that?!?

Deedee - Thanks for the clarification though I still say I am crap at my comment responses. lol. I am working on it. Thank you :)