Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Dining Room Doll Up All Done

dining room complete 1
Well, almost done anyway.

Here it is, my new and improved dining room. I am smitten. I walk in there and I can't remember it ever being another way. I love the blue, which incidentally is NOT the color in my friend's bedroom. We got our aquas crossed. Her's is actually Aqua Bay, mine is Aqua Joy. Close enough. I think my color is a little brighter then her's, her's is a little richer.

I hung the prints frames for the prints next to the front door. There will be three prints from the same artist, Yellena on Etsy. I have adored her work for a while now and finally got myself a print. I loved it so much that I ordered two more. They should be here soon and I can fill in those blank frames. In case you are wondering, I purchase "Morning", "Season", and "Allusion". And if anyone ever wants to get me another one, hint hint wink wink, I am in love with "Spore" and "Amble".

dining room complete 2
There was much debate in the Bogert house over the height of the chair rail/plate rail. I knew from the beginning that I wanted it set high. Ron however, spoke to one of his buddies during a poker game who said it needed to be at 32inches. I am glad I won this one. I think a low rail would have made the room look squatty. The ceilings are low as it is and making the white area smaller would have made it feel even lower. Ron won out on a different area of debate, the fire place wall. I was thinking the rail should go all the way around the room, but that would have it behind out big mirror over the mantel. Ron said "Just paint that wall a solid color. It'll be stupid having the mirror hanging weird." LOL... only he thought I would paint it all white! HA, no way!! All aqua it is.

I hung my small collection of plates on the wall next to the mantel on the way into the kitchen. I plan to add to this meager grouping as I find special dishes at the estate sales I go to. I hope to fill the wall with them, like something I saw on Design Sponge a while back.

dining room complete 3
I think I am going to paint a special piece for that big blank area above the side board buffet. I can see a piece forming in my mind and I think it would be cool to have a LARGE piece of my own on display, no? For now though, Andrew's 2nd grade rendition of A Starry Night will do. It is one of my favorite kid art class projects I have ever had brought home to me.

dining room complete 4
When I set my camera on auto, it kept wanting to turn the flash on. I kept it off though so you could see what I mean about the lighting in this room. It was a overcast day yesterday afternoon and this is just how it was in there. It definitely feels warmer then when the walls where gray. *sigh* I love my new dining room.

SO, what's left? The curtain situation. If I am being totally honest, I don't like curtains. They just bug me for some reason. But, I think the room needs some. I am thinking something wispy and light, maybe in a yellowish off white. I don't know. We'll just have to sit and stew on that a little longer.


TesoriTrovati said...

That room is sunshiney and bright, just like you. The color is rich. My new home is mostly beige. I will have to tackle the color conundrum another day. I have a dining room for the first time! I am so excited. I am already concocting a Pottery Barn look in my head (hubby doesn't know it yet but that dining room table? So gone!) I have an artist friend (besides you!) who I am commissioning to make a really cool brushed aluminum painted triptych for over the {as yet imaginary} buffet. I love all the vintage touches in your room...the table and chairs, the mirror, the plates. And for the record? I am generally opposed to curtains as well. But some diaphanous white sheers that will billow in the warm summer breezes might be just the thing. Thanks so much for sharing. Inspirational to be sure! Enjoy the day! Erin

Lynda said...

LOVE it!!!

Cindy said...

Much better. It suits you I think.

SueBeads said...

Wow, it looks great! I do like the chair rail that high - you are right about the room needing a bit more white. I love that you painted the one way blue also. My kids have one wall in their room painted a darker color and it just adds something! Great job. I can't believe how much energy you have. You could send some to me if you ever have too much!

Amy said...

Great makeover. I have 3 Yellena Prints in my Aqua kichen/dining room. I got them in the summer of 2006 and I still love them.

sandi m said...

It turned out great!! Yes, I agree about the FP wall in the aqua. That color is sooo pretty.
One suggestion? I like my wall and outlet switch plates to match the walls (hate those white rectangles) - so I painted mine to match the wall colors. I even have a tone on tone strip painted above the dining room chair rail, and, yup, the light switch is striped to match/blend into the the wall!
Yes, some airy valances for the windows would look lovely - try JCPenney - they have the best drapery selections and deal$.
Thanks for sharing!!

rosebud101 said...

I love what you did with your dining room.

Ellen said...

Perfect! Love the color and I'm glad you won the chair rail height fight.
BTW, I don't have a single curtain in my house and I live right in the middle of town. I have the bottom-up-top-down blinds and love them.

Alice said...

I love your new dining room! The colors are so inviting--I think I could stay there for a long time. Your added touches really finish the room. It's elegant yet not stuffy. Nice job!

Shaiha said...

I love it! Want to come do my house? When we got it, I picked out the wrong paint and the walls are a sherbert green :( I can't convince my husband to move furniture so that I can fix it.

Maria said...

What is the name of the color you used? What type of paint is it? I love it!!

Kerry said...

The paint is Behr and the color is bayside blue :)