Tuesday, December 01, 2009

My Giddy Heart

first snow winter 09-10
I am down right bubbling over these days. I am elated and giddy... especially today. I have had a really full schedule lately so I have taken to writing lots of lists. Why not a list of reasons my heart is giddy?

* I ran in my first race in about 20years on Thanksgiving Day. I did the Webster Turkey Trot 2.5miles in 27mins 21secs and came in 507th out of 2600. Go me!

* Lauren came to me the other day and said "Mom, I am repressful, I think you should teach me to knit." I responded, "do you mean depressed?" To which she said,"yes, I am repressful, it means sad. You should teach me to knit." And I did. She is a natural.

* I finally nailed down the last design for a book I am contributing on. And now I just need to finish writing the tutorials. Last one is always the hardest and it is such a relief to have it done.

* There are colorful Christmas lights on the house that Andrew helped me hang on Saturday. It was his idea to help too, and that never happens.

* I finished knitting Lauren's Christmas sweater and I did the whole thing in front of her, telling her the entire time that it was for me. Apparently, she thinks I can fit in a 7yr old size sweater, nice.

* Grande Peppermint Mochas in the red cup are happening about once a week right now and that is freaking awesome!

* I have been having some seriously debilitating email issues for about two weeks now and after a couple hours work yesterday, I *think* they are FINALLY resolved. So let the emails flow peeps. And if you have emailed me in the last few months and I haven't responded, I probably never got the email (unbeknown to me) so send it again.

* A friend of mine opened a yoga studio locally and is having free classes until the first of the year. I am going tonight AND I am going to go knit at Barnes & Noble with friends afterward. *sigh of delight*

* We awoke to the first snow fall of the season on December 1st! That is some seriously special snow.

My stars I am a very spoiled girl.

sister's sweater


TesoriTrovati said...

Blessings to you Miss Kerry!
That looks like it should be my backyard in WI but here it is Dec 1st and not a flake of snow to be found. I am not complaining, mind you. It can snow at Christmas (after I have moved in!). I had similar email troubles this summer. From the end of May until the end of July I was not aware that I was missing anything since I was getting emails, but the really important ones, 439 of them, were lost to me. I did manage to recover them. I am still sorting through that mess.
Enjoy the first snow day (I always like to take a break and cut 6-sided snowflakes on the first snow day). Enjoy the day! Erin

Anonymous said...

We're getting snow too this morning and we're all the way over in Texas---so exciting!!!! Of course this could be the only snow we get in winter......enjoy!
(mine is vanilla caramel latte in an olive green cup!)
Kim (Texas)

crymson said...

best list ever...it made me smile =)

Cindy said...

WOW!! What a snowfall!!!! The picture is just gorgeous, Kerry. Glad to hear you have so many wonderful things going on right now...savor them :-)

Christine said...

So jealous! I wish it would snow here. We got a coating of frost this morning, so I guess that's close enough for Virginia. :)

So glad you are so happy! I love your list, and I will join you in a virtual Peppermint Mocha in the red cup -- my favorite!

mairedodd said...

does life get any better?
so happy your mood is more buoyant... enjoy yourself ~

Kristen said...

Love the list Kerry! I also love that Lauren is taking an interest in Knitting. It's wonderful that you can teach her! That's on my want to do list, but I have to find someone to teach ME! :) Enjoy the snow, we're expecting something of the sort this weekend here! I'm not sure I'm quite ready for it though!! :0

sandi m said...

Beautiful snow! December 1 and the only thing we have in Chicago is the 'snow parking ban' til April!!
Snow for Christmas is magical and then it can go away ...
But eggnog and peppermint I can have all year long - yum.
sandi m

Alice said...

Your post made me smile! I'm a list maker, and maybe I just need to start a list of what makes me happy. Have a great day!

Pretty Things said...

That last photo has great depth of field!!!!! Wonderful! And the snowy one should be framed!