Monday, January 11, 2010

Lighting A Fire

Each and every morning, since the weather dropped below 50degrees, I gather what I need to start a fire in the wood burner in our living room. I sweep away the ashes from the day before. Crumple up some newspaper, layer in some cardboard from the recycle bin, build up a little tee pee of kindling, and strike the match. When the flames take hold, I set to tending that fire all day long, adding more wood, poking and prodding it as the day wears on... keeping our house toasty warm and down right inviting. Part of me loves this routine, another part loathes the monotony of it. Such is life right, and thankfully, I have a hubby that realizes when I am having a loathing-the-monotony type morning (usually on the weekend) and he steps in to get it going.

For some reason, the phrase "light a fire" has been in my brain for the past week or so. Not because of this morning routine though. I feel like I need to be better tend to my "creative fire". I know a lot of you think I am some sort of bottomless pit of energy and creative awesome-ness, lol... but you are wrong. Sorry. Maybe I make it look like that sometimes, and sometimes it is like that, but for the most part, I feel like a lazy creative bum. I need to light a creative fire under my backside and get my mind warmed up.

Okay, so lets look at my "creative fire" like it is sitting in my wood burner waiting to be sparked. (We may need to spread this out over a couple of posts.) What do I need to do first? I need to clean out the ashes from the last creative fire. *sigh*... boring but oh so necessary. I am a little embarrassed to share this, but I am going to shame myself into not letting it happen again.

Check out the current state of my studio...
studio 2010

Looks like a someone went a drunken creative rampage and is most likely suffering from a severe twinkle light induced hangover, lol. But I digress, that is a different analogy for a different day.

The studio, quite frankly, is a mess. And I don't want to be down there. I have taken to calling it the dungeon. I can't breathe when I am down there. My OCD alter ego, Carrie, starts twitching and panicking and before I know it, I am right back upstairs avoiding the studio all together, spending way too much time surfing the web wishing I wear being more creative, and settling on knitting in a big comfy chair instead. My creative fire won't burn if it doesn't have oxygen and if I can't breathe, then yeah... you get where I am going with this.

I started doodling some ideas for dolling up the studio, giving myself more reason's to be down there. Thanks to my handy hubby, there is a new "metalsmithing" station in the works. That means a big new desk!! Because, literally, I have been banging out metal stuff on the floor, I am not kidding (see photo below). There are plans for some custom hubby-made shelving too. All of this is going against a wall I have never show on here. It is the wall between this new basement and the "old" basement. That wall used to be, um, well... underground, so it is muddy and black and nasty further validating the term dungeon for my studio. With the new desk and shelving, this wall will be completely covered. Nice.

studio floor metalsmithing

You can see in that first photo that there is a lot of clutter going on in that back right corner. Not only is this my studio, but it is also my storage closet for all things studio related. Previously mentioned alter ego does not like looking at clutter. So, last week, I put up a temporary divider in the space. I used to have one down the center of the room, but I need that space. The divider now sections off about 1/4 on the room (6ft from the wall to be exact) making for storage behind, lovely blue curtains to the front. Don't ask about the treadmill... I don't know what it is doing there... it doesn't even work!

Okay... with all that... and some old fashion tidying and elbow grease, the old ashes are gonna get swept away. And I will need to start to gather some creative kindling. I have already started that bit, yes jumping out of order just a little, with this little goodie!!

But more on creative kindling another day.


TesoriTrovati said...

Your studio and my studio must meet and shake hands. There is a creative whirlwind going on in both. And I hear ya about not wanting to be in there. I have this faboo new space but it is so cluttered and demonic that I just can't stand to be there. I have big plans for making it mine, starting with the countertop sale going on right now. It will be in stages, but that one is key. That and getting back my wall o' metal for my inspiration to drip off of and for my new/old organization plans to take place! Hammering on the floor...LOL! That sounds just like me! I so wish that I were nearer to that enameling class, I would snap up that last seat in a heart beat!
Enjoy the day, and thanks for stoking my creative fires, too! Erin

Christine said...

I have the same situation in my "studio", if you could call my laundry room a studio....there's crap everywhere! And it's not even all mine!

I am so totally jazzed about that enameling class, and even more thrilled that I will finally be able to meet you! It really looks like a great class, and the ideas have already started spilling over. Better get the sketchbook and draw some of them out before I forget them all!

See you in March!

sandi m said...

Too funny! I don't have a dedicated room for my 'stuff' so bits and pieces are in the living room, family room and kitchen room. But at least everything is in order in its respective boxes, cases, etc.
But hammering on the floor? - Yup my kitchen floor is a great surface, too!

rosebud101 said...

I am so happy to see this! Now, my "studio" and I know we are not alone. It's January and time to clean! Good luck with your chores, Kerry!

Kerry said...

It is good to hear that most studios are in the same condition as mine!!

Cindy said...

I love the book Where women create it is an inspirational book, how I long for a neat space like they showcase in that magazine. however, my space is just a functional space without decoration or fluff.

Cindy said...

I love my little studio, it has no fluff or color, it's just a bare functional space. I love the magazine 'Where Women Create". I long for space like the women showcased in the book. ALas, I have no room for most of it.

Cindy said...

Hey Kerry,
Your basement looks great to me... just think, all my beads and tools are in tote bags so that I can carry them between houses! For now, everything is in a closet that I work out of....I'm a closet beader literally! :-)